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  1. Anybody round the Nth Wilts area with spare birds I'll take some me and the missus love em.
  2. Quick Snare Securing Methods.

    Ian The link doesn't seem to be working.
  3. Anybody Ever Had Anything Like This

    does this happen once they've sobered up ?
  4. Fallow Deer Stalking In East Sussex

    Have a mate who would be interetsed in usig these guys but their website seems to be just a front page. Anyone got a number he can call?
  5. I Stay In All The Best Places ......

    What brand of doss bag is that Socks?
  6. Out Today A Great Start To A Good Week

    Well I'll be damned. All the years I've been chasing woodies I've never had a ringed one and yet they've been doin it for more than a century. https://app.bto.org/ringta/ringing-totals.jsp
  7. Don't Forget To Toss Yer Nuts.

    Thanks Terryd
  8. Don't Forget To Toss Yer Nuts.

    I have a hazle bush / tree outside full of them the trouble is I aint got a clue what to do with them to get them to the eating stage. Any tips please lads
  9. Out Today A Great Start To A Good Week

    Have you notified the pigeon fanciers club of one of their fallen it may have been a useless racer but at least BoP wont get wrongly blamed. Cracking bag and a bostin brekkie
  10. Your First Wage Packet..

    £26 a week if I worked a Saturday morning as a apprentice mechanic. Wanted to be a joiner but with 3 million odd unemployed I took whatever I was offered.
  11. Thermal Imaging Scopes

  12. Wasps

    All sorted now, will sort it this weekend.
  13. Woodland For Sale

    There was always a sign up on the M50 at Queens Wood and dymock wood a few years back wanting to sell it or part of it. Nice part of the world too.
  14. Sausages For Firemen.

    Being a good strong meat eating family we laughed out loud and swore at the telly when the vegan started sprouting her sh*te. Pun intended
  15. London Terrorised

    Thanks no worries