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  1. A little trip to york

    Hope you can find a hedge as thick as some of the people on here trev.
  2. Jedward

    Any body with half a brain knows that the X Factor judges are a bunch of egotistical prats, what the hell did sharon osbourne ever do, oh yes she was a rock stars groupie. Thank god that blue planet 2 is on now something that really is worth watching. As for jedward they remind me of the judderman in that drink advert, cant think of which drink it was, but talentless twats anyway.
  3. Got Your Funeral Tracks Chosen?

    The jam , Going underground. or jose feliciano, light my fire.
  4. Blue Planet 2

    Brilliant shot i wonder how long they had to wait for that, 4 years in the making, attenborough really is a great presenter. So what if some of it is set up it only shows what happens in the natural world. Next someone will say they trained that fish for that shot.
  5. Traditional Pubs

    Used to go in there with Dave Evans huntsman with the hunsley beacon beagles, good pub. Some good boozers in that neck of the woods, still like nellies (white horse in beverley) worth a visit £2 a pint and gas lamps in the bars great crowd in there.
  6. Traditional Pubs

    My local is great no music, good conversation, dog and pickled egg friendly, coffin dodgers begging the odd rabbit, craft beers £3 a pint, loads of friendly pisstaking, lurcher lads use it. Clay shoot for a bottle of glen fiddich every 2 months. People make pubs not brewerys overpricing. Hope the traditional pub is always with us.
  7. Auld Ted

    Now theres a surprise i dont think, bit late now always was a bit suspect.
  8. Some People

    Most dogs are manlier than a whippet, lets face it pal So you base your dogs on looks rather than working ability, quite sad really.
  9. Some People

    Theres a great deal of ignorance about whippets with the general public, but nothing like the ignorance about them on THL, not manly enough what is manly enough, a great bull cross to suit your fragile EGO.
  10. Tom Petty Dead....

    Think tom was at his best with the travelling wilburys, all quality musicians rip Tom.
  11. John Bishop

    Bishops accent is over the top, besides theres not enough eerrms for it to be genuine.
  12. How Many Rabbits Does A Fox Take

    Seen a fox take a cat so a lamb would be easy prey.
  13. F@ck The Usa

    Hull is the place to be city of culture dead friendly, you can walk around the centre on your own on a night and not get mugged, try it some time.
  14. September 11Th

    The one thing that sticks in my mind is the look on the faces of the firemen that were sent in to that building minutes before it collapsed, they were heroes, they knew they were the death watch but still did their job, greatest respect R.I.P.
  15. Your First Wage Packet..

    Did you sail from grimsby or hull mate,i remember the ten bob millionaires with the taxis on stanby outside the pubs on hessle rd.