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  1. Thanks Bush Rummager and Tomo much appreciated ?
  2. I have no set plans on where to go yet going to a few nights wild camping and hopefully a few on a campsites within walking distance of a village with a couple of pubs / restaurants, the scenery and beaches look unreal
  3. Cheers mate some nice photos ?
  4. Going to spend a week driving around the west coast of Scotland in a couple of weeks just me and the wife in a vw camper anyone got any suggestions / ideas on places to visit
  5. It’s a winet if you were lucky you sometimes you to see a hairy winet ?
  6. SKA


    Cheers Arry i have read about Lyme disease connected to ticks before that’s what I was a bit worried for , Ive been To the Vets with him and got some metrobactin and given him some chicken to eat he’s perked up had a decent shite and running round like a pup !!!! So probably just wasted £65 towards the vets next holiday !! Regards glen
  7. SKA


    Has anyone ever had problems with their dogs been ill (sickness/shits and lethargic) after having a tick on them , had mine up on the moors last week and found a tick on him about 4 days after done the usual spinning it round till it fell out itself (so no head left in ) I starved him 24hrs but it’s made no difference to him having shits / and been sick ,had ticks and dogs and ferrets before but never had them been ill after booked in at the vets at 6pm tonight to be on the safe side
  8. SKA

    Vet bed

    Now then Jim , I’ve only ever used it when I’ve had pups on easy to wash and dry and with news paper underneath kept the pups warm and dry the bitch never ripped it up ,it was a few years ago now but I think it was from eBay
  9. SKA


    Definitely worth a go mate I was a bit sceptical at first but I swear by it now it’s made a massive difference for me but you have to give it a good few months to start making a difference . I was going to do Pilates but you had to pay for block bookings and was to expensive but it’s supposed to be as good as yoga though ,another good thing about yoga is the last 15 mins is about relaxation I’ve fell asleep and started snoring a few times lol but I’m not the only one who done it , I leave the farting to the old dears though
  10. SKA


    Been doing an 1.5 hr class every week for the last 6months on advice from the last 3 Pysio’s I’d been to see , I’ve had Achilles tendinitis for the last two years it was agony in the morning just moving my heel up and down plus I work on the bins so I walk a lot miles a day plus walking the dogs ,I have also done weights and a lot of cardio most of my adult life (I’m 51 next month) the one thing I’d never done was any stretching exercises which I think is were I went wrong . The last couple of months I’ve felt a massive improvements some days I don’t have any pain at all , must admit th
  11. I’ve got a poodle he weighs about 5kg only has to scrounge a thumb size bit of chocolate from my granddaughter and it causes him to have a fit with in an hour for 5 minutes or so doesn’t seem to bother him though right as rain 2 mins later
  12. Can anyone put a link or web site up for this fight
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