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  1. That's a nice ferret I've one similar size. Wish I could get my son used to the ferrets he usually runs away ?
  2. I'd say two ferrets would have plenty of space or even three
  3. That's true enough I do the same, great bag when your out all day, I was surprised at the amount of space in it
  4. The ground I work involves climbing over few fences and sheep wire I'd be worried I'd fall and crush the ferrets if they were in the bag, I'd say my ferrets would dig crazy inside the bag and eventually wear it threw aswell.
  5. I've bought one of these a few week ago, I carry around 30 purse nets and a few poke nets in the middle compartment and still loads of space for more, also carry ferret finder, collars and few other bits it the rear flap, and the front pocket with the vents was able to carry two large buck rabbits and still zip closed. Best £35 I've spend in a while.
  6. Decided to make 2days outing my last. rabbits have been very scarce around my area all year usually only get 2 or 3 rabbits on every outing. Today I bagged 7 and had 3 escaped with 1 dig and one rabbit carrying young ones. Just hope the population picks up again.
  7. Mk3 COLLAR WANTED View Advert I've recently lost my mk3 collar it's the standard collar with two batteries if someone has one for sale please let me know I'm currently 7seing a mk3m collar although my depths are far out with it for some reason and was very accurate with the old type collar. Advertiser Strabane1 Date 16/02/19 Price Category Ferreting Equipment
  8. Can anyone recommend a good flea treatment for my two Jill's?
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