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  1. not to mention he might blow his face off with no proofing
  2. typical of the crap they produce .bet holland and holland wouldnt be best pleased to see it
  3. riohog

    Flight MH17 (Ukraine)

    the games will continue as they have done for decades east vs west mr trump will sort it ..lol
  4. riohog

    wonder lust..

    emirates take some beating
  5. riohog

    wonder lust..

    lol theres on on emerates or qater airways aswell. if i need it
  6. riohog

    wonder lust..

    yep your a long time in the box tomo .and if you get to old and fkd up its to bloody late to say well wish i should have done that
  7. riohog

    wonder lust..

    been there done that pal was in kenya ,s/africa first in 74 and the f/e but stillget drawn back to the f/e
  8. riohog

    wonder lust..

    was in alongapo years ago ffs it was like the fkn wild west subic..
  9. riohog

    wonder lust..

    yeah thia is good value and its a great place to be no doubt ,just feel abit peeved im not getting my quids worth these days
  10. riohog

    wonder lust..

    yeah i know its dodgy just rip off the westerner jobby lol i hear what you say but i dont think theres any go go bars on galapagos or easter island as yet!!!. yep you gotta just love thialand !!to be honest i fkn love bangkok
  11. riohog

    wonder lust..

    just love the far east its got everthing!!.
  12. riohog

    wonder lust..

    nowt special does nothing for me, and fkn tricky there these days better off somewere east of suez
  13. riohog

    wonder lust..

    yep done it mate honkifid and singapore bloody expensive now..m/e nowt special transited through manama and dubai a few times no incline to stop there any longer
  14. riohog

    wonder lust..

    yeah cambodia aint out of the question newzealand is nice been there christchurch and up the top in aukland
  15. riohog

    wonder lust..

    i suppose ive been quite lucky in my time , since the age of about 16 ,when i first had the iche to travel , for whatever reason ive not been away for a year or two last time a few years ago i was in capetown , i had been before but in the early 70,s but still a nice place and cheap ,, .now im getting abit long in the tooth ,but still have the iche to maybe have 1 last trip before im compleatly nackered .. 65 now , always been abit of a beast so tended to look out the areas that were abit dodgy ,dont like america , but allways liked the sights ,sounds and smells of se asia and the far east .so maybe 1 more trip now were ?india is a shit hole , so no to that thialand is great but gone abit expensive now i was happier when the thia bhatt was 70 to the pound now 40 , so were ? manila, siagon , hanoi , not really decided yet would need to be later in the year when the rains stop .