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  1. That would be great if you could don't know anyone local to me who fly's birds and the ones that do won't share the knowledge ,you would think it was illegal the way nobody wants to help a newbie get started lol
  2. Can't wait love reading this stuff is there anyone in Newcastle area flying a bird that wouldn't mind me tagging along some time Cheers
  3. I hope he is,would be nice if he started this thread up again or any one else who is flying a pursuit falcon
  4. QqI used to get my nuts at wlkos you can fill a bag canny cheep can't remember how much but worth a look ,and for bb,s I ask my local garages for old wheel bearings
  5. Dose this come with the weight or is it bought separate?
  6. Pian in the arse when the outside runs go on coz blocking off is a pain
  7. is that what you would call a double strand selvedge mesh bill or have i got it wrong ,quality net by the way
  8. The YouTube channel is fazza62 you should have a look it's good 20 minuets video of crow hawking and a few others
  9. fazza have you got a youtube channel with the falcon flying crows ?
  10. Can't wait to get out with it Mr Wilkes is it set at 50 yds or 50 set at 25 , if I'm successful I will post a few pics
  11. the net arrived today ,thanks very much smithie
  12. Cheers finally sussed out how to do it
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