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  1. Happy to take a look for you. I've done a bit of this in my time.
  2. What do you use as the netting bag in your vigo bud?
  3. Is the garden shredder kept solely for this task Ken?
  4. So sorry to hear of your loss and condolences to all. RiP Chicky
  5. Thanks, will give them a go. I did a fair bit of sea fishing back in the day, this would have saved me a fortune in 1lb and 2lb weights.
  6. Is it simple Epoxy you use or something special for securing the swivels in the stones?
  7. Yes gnipper if you look on the bbka website it will list beekeepers who will collect them for free.
  8. Yeah keep em coming Wolfdog, like to hear about your exploits across the pond.
  9. Caused a shit storm in country too
  10. And the Govt has ownership in almost constant review so as to find more ways to ban more.....
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