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  1. My grandfather was an expert at slipping whippets. He was a Geordie and a slippery old b* ggar . He said you wouldn't believe the fiddles that went on but he would never tell me.
  2. I have a box of Queen Victoria pennies and halfpennies. Worth nothing.. Must be about 200 of them.
  3. We would do if i was in charge.
  4. samboy


    Heard my first of the year on Monday.
  5. samboy

    airgun bbs

    Wont open for me either. Probably be back in a while.
  6. When i was in the Merchant Navy our motto was .... never leave your friends behind
  7. Hang the lot of them.
  8. I've been shooting rabbits for 15 years on 7 permissions and have never seen a myxi rabbit yet. Probably spoke too soon.
  9. Just found the same book in my bookcase. I've got so many books i dont know what l've got and what i aint got.
  10. I find snooker a tad boring, i prefer darts.
  11. My Lurcher and Whippet have a kennel each in the shed with warm blankets in them. But they often pull the blankets onto the shed floor and sleep on them. Or they will jump up on the kennels and sleep on them no matter what the weather. But the shed and kennels are water and windproof so i all is well i suppose.
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