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  1. Outofnowhere


    Modern technology is fab aint it ….
  2. Outofnowhere


    Unfortunately, our insurance, provided by the BBKA, does not cover us [whilst collecting swarms of honey bees] for completing cut-outs, removing bricks or working at height. Once a swarm has relocated into the fabric of the building and the property owner wants the bees removed, they have two options, fund the removal of parts of the building and its re-constitution when the bees have been removed or destruction of the bee's. It is virtually impossible to entice the queen out and the bee's will never leave brood. I went out the other night and the swarm was tucked well into the bush in the front garden and I asked permission to cut the bush to gain access to the bees and this was refused. That turned an easy job into a real nightmare.
  3. Outofnowhere


    Any Pestie in North Wilts wants a Beek to collect swarms of Honey Bee's I'm your man. I get the bee's you get to invoice the job and you haven't moved from your kitchen. If interested PM me for my mobile. Thanks fellas
  4. Outofnowhere


    Or.... just put something between the two before you plink...….
  5. Outofnowhere


    I'm assuming your using a sub 12ft/lb air rifle previously? If so, just put something between the fence rail and the oil tank that will stop a pellet.....
  6. Outofnowhere

    Rat Bait

    Thanks lads. I'll try and keep you posted as to my success or otherwise.
  7. Outofnowhere

    Rat Bait

    Think your right, he's never met my missus...…. or her blender
  8. Outofnowhere

    Rat Bait

    Having been away working all week, the moby data took a beating but I finally found it, he was using liquidised salmon flavoured cat food or trout pellets and sunflower oil.....
  9. Outofnowhere

    Rat Bait

    I've just secured a bit of ratting at a mates place and will be using mainly the Air rifle and would like to try the "whips" but as I work away in the week and there's no way he'd remove them it'll be mostly shooting at night. I saw on youtube, a couple of fella's using a bait they squeezed out of a plastic bottle, I think the base was cat food. Has anyone got a recipe? Try as I might I can't find the video on YT again...….
  10. Outofnowhere

    xmas you looking forward to it

    16 will be turning up in 27 minutes, so enjoying it with you guys on the forum until the doorbell goes. Love having "my girls" come, they're my granddaughters. Spent my fatherhood away or on duty so now I'm making up for it with them. I gave up the juice so they can climb and play all they want. I'll be in bits tho tomorrow but they're worth every ache and twinge. Have a good un lads see you on the other side. OON out....
  11. Outofnowhere

    Another to the wire.

    Ah ok thanks.
  12. Outofnowhere

    A merry Christmas

    All the best for the season and the future lads 'n lasses
  13. Outofnowhere

    Another to the wire.

    What are you using for the whip?
  14. Outofnowhere

    A couple with the Talpex today

    where do you buy these French talpex from please?
  15. Outofnowhere

    White ****ing poppies.

    Lost my grandad mar '17 to an artillery bombardment in France. I always wear my red poppy and tell my grandchildren of their great grandfather and his mates sacrifice for us all.