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  1. Like a lottery win, my double in 2014, been on Putange and the odd Talpex since then, so will never be repeated.
  2. Thanks, I will give them a rub. I've got over 50 so don't want to replace them.
  3. Anyone else find that Putange don't age well? Had some for four or five years and they have stopped catching, the triggers need a bit of a poke to set them off.
  4. What kind of traps are you talking about?
  5. My current house, 10 years plus here, had someone die in before I bought it. It didn't bother me one bit. After being here a while I kept seeing movement in my peripheral vision, and flashes of movement in a mirror in the lounge. Anyway, after a few years it stopped, I think whatever it was got tired of watching me wanking on the sofa.
  6. All of African descent Greb. Something wrong with you lad .
  7. And me and my family were 4 of them. I was walking past some shops when a group of about a dozen gentlemen of a different ethnic origin, milling around on the pavement, and I was spat on, quite deliberately, and got a few laughs for it. It shouldn't matter, but I'm a short little fella, and no bother to anyone. That day I decided it was time to leave...
  8. In England it's legal to snare a fox, snare must be checked every 24 hours and the snare must not be a locking one, so free running...
  9. Dido, I did wonder what I was going to bait them with, the trigger mechanism is odd. What is that square thing you have used?
  10. The decent ones do. I've recently taken delivery of Black Cat traps. They are capable of seriously maiming a human hand. But if you are predominantly using traps, I think you need to mix the type up, as ratty does get to recognise them.
  11. Jaws is easy to set and is a good trap...
  12. Do the RSPH Level 2 in Pest Control and you should get a start somewhere...
  13. We get tons on the south Downs, will see if I can snag a couple for you.
  14. I don't believe there are any now resident in the UK, outside of the training facility in Hampshire.
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