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  1. Books (hunting & fishing)

    Are you taking offers or do you have a price in mind ? there's 1 or 2 I'd like for my collection
  2. Pickled Shallots

    where's a good place to find decent pickling recipes ?
  3. First taste

    I'd do anything to spend one more day baking with mine
  4. Motion Camera

    I have a spypoint with black IR needed it to catch some scrote in the act. You need to shop round tho and get them at quiet a reasonable price. My missus tells me we've had blue tits looking at the nest box in the garden this week and might get it out and see whats going on.
  5. Non payment

    I've been known to sit waiting in the truck at a discreet distance and wait for them to come home. ever wondered why the bailiff comes at dawn? get your money and gear walk away and never go back .
  6. Vic lure

    Put up a link I can't believe it

    Had a few permissions in the past we called rabbit city. Good bags and good sport . i've took 6 since the summer . Very sad
  8. Horse meat

    Had some Pony steaks from down West and they were awesome. i'd buy more if i knew where to get it.
  9. can you catch cancer.

    Lost a few good un's to this terrible disease and I've always made the effort unless they have specifically requested no visitors but I do find it difficult, more from my end trying not to say something Fcuk*n stupid so I keep the conversation lighthearted. They're the ones with little time left but they always make time for us and make us welcome.
  10. Piles

    Now that made me laugh out loud
  11. Anybody round the Nth Wilts area with spare birds I'll take some me and the missus love em.
  12. Quick Snare Securing Methods.

    Ian The link doesn't seem to be working.
  13. Anybody Ever Had Anything Like This

    does this happen once they've sobered up ?
  14. Fallow Deer Stalking In East Sussex

    Have a mate who would be interetsed in usig these guys but their website seems to be just a front page. Anyone got a number he can call?