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  1. join Leicestershire wildfowlers they have a ferreting section or did have in the 90's
  2. Any of you Pestie chaps either self employed or corporates looking to get into Asian Hornet nest removal at all?
  3. Interesting isn't it how these governments work. If they [the govt's] want to see how tightening gun legislation works look no farther than another commonwealth country. Ie here!!! We have some of the most restrictive gun legislation in the world. Gun control has stopped absolutely nothing, the country is swamped with illegal firearms with the crims openly admitting to what they on prime time Tv to good old liberal Grant Mitchell. Laws stop nothing cos the crims ignore them simples......
  4. Good luck to him. Its only natural there would be a few "upgrades". I remember them well and very fondly. If I ever needed one that would be the one I'd buy any day of the week.
  5. Can't someone make new knocker boxes? Can't be patented after all this time surely?
  6. Its getting the smeg from round yer knob with sand
  7. you mean this stuff Nicepix?? https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=frolic+dog&hvadid=2978605276&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&tag=mh0a9-21&ref=pd_sl_5yutizm75z_p
  8. Like most I was sick and tired of the commercialism of Christmas so a couple of years back I made a stand. I announced I was not going to buy my granddaughters more toys to make the pile bigger in their rooms. I decided I would buy them a life skill and have funded the eldest's swimming lessons to teach her to swim. Its cost me a fortune but every Sunday for the past two years; off we go to the local baths. She loves it, can swim and dive in. My work is done. This year its the youngest's turn at 3 years old. She's been going with her sister every now and then and loves it and so this year I'm buying her swimming lessons.
  9. Please take what I'm about to say as tough love and not having a go... When you apply for a FA certificate you MUST demonstrate good reason to hold and use FA's. This is a go / no go question. No good reason, no further consideration of your application. If your good reason is because you have joined a club who target shoot, then your local Police Authority will, if happy, grant you a FA certificate for use in connection with Tgt shooting. The LPA will write on your certificate what you can use your FA's for. To use your FA's outside of the conditions on your FA certificate is an offence. A quite serious offence potentially. So no, you just cant use it to hunt with if you do not have it written on your FA certificate. As for target practice, i was only going to put that down on the form because i woupd be part of a club and it would sound more legit. I didnt realize you had to go through so much snot to hunt once you have a gun I think you understand the potential problems with the above statement I have cut and pasted? I'll say no more. Privately owned FA's are not popular in the UK, we have the most restrictive FA's legislation second to none. There is a system and you have to follow it; simples.....! Many people have and are in your position, but it is a step by step process and whether its right or wrong is of no consequence in the great scheme of things, follow it, play the game and you'll get there. Also, you mentioned South Africa, it might be important might not, but you must declare all offences wherever committed save for a couple, from memory parking tickets is one. Even childhood offences. Definitely not saying your a bad un just what you're required to do on the application. If you joined one of the shooting organisations BASC being one, they offer free legal advice to its members. Might be a good investment. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. My mate has me a hare, what's the recipe please fella i'll give these a go thanks
  11. that's right made me belly laugh thanks
  12. how do you contact this Nelson chap fellas?
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