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  1. samboy

    Derbyshire swallows

    Plenty of Sparrows, Starlings, Magpies and a few Blackbirds in my back garden but nothing else..
  2. samboy

    Sub zero brekki

    1 Lurcher 1 Whippet.
  3. samboy

    Sub zero brekki

    I'm jealous, after my triple heart bypass last week i cant even get out of the front door.
  4. samboy

    Life of brine

    Yes ive left you my ex old woman.
  5. samboy

    Life of brine

    gl, do you want to adopt me ?
  6. samboy

    55 more of the dirty b*****ds

    Hang them all.
  7. samboy

    Old shooting mags

    All i have in my loft is an old water tank and an aerial . I wont hoard anything.
  8. samboy

    Final say March

    I say gl for Prime Minister .
  9. samboy

    stolen dogs found

    Hang him.
  10. samboy

    The holy one

    How the rich live
  11. samboy

    South Africa: Farm Seizure

  12. samboy


    When gl left my house once i noticed the goldfish had gone .
  13. samboy

    How to look after your Muff?

    Made me chuckle.
  14. samboy

    Nightmaster mount

    Best thing i ever done was getting a NM800 and an adjustable mount and doing away with my Cluson and Lithium battery. No more wire tangles or filter dropping off. I find it so much easier to use.