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  1. netrigger

    An Office With A View

    Looks a great bit of ground.. And great that the 2 ferts were found safe and well.. Regards..
  2. netrigger

    opinions please

    Couple for the pot is where I get the satisfaction setting a length of net. It's just a very strange sight to see an area once over run with rabbits to see basically nowt, the whole landscape has even changed,, like being on a different part of the world.. No doubt this so called vhd2 or whatever its name is,, Man has put his tuppence worth in..
  3. netrigger

    opinions please

    Good to see a bit of activity in the section again.. I have a few nets laying around the place, though they don't get out much due to the lack of rabbits. I never ever thought that I would see areas once heaving with rabbits now wiped out.. Heartbreaking so it is.. Regards.
  4. netrigger

    Alternatives to castration rings?

    Grommets or cut bits of an inner tube from a bicycle tyre.
  5. netrigger

    Young Guns

    Another great bit of ground you have there. We'll done mate.
  6. netrigger

    A lucky stray

    Well done Sir..
  7. netrigger


    Pleasure to meet you , always good to meet like minded folk . Cheers..
  8. netrigger

    A brace of black ones

    When you purse that Ginger ! Take note ! Release the critter or face the consequences It's not worth the risk ! .
  9. netrigger

    A brace of black ones

    .. Doubt keeping a Paw would have changed my misfortune!! Don't kill em
  10. netrigger

    A brace of black ones

    We call them Ministers up this end ,, had a fair few through the years .. All sorts off shades ,, leave the Ginger shades though!! Them fkrs are cursed ! .. I ended up Bald ,, bad back ,, and numerous visits to the Dentist !! ..
  11. netrigger

    Washing is all done

    .. Good on ya ! I've been trying for years to get shot of the one I have .. But She is a grafter , doesn't speak untill spoken to ,feeds and cleans the ferts, walks the muppet and buys in the drink .. So to be honest I think I'll hold on to it for a while longer . Once it's gone it's gone Oh and if She could see this then I'd be F#d .
  12. netrigger

    Purse nets

    Should be at yours by the end off the week. Kind Regards to you and yours .
  13. netrigger

    Washing is all done

    Ain't that a job for Her indoors
  14. netrigger

    Purse nets

    I still pop in Katchum, though since my laptop had a severe run in with a Hammer I find it all so confusing logging in with this crappy mobile .. Regards..
  15. netrigger

    Todays Office Not Bad