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  1. Whatever I predict I will be wrong.
  2. It's probably just a rabbit drop trap. Find a run, typically under a fence, dig a big hole, bury drop trap and don't set it until the rabbits start using the run/new tunnel again. Then set it, hey presto - rabbits magically appear in the underground tank.
  3. Seem to be clothes moth eggs, but look too big?
  4. Look what I caught this morning.
  5. I'm going Saturday. Haven't been in 30 years.
  6. Well in my experience there is such a thing as trap shy mole. Usually when the customer has had a go themselves and made the mole wary.
  7. Yeah, that is the question. Why and how?? Anyone know?
  8. I wonder if it will be a good year, it's been freezing at night last couple of weeks, not usually a good sign.
  9. Like a lottery win, my double in 2014, been on Putange and the odd Talpex since then, so will never be repeated.
  10. Thanks, I will give them a rub. I've got over 50 so don't want to replace them.
  11. Anyone else find that Putange don't age well? Had some for four or five years and they have stopped catching, the triggers need a bit of a poke to set them off.
  12. What kind of traps are you talking about?
  13. My current house, 10 years plus here, had someone die in before I bought it. It didn't bother me one bit. After being here a while I kept seeing movement in my peripheral vision, and flashes of movement in a mirror in the lounge. Anyway, after a few years it stopped, I think whatever it was got tired of watching me wanking on the sofa.
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