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  1. I recently had a job in a garden trapping sqizzers. 4 catches only had the head left in the trap, one trap and box disappeared entirely.
  2. Takes about 24hours to clear a nest using it.
  3. There is a rat deterrent spray available from LODI which looks quite good and is designed for use on wires and hoses etc. Have a look on the LODI website. Unless he or you has the Safe Use of Rodenticides certificate he or you are probably breaking the COPR guidelines putting bait down around bales of straw. I would have a look at the labels on the rodenticide you are using. Not a criticism, just an observation.
  4. Yellow beetroot play no part in any naughtiness that I get involved in. I think some of you chaps need to reflect on the morality of the humble yellow beetroot. Kinky devils that you are.
  5. They are delicious when chopped into small pieces and roasted with olive oil and white peppercorns. The exit is less pleasant.
  6. Anyone know if excessive consumption of yellow beetroot can cause piles? Asking for a friend.
  7. I've had it before, and I used a fenn in a box.
  8. I lost a customer that was a regular on the moles. The "lady" of the household wanted some mining bees killed as her grandchildren were coming to stay, the bees were in a little patch of lawn (not on the main lawn) under a window. I told her I wouldn't do it, never called me again.
  9. View Advert Old Manual Anyone interested in this? Will just cost the price of postage. Advertiser Torquemada Date 30/06/19 Price £1.99 Category Miscellaneous  
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