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  1. Outofnowhere

    Josh James - The Kiwi Bushman

    Like his style and his video's. A great family and his buddy looks like he's in ZZ top when he's not climbing mountains in gumboots
  2. Outofnowhere

    Tasmanian bushman skills

    Cracking find thanks for sharing I could watch hours of stuff like this
  3. Outofnowhere

    That's a first 😳

    what is it on his right leg? from the blown up piccy it does look like a ring of some sort ?
  4. Outofnowhere

    Pickled Shallots

    thanks VM will take a look
  5. Outofnowhere


    Ha all of them then . I'll call it an early xmas pressy
  6. Outofnowhere


    Where can I get a copy of Glens DVD?
  7. Outofnowhere

    No Warrant? No Worries!

    But that's my point Bf, in the past until you became a person of interest physical surveillance was not required. Now they have data surveillance by way of data collection going on in the background on all of us 24/7. In a way it's the worst kind as in the old days they had nothing on you until you'd done something now, they're collecting all the time.
  8. Outofnowhere

    No Warrant? No Worries!

    Depends on the individuals interpretation of universal surveillance. A few months back the gov gave a list of bank details of illegal aliens to the banks to freeze their accounts. They weren't watching if that's your interpretation of surveillance, it was more the cross referencing of data harvested from numerous other sources they have access too. The universal surveillance starts and ends with the collection and storage of the data. Collecting data means they dont need to "tail" anyone as your phones do most of it for them. When they choose to access it is neither here nor there as it's always accessible.
  9. Outofnowhere

    Watch this lads !

    the nagging question would be if the winning numbers were his favourites that he always bet on each week
  10. Outofnowhere

    Smart meters

    Like all things that monitor you either directly or indirectly, it ain't going to be for your benefit. What's important is what they "do" with the data that you have no control over. Collecting lots of data from a given area will very quickly "flag" anomalies good and bad.
  11. Outofnowhere

    Non payment

    Even if you lost in court you'd still get your gear back if you asked the judge to make it part of the settlement. If you're negotiating ask for 200 and your gear otherwise the press might just find out about the pending court case. She has alot more to loose than you.
  12. Outofnowhere

    Wild birds and the cold.

  13. Outofnowhere

    Monday TEA IN THE 50s

    Never ever seen them for sale. Where can you get them from ?
  14. Outofnowhere

    Books (hunting & fishing)

    Are you taking offers or do you have a price in mind ? there's 1 or 2 I'd like for my collection
  15. Outofnowhere

    Pickled Shallots

    where's a good place to find decent pickling recipes ?