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  1. Anyone know this fella, I know he is or was involved in the greyhound scene and “ apparently “ had a few hotels in the Newcastle barrow in Furness area’s, you can message me if you need to cheers lads
  2. I think it’s all down to the ruling on sgac and joe public can only buy amature use poison
  3. Galvanized sectional dog run 6x6 about 48inch high removable slider for adding a kennel 100.00 Two dog transport crate suit greyhounds/lurchers 25.00 Burton on Trent area Can only send pics to a mobile phone thanks
  4. Up for sale are my sectional mesh dog run,2x2 mtr and about 48inch high.Removable slider for adding a kennel 120.00 2 dog dog cage used it in my landrover 35.00 cant do pics at the mo but can send to a mobile located Burton on Trent
  5. Lads just a nod of approval for Dheff,we arranged to meet up today for the locator and collars and the deal was done, no haggling,paid full asking price.Cheers Dheff speak soon regarding the lamb.Paul
  6. For sale Deben mk3 ferret locator and 4 collars SOLD Brian brinded quickset trammel net 100yard £180 Brian brinded quickset long net 100yard £120 About 30 mick dadd purse nets £50 Bow back ferret carry box 4 compartment £15 Mark1 rat attack smoker with extension pipe £25 Both nets need a small repair due to some idiot mate that borrowed them and his terrier got tangled up,and he cut the net. Im based in Burton on Trent and prefer the lot to go in one sale,with collection preffered. Edited to add these items are also on sale on another forum,with interest shown in the smoker and t
  7. Many thanks for your honest post gareth,as a goodwill gesture let me know when your next in my area and i will give you 1 of them chickens i reared, its oven ready but in the freezer cheers.Paul
  8. matty the pigs are english lop x saddleback make good long pigs, brilliant for keeping on for baconers.
  9. Thanks matty,i will be having an extra pig butchered which will go in my freezer for the people that cant afford a full half or havent got the freezer space so at least they can get a taste.I will pm you when i have the pork if you want,cheers.Paul
  10. Thanks shane,i forgot that you had also had some,you can see why i havent been on here for ages, Ian any chance of having a knife in the back imoticon please
  11. Posted Yesterday, 10:46 PM f**k me i must be getin mine cheap i give £55 to £60 4 half but atb in sellin it Edited by carp man 1, Yesterday, 10:47 PM.s Well just to put this into perspective just to have a pig killed is £27,then you have the butchering costs.If reared correctly without cutting corners 1 pig aged 4 months old to killing at 6 months ish will eat 40lb of food in 10 days at £8 per bag go figure,there is also straw,shavings my time and diesel cost to include..All my piglets have add lib corn from a week old,so its a long expensive 6 months.My pigs are rare breed and live outsi
  12. Im taking some pigs for slaughter on mon the 16th,and have got 1 spare pig left.If anyone on here is interested in having a half pm me the pork will come packed labled and ready to put in your freezer cost will be £4-50 per kg and each half will weigh about 25kg. The pork will be ready for collection from Burton on Trent on fri the 20th at about 5pm,treat yourself to some proper pork and you will not want to eat supermarket cardboard again.This will be backed up by a money back guarantee if you are not genuinely happy with the pork you get your money back.A member off here had half a pig o
  13. Orders are being taken for traditional out door reared pork. Half or full pigs available cut to individual requirments packed,labled, and ready for the freezer.Each pig should weigh roughly 50-60kg The pigs are saddleback breed and this should make for good eating with fantastic crackling. Pork will be ready for picking up on friday/sat 9th/10th december. £120 per half pig with a £50 deposit required with the balance paid on collection. Located in Burton on Trent,5 pigs left out of 9 being slaughtered.
  14. I have the litter mate to typps arri,.if you look through my posts you will find a few pics of her plus the odd write up i dont have a current photo on the camera, only on the phone.If you need any more info just ask.
  15. Even shanes minted been going halves with him,lol.All you can do is take things as they come mate,things are on the up here government has realised the brewery trade is in need of help and have decided to scrap levy on beer.Lager is now 76p a pint
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