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  1. Torquemada


    I lost a customer that was a regular on the moles. The "lady" of the household wanted some mining bees killed as her grandchildren were coming to stay, the bees were in a little patch of lawn (not on the main lawn) under a window. I told her I wouldn't do it, never called me again.
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    Old Manual

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    Anyone interested in this? Will just cost the price of postage.


  4. Torquemada

    Right or wrong .......

    I would have put my shoe up her arse as well. Stupid tramp, got what she deserved.
  5. Torquemada

    no mole pricing

    Another shit for brains expert.
  6. Torquemada

    no mole pricing

    I always charge.
  7. Torquemada

    Fenn box for catching Squirrels

    I made up my own boxes with entrance in the side, it catches 99% of the time. I would be interested in seeing how this design does.
  8. Torquemada


    I saw a programme about an American company who managed to trap bees out. Basically they constructed a cone over the entrance to the nest so that the bees could only leave the nest and right next to it they put a hive and put some cotton wool soaked with lemongrass into it. The bees ended up going into the empty hive and once enough of the workers had left the Queen left as well. I would like to try it, it did take about 3 weeks though. As per the previous posts, I have found a lot of customers completely unwilling to go through the process if it's going to be a long job. And that's not just because taking down walls or Chimneys will cost them a fortune, but they want them gone and they want them gone as soon as possible.
  9. Torquemada


    I had a numpty the other day wanting me to get rid of some bumbles in her garden as she was worried her dog would get stung. She had obviously been phoning around... Another Packham fan no doubt.
  10. Torquemada

    Larsen trap license

    That's great news. I'm not doubting you but that is for protection of flora and fauna?? I have applied for several under preservation of health to remove herring gull nests but not heard anything back yet.
  11. Torquemada

    Larsen trap license

    So you got a licence for magpies?
  12. Torquemada

    Larsen trap license

    My understanding was that does licences would only be granted for the Protection of livestock. I'm pretty sure that they won't consider magpies to be a serious threat to livestock.
  13. Torquemada

    Larsen trap license

    It doesn't cost anything to apply for a licence. However the only licences that are being granted are to preserve public health or public safety. You won't get one for a magpie on that basis so don't waste your time.
  14. Torquemada

    Putange mole trapping

    About 25 years ago (before I worked in pest control) I had the misfortune to work with a bloke who guarded his technical knowledge very closely. He was hugely insecure about losing his job, I was in my mid twenties and he was forty or so then. Well, this fella was the biggest shit I probably have ever met, he constantly tried to get everyone around him in trouble, he even went so far as to sabotage other peoples work (this was in the reprographic sector) and resisted ANY innovation to make the work easier and quicker and better. Anyway, after a few years there the company went into administration, and we all got laid off. I'm not saying he was solely responsible but he definitely contributed. He would be coming up to retirement now, and I have no doubt that if he is still alive (he was a fat f****r and smoked like a chimney) that he is still a miserable bitter wanker, and that makes me quite happy indeed. So here's to all the old school, never changing, the hard way is best, I'll take you all down with me b*****ds.
  15. Torquemada

    Hushpower 410

    I got Eley No 6 cartridges. I have an unmoderated 410 already, and use it to humanely kill cage trapped foxes, but it is quite noisy, and I even used the subsonic cartridges in it to try and get the noise down. So primarily its for that, but at the moment I have a rabbit job on where there are houses very close and horses in a field behind as well. I couldn't get in a position to use my Air rifle effectively so the Hushpower will be getting an outing one night this week.