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  1. Pigeons being shot to order for the food chain? For clients wanting pigeon shooting? How does that follow the GLs? Do the people shooting consider alternative methods? Know the reason for shooting on the particular farm? What a joke! I don't trust you either, seeing the way the rules on this site have been applied to different people makes me question the honesty of you and other admin on here. Maybe Katchum had a point. He got shafted by people he trusted. You might as well delete my account as well, no point staying on a dying forum that refuses to see where it's going wrong.
  2. Agreed, but they still haven't got enough sense to keep quiet have they?
  3. I can't answer that because it makes no sense. Wildfowlers have carried on using lead despite a 20 year ban. That's proven. Dogmen still boast about hunting, people are still shooting woodies for the food chain against 30 years of GLs. Instead of keeping quiet they still post and brag about it on social media. It's their own fault. Real countrymen do what they do and keep quiet, don't need to boast and blow their own trumpets. Everything posted on here and elsewhere can be read by anyone, including those who want to stop your sport.
  4. Exactly, hardly anyone changed from lead to steel, proven by the samples tested before entering the food chain. Maybe that's why we have an impending lead ban and not just restrictions? Wildfowlers f****d it for everyone.
  5. Yet dogmen still boast of carrying on regardless? Pest control still face challenges because some of them still can't understand that its best not to post illegal shooting of corvids or woodies. Recently some twat still posted it was legal to shoot woodies for crapping on a tractor, on another forum. Someone near me is being prosecuted for shooting rooks for being too noisy close to his house, the rookery was there for years before he bought the place. Pheasant shoots are being outed for the simple fact of a bird being bred just to be shot, an alien bird that has no more place in our coun
  6. Not just a hunting site, how many other sub forums are there?
  7. You just proved my point, uneducated thick dorks like you who use personal insults to cover your own lack of intelligence. I've been hunting to hounds since the early 60s, stag and fox. We were let down by the complacent muppets who thought nothing would change, that we were untouchable. Well it went wrong didn't it? Hunters and dogmen were too stupid, they had to keep gobbing off, game shooters will be next to go along with pheasant shooters and then pest controllers. Why? Because the twats still keep boasting about what they do and posting it on social media looking for likes. Post up
  8. Just read the crap on 3 threads about 1 member wanting to leave, it's like mumsnet mixed with kids in the playground. Is it any wonder the forum is getting slower? People look at this shite and go elsewhere. Established members give up and leave because they see the same old crap day after day, they say nothing, just don't log on anymore. Find out how many members you've got and how many have been active in 6 months, and which ones. Same few names flinging the same old crap. THL was good but like any forum it needs to adapt to stay active and current, not just keep harking back to hu
  9. I'm slowly giving up all my permissions in favour of younger blokes, over the last 4 years I've brought on 6 new people, introduced them to the landowners and watched over them as they settled in. I gave them all a list of forums I've used including this one. Without exception they have all stayed away from THL and gone elsewhere, the main reason being the behaviour and attitude of just a few people on here. These are not kids or snowflakes, they are country people like me who don't need to read the rubbish that some people generate. Ok, some will say don't read it but it's there and par
  10. It's not the topics Wilf, it's the crap that ensues when a few retards start chucking insults at each other. It's not big or clever, it's pathetic and embarrassing. That's why people aren't bothering anymore.
  11. Nothing wrong with the topics, it's the prats that drag everything down to sewer level that need dealing with.
  12. As someone who doesn't post that much, I find some of the conversations and topics, insults etc pretty disturbing, it's usually the same few members but they are quite capable of ruining things for everyone. You start wondering if those nuts are as sick and twisted in real life as they are on here or are they just pathetic keyboard warriors? Members from the old days just aren't posting anymore because they don't want to be associated with the crap. A good argument is great but once it's allowed to descend into insults about family or outright threats then good people will walk away, so t
  13. Not so many now, licence numbers are getting lower and being taxed put a lot of people off, especially those on benefits. There isn't the money in it now especially as part of your catch is taken for restocking. Something needed to be done though, eels nearly got wiped out. I can remember when there was so many elvers in the river that after we ate what we wanted the rest were given to the fowls, bucketfuls were dug into the veg patch as fertiliser. When I started elvering properly in the late 70s we regularly caught 1cwt or more each night. I once earned £1000 in a week when they we
  14. Elvering used to be good money, most went abroad for restocking, Russia used to take loads. Overfishing, pollution and changes in the gulf stream didn't help, trapping of adult eels made it worse. When I finished I was getting £300 per kilo but with so many nets out the catch was weighed in grammes unless you were really lucky. I did have one catch of 17kg in my last season, not bad for 2 hours work cash in hand. Now it's regulated and taxed, penalties are quite high for illegal fishing and it's difficult to get a licence.
  15. Thread lobworms onto a long length of wool, tie it into a ball and tie on a line attached to a pole. Dangle the lot in the river, usually close to a willow. Eels chew on the worms and catch their teeth in the fibres, then you can lift them up and shake them into a tin bath tethered to the bank. Lobworms were called "rays" down here, hence rayballing.
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