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  1. Outofnowhere

    Longnet making

    how do you contact this Nelson chap fellas?
  2. Outofnowhere

    Foxes calling

    Been calling for a couple of weeks now.
  3. Outofnowhere

    18650 flat top batteries

    For me its torches oh and my Pard 008 now
  4. Outofnowhere

    Balls in trap.

    Ha ha ha what a nugget
  5. Outofnowhere

    18650 flat top batteries

    I have mostly flat top and use a std charger suitable for the size and type.
  6. Outofnowhere

    The last rabbit catcher

    Turned out quite random, you had balaclava lady who smacked the punters about a bit which I thought odd. A very pretty blonde who pole danced, she was hot hot hot, her boyfriend basically said if you can't beat them join em. He did blokes and there was some other dude not really sure what he was up to, bit weird tho. Overall the last bunny catcher was a better watch.... story of my life really
  7. Outofnowhere

    The last rabbit catcher

    Just put it on and saw episode one was all about stripograms ………..he'll have to wait!!
  8. Outofnowhere

    What a vending machine lol

    If we had a vending machine like that in this parish that would be my Christmas gift buying for the rellies sorted and all the secret santa's.
  9. Outofnowhere

    what ye reckon folks ,a little curio i found

    I was going to say , leaving the butt hole in made them more than a bit weird to me
  10. Outofnowhere

    Holiday read

    Yes please bud I'm in
  11. Outofnowhere

    Is this mice?

    what is the update bud
  12. Outofnowhere

    new shed

    What about these? https://www.screwfix.eu/heavy-duty-shelving-900-x-450-x-1800mm.html
  13. Outofnowhere

    new shed

    I bought very similar a couple of years ago for a fraction of that. Have a mooch on T net
  14. Outofnowhere


    Modern technology is fab aint it ….
  15. Outofnowhere


    Unfortunately, our insurance, provided by the BBKA, does not cover us [whilst collecting swarms of honey bees] for completing cut-outs, removing bricks or working at height. Once a swarm has relocated into the fabric of the building and the property owner wants the bees removed, they have two options, fund the removal of parts of the building and its re-constitution when the bees have been removed or destruction of the bee's. It is virtually impossible to entice the queen out and the bee's will never leave brood. I went out the other night and the swarm was tucked well into the bush in the front garden and I asked permission to cut the bush to gain access to the bees and this was refused. That turned an easy job into a real nightmare.