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  1. Sausages ???.

    Hi all. Can anyone recommend a good brand of sausage Beef or pork. Where's gl when i need him . Thanks all.
  2. £3 for 3 squid

    gl do you still want to borrow my gastric band ?.
  3. Beautiful

    Just been out with my hounds, dried them off and am now going to do a nice Bacon sarnie and a mug of tea. I cant match gl's culinary delights .
  4. How to get rid of notifications!

    Iv'e tried that and still cant get rid of the notifications.
  5. Beach roamers

    Nice one gl.
  6. What the F are they thinking

    What it wants is some of these do gooders to have something nasty happen to them and bring them into the real world.
  7. Stockman

    GL; do you do takeaways .
  8. arsenal v chelsea what a game

    I dont watch football anymore, too many foreigners in every team.
  9. Mc Suffolk burger

    How the other half live .
  10. picked a rough day for a walk

    I love being out in the rough weather providing iv'e got the right clothing on.

    Make you right .
  12. Old Feinwerkbau advert from the 1970s

    Just found a 1980 Terrier edition. Must get round to reading it.
  13. Bubble utopia

    Iv'e just heard gl has bought a JCB to drive around in as his poor old car cant take his weight anymore .
  14. Rock n roll

    Yes, iv'e left you all my pots and pans etc
  15. Rock n roll

    GL. You ought to be reported for tormenting me .