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  1. samboy


    When gl left my house once i noticed the goldfish had gone .
  2. samboy

    How to look after your Muff?

    Made me chuckle.
  3. samboy

    Nightmaster mount

    Best thing i ever done was getting a NM800 and an adjustable mount and doing away with my Cluson and Lithium battery. No more wire tangles or filter dropping off. I find it so much easier to use.
  4. samboy

    Muslims given non halal

    Hang the lot of them.
  5. samboy


    And i'd be coming with you.
  6. samboy

    The first of many 😋

    Last time i saw gl about 6 yrs ago he was 23 stone. God knows what he is now bless him. .
  7. samboy

    Winchester sub's .22

    Iv'e been using Winnie subs for 12 years and never had a problem.
  8. samboy

    Old school classic

    I bought some Birdseye fish cakes last week and they were the worst things ive ever tasted.
  9. samboy


    Well said.
  10. samboy

    metal detecters

    Dont wear steel toe capped boots or you will dig a big hole and find nothing .
  11. samboy

    Thing about lettuce

    With my hair and beard i look like a toilet brush with eyes .
  12. samboy

    lit it snow

    I see that cocktail waitress training you done has stood you in well gl .
  13. samboy

    Pickled Shallots

    I'm a phoney, i buy Garners shallots from Tesco's and i love them. Must try and make my own.
  14. There are 6 of us on license to shoot Cormorants but we are only allowed to 6 per season. That is 6 between the 6 of us and that is after all other scaring tactics have failed. The people who make these rules up have not got a clue.
  15. samboy

    Who is crazy enough?

    One Whippet, one Whip x Beddy and a Border Terrier.