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  1. Torquemada

    Couple In The Snares

    That's good.
  2. Torquemada

    Yellow Beetroot

    Yellow beetroot play no part in any naughtiness that I get involved in. I think some of you chaps need to reflect on the morality of the humble yellow beetroot. Kinky devils that you are.
  3. Torquemada

    Yellow Beetroot

    They are delicious when chopped into small pieces and roasted with olive oil and white peppercorns. The exit is less pleasant.
  4. Torquemada

    Yellow Beetroot

    Anyone know if excessive consumption of yellow beetroot can cause piles? Asking for a friend.
  5. Torquemada

    Elgeeco Procull squirrel trap

    You would get good money for a black one over here!
  6. Torquemada

    Droppings In A Loft

    Yes, bit of rabbit.
  7. Torquemada

    Droppings In A Loft

    I've had it before, and I used a fenn in a box.
  8. Torquemada

    Droppings In A Loft

  9. Torquemada

    Droppings In A Loft

    Nope. Bats are a protected species!
  10. I caught the culprit. Guesses?
  11. Torquemada


    I lost a customer that was a regular on the moles. The "lady" of the household wanted some mining bees killed as her grandchildren were coming to stay, the bees were in a little patch of lawn (not on the main lawn) under a window. I told her I wouldn't do it, never called me again.
  12. Torquemada

    Old Manual

    View Advert Old Manual Anyone interested in this? Will just cost the price of postage. Advertiser Torquemada Date 30/06/19 Price £1.99 Category Miscellaneous  
  13. Torquemada

    Old Manual


    • FOR SALE
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    Anyone interested in this? Will just cost the price of postage.


  14. Torquemada

    Right or wrong .......

    I would have put my shoe up her arse as well. Stupid tramp, got what she deserved.
  15. Torquemada

    no mole pricing

    Another shit for brains expert.