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  1. keepitcovert

    lurchers (breeding)

    I am also a believer in genetic inheritance of working ability, my saluki whippet was from decent working parents and she made her first kill at 7 months when more experienced dogs were present that should have beaten her to it..Sight hounds like lurchers these days seem to be in fashion with a lot of owners that will never work their dogs and this could have a detrimental effect on future generations of working dogs. Lurcher to lurcher usually produces the goods but most lurchermen generally favour a certain cross. You going down the same road as me ray and looking for a smaller lurcher,
  2. keepitcovert

    Harry marrying a half caste

    Suffered about ten minutes while i got stuck with the in laws, at the time there was some black bishop giving a speech that clearly bored the shit out of those present it reminded me of kenny everret and his great pisstake Brother Lee Love i was just waiting for them big hands to appear.
  3. keepitcovert

    Guilty Of Sending An Offensive Message

    Line from olivers army, only takes one itchy trigger, one more widow, one less white nigger, still played on radio, but i suppose its acceptable because its white and not black. Makes you think.
  4. keepitcovert

    Fukc sake Telford now

    I will openly admit i am a racist , but only against this scum that are growing like a cancer in this country , i do not discriminate against skin colour no more than i would say my white dog is better than your black dog. Its the ideology that these aliens have against our culture, if you dont like it here go back to the shithole you were spawned in and molest your own kind.
  5. keepitcovert

    Best all rounder

    No wonder this games f***ed when you read the shit on here, ego maniacs, bullshitters, and ruffty tuffty hard men. sites knackered.
  6. keepitcovert

    Greyhound dog

    Dont know anyone who would work a pure grey, suicidal tendencies, lack of brain, too much prey drive, great building block for producing a lurcher though when crossed with the right breed. Why the obsession with height most guys i know that think along those lines are posers that think a bigger dog makes them look the part i dont give a shit about the height of a dog just as long it can do the job.
  7. keepitcovert

    Rotherham Sex Abuse

    john Lydon spoke up about saville years before the police became interested in the case, what happened? The BBC promptly banned him from radio, makes you wonder whose backsides they were covering, pardon the pun.
  8. keepitcovert

    Paleolithic Dogs

    I heard it was off Geoff Burrells line of dogs.
  9. keepitcovert

    James bulger killers

    In my view there is a serious problem as to how these people are viewed in our society, i live and work my dogs around one of these secure ? units yet many times i see these people walking around,with an attendant looking after them with a hand held radio as their only weapon to restrain them, it does not seem to matter that the inmate is a 16 stone guy walking round with a size ten nurse who is supposed to disable him if he turns nasty.The world has turned soft or have we become accustomed to these sort of crimes. I remember the shock waves that hit this country, when Mary bell was convicted as a child serial killer.As for those two they should of been given a suspended sentence, suspended by the neck on 12 feet of rope, and saved us the taxpayers a fortune.
  10. keepitcovert

    Non ped/grew

    Used to race sunday mornings at my local club, closed down 20 years ago, was great fun dual purpose dogs, racing sun morning out rabbiting on the other days. There was a magazine called the whippet news that gave all the club news and info on open meetings, but like any competitive event the backbiting and all the allegations of doping soon reared its head. Askern was a good stadium for racing the bends there were some bloody fast dogs in those days popular track with the travellers. Claud my mate bred his 32lb bitch to a 24 lb dog the bitch he kept levelled out at45lb and mine hit 43, you really need to know the dogs lineage. atb.
  11. keepitcovert

    Jeremy to buy 8000 houses ! !

    Amazing how people can take the likes of corbyn and khan seriously, both should be tried for treason, they are hell bent on filling this country with the dregs and criminals of eastern europe and middle eastern, and african scum. Who exactly would benefit from these properties, probably foreign nationals that are trying to escape war? Charity should begin at home i object to paying tax to keep low lifes that have never paid a penny into the system, in a lifestyle that they have not lifted a finger for, As for homeless yes its true anyone can hit hard times and i am in favour of helping those cases, but a lot choose to be homeless, and as for druggies i detest them they are the cause of high crime rates eg theft and housebreaking just to get their daily fix, and i cannot do with their whining that they have a drug problem, who made the choice to first put that needle in their arm. rant over.
  12. keepitcovert


    I am what most would consider an old fart now, i have two dogs now aged 10 and 12 both have earned their retirement, and decimated the local rabbit population, but i cant see myself not owning a working dog. So if you were in my situation what dog would you go for. Only a question out of interest because i already know what i will do. But being without a dog is unthinkable to me. Now ive got time on my hands i feel like taking a pup and training to the highest standard that i could achieve, something i have tried to do with varying success what would be your goal with your last dog and what breed.
  13. keepitcovert

    BANNED ..

    One great problem that keeps rearing its ugly head is the lack of unity amongst those that actively take part in various field sports, what chance has the future generation got when the present generation cannot back each other purely because fishing or shooting is not your chosen sport. Of course a labour council will want to ban grouse shooting, their still fighting a bloody class war, while feathering their own nests by kow toeing to ignorant twats that believe the sort of bullshit that the likes of packham and co spout on the box. Look at the boxing day meets and country shows idiots walking round in barbours and green wellies pretending to back fieldsports when most are part time antis with no opinion of their own and know jack shit about the country.
  14. keepitcovert

    Armed Police........

    Give them 7years hard labour, transportation to van diemans land just like the good old days.
  15. keepitcovert

    Come on I can't be the only one..

    Simple the owners.