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  1. Torquemada

    Bees in wall

    Just leave them. Harmless and temporary.
  2. Torquemada

    Best baits for trapping!

    The Black Rat was put on the critically endangered red list in the UK. Quite why the conservation people would do this is beyond me because it's a bloody animal we could do without.
  3. Torquemada


    I met the bloke who designed and made the XL8 and the AR8 at a trade show a few years back. I asked him which one he would buy if he needed one... The AR8 isn't fiddly, easy to set up and use. No powder blockages as you are only putting the powder in the very top, no waste. And the lady customers love a big stick.
  4. Torquemada


    I bought the AR8 a couple of years ago. It's brilliant.
  5. Torquemada

    Faults has a dog man.

    Some kind of Alsatian thing.
  6. Torquemada

    Faults has a dog man.

    My biggest recent fault was turning my back on a dog. It bit me on the arse.
  7. Torquemada


    To be fair Phil you're different gravy all together. And I understand why you do what you do. I'm talking about the guys who've never picked up a trap or a bait box or anything in their lives and only come out from wherever they live under when we have a wasp's season.
  8. Torquemada


    I don't consider people who concentrate solely on wasps to be proper pest controllers. There was one firm local to me that aren't trading anymore who used to send blokes out with white trainers on and estate cars but would blanket the area with advertising and soak up and suck up all of the money that true pasties need.
  9. I live in Sussex. One of my brothers lives in Leamington Spa. He phoned me the other day as he had seen a rat in his very small courtyard garden. I told him to buy some traps, and he got one of the T Rex type from Pestfix. Under my instructions he set it and caught a rat in less than an hour. His wife then insisted he call someone in, and after a couple of calls with quotes that would make your eyes water he got the local Council bloke - Nigel who is a fella in his 60's. NIGEL TOLD HIM IT WAS ILLEGAL TO TRAP RATS IN YOUR GARDEN UNDER THE 1981 WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE ACT. And insisted he remove the trap. He then told him that he had caught the "LEAD RAT" and no further action was necessary. Nigel - you need some training old son.
  10. Torquemada


    Nothing down Sussex way as yet.
  11. Torquemada

    Rabbit cage traps

    I bought a load from Rustler Traps. Cheap and they work. As for success rate, placement with live catch for rabbits is vital...
  12. Torquemada

    ERA for farm

    PM a copy and I will have a look at it?
  13. Torquemada

    New Rat Trap Box

    You have answered it yourself. The young rats get caught before the more neophobic older rats have got used to the traps. And they breed so quickly that there seems always to be a supply of the younger ones. You could try to put the traps as close to the burrows as possible, and whilst this will probably increase the neophobic response short term, might just land you an adult in the long run.
  14. Torquemada

    mole trapping in the snow

    Not sure on the wisdom of a gibbet these days....
  15. Torquemada

    Posion laws ?

    You WILL need a safe use certificate if you are using in a work capacity.