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  1. Todays Office Not Bad

  2. 2 New Hand Jobs..!!!

    Hi all,, I did swear blind that I would Never /Ever knit anymore long nets ... Well for some strange reason I did .. first one is 65 yards set back to 30 yards ,, made with spun Nylon with braided nylon selvedge meshes. next one again made from spun nylon/polyester/and air bag twine,, set onto 25 yards though I think I went just a tad far to much slack ... To date the only thing that they have caught is a Fat Terrier Regards...
  3. Best Twine?

    netsandmore.com are in the states and have 10/9 spun nylon. Look at Lee Fisher Marine also , they also do spun twines of the best Toray nylon .
  4. Best Twine?

    10/6 spun nylon is about the same size of 4/5z nylon, 0.8mm , I'm knitting at present with 10/9 spun and it does make a decent net,, Regards.
  5. Best Twine?

    Contact Fitec International if there still in the buissnes they make spun poly and spun nylon twine. Spun Grip which is spun nylon you can get from brunson nets , or straight from Brownells who maufacture lots of different twines over in the States .. Regards.
  6. Looking For Advise On Buying Gill Net

    A good surface rig is a 70grm float every 3 to 4 foot apart with a #2 lead line. If its a heavy line and you still want it fishing on the surface then a higher buoyancy float set about 3 to 4 ft apart should do the trick .
  7. Just One

    Well done terry, that rabbit will taste just great
  8. Caught None But Fun In The Sun

    I enjoyed that Mate ,, stunning pictures ,
  9. Bridport Nets

    Closed down a few months back..
  10. Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKpA78cXHZc Andy Kelly is
  11. Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    Andy posted a video of Himself Knitting nets at some country fair the other day on that face f@k place,, all of a sudden its no longer on there ,, ! Strange He has been active on there yet not on this Forum ,, ... ..
  12. Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    come on Andty..... speak up...
  13. Fox Nets Wanted

    :D Thank F@k I packed in the Terriers "" :laugh: .. keep up the good work ye shower of Bitches .. lol And Naw Am no making any nets :laugh: ...
  14. Hunting Life Member Attacked.

    :hmm: come on Andy speak up fer F@ks sake !! .
  15. Fox Nets Wanted

    I hate making the fookers !! lol,, though I do like a good net that will hold ,, be it Fur, Feather, Scale ,, Oh and hair ... .. that fox net that I put up is made from Marine Grade braided Twine and is over 8 foot in length,, corded to be doubled pegged ,, price wise ? money isn't important to Me ! ... Hate making them though .. So be Gentle Lads :D .. Regards...