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  1. The sad thing is that we will all be gone one day. Just enjoy life all you can.
  2. Whenever i have a plate of cockles i always drink the leftover vinegar.
  3. Yep i've still got my old Coleman's lamp with 3 filters.
  4. My grandfather was an expert at slipping whippets. He was a Geordie and a slippery old b* ggar . He said you wouldn't believe the fiddles that went on but he would never tell me.
  5. I have a box of Queen Victoria pennies and halfpennies. Worth nothing.. Must be about 200 of them.
  6. We would do if i was in charge.
  7. samboy


    Heard my first of the year on Monday.
  8. samboy

    airgun bbs

    Wont open for me either. Probably be back in a while.
  9. When i was in the Merchant Navy our motto was .... never leave your friends behind
  10. Hang the lot of them.
  11. I've been shooting rabbits for 15 years on 7 permissions and have never seen a myxi rabbit yet. Probably spoke too soon.
  12. Just found the same book in my bookcase. I've got so many books i dont know what l've got and what i aint got.
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