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  1. sprockerjay

    Sheet netting

    No bother Mr Wilkes,are you any where near the university hospital ?
  2. sprockerjay

    Sheet netting

    Mr Wilkes have you any idea on postage I could PayPal it to you Cheers aidy
  3. sprockerjay

    Sheet netting

    Have you got some for sale Mr Wilkes ?
  4. sprockerjay

    Sheet netting

    Newcastle mate
  5. sprockerjay

    Sheet netting

    Enough to get a 25 yard net Thanks
  6. sprockerjay

    Sheet netting

    Just wondering where is the best place to buy sheet netting for long nets Thanks
  7. sprockerjay

    Rex x Fly

    Looks like the brindel has got a limp but they look in mint condition
  8. sprockerjay

    Long Nets

    Generous offer of help I wish their was someone that generous when I was looking for someone to show me how to run out a long net I'd take them up on it ( still looking for someone close by to show me lol)
  9. did you do the online training vin or the weeks course
  10. sprockerjay

    My New Pal

    My mate was a keeper in Yorkshire Nd he had a one with a snooker ball on top he said it sorted many an argument in the wood at night
  11. sprockerjay

    6Oz 100 Yrd Longnet

    Get in touch with nelson of here he will sort you out
  12. sprockerjay


    Cheers for the reply sportingshooter
  13. sprockerjay


    So if you have been to jail you can't have a SGC ever?
  14. sprockerjay

    Longnetting A Dry Stone Wall.

    Nice write up smithie you have to try something different once in a while and it worked for you 2 better than none
  15. sprockerjay

    Magpie Call Bird Wanted

    When you catch your first one move the trap to a different place then when you catch one their take it home and that bird will be a stranger and you will catch again works for me Aidy