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  1. I don't do many, 3 a year maybe, always Indian/Chinese food outlets, or staff who work at the aforementioned.
  2. There's an Indian restaurant near me who've had a German roach problem for over 2 years. The housekeeping is shocking, in the time I attempted to treat it the staff constantly moved or threw away the monitoring traps, never cleaned away old food or spillages and made it impossible. I gave up.
  3. Honestly I don't know. The property was tenanted and the occupant was against killing them. She looked me in the eye and said she "heard" a fox outside with the trap...
  4. I agree, Fenns can leave the quarry alive for too long, that Mink I caught recently didn't die straight away. I have been using these recently: Only problem, after this pair I reset and left one on a low lean-to roof, charlie managed to climb up and make off with the next squirrel and the trap, never to be seen again.
  5. No, the other mark is where he caught himself on the cubby.
  6. Whatever I predict I will be wrong.
  7. It's probably just a rabbit drop trap. Find a run, typically under a fence, dig a big hole, bury drop trap and don't set it until the rabbits start using the run/new tunnel again. Then set it, hey presto - rabbits magically appear in the underground tank.
  8. Seem to be clothes moth eggs, but look too big?
  9. I'm going Saturday. Haven't been in 30 years.
  10. Well in my experience there is such a thing as trap shy mole. Usually when the customer has had a go themselves and made the mole wary.
  11. Yeah, that is the question. Why and how?? Anyone know?
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