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  1. arite tudd hows it goin you bin out latley

  2. my friend has now found a greyhound but thanks for all the replies
  3. sorry that last sentance was for somethink else
  4. nar sorry mate my mate was looking for a greyhound for a cheap price if any one had one . and i have never tried looking for nothink on here mate
  5. have you still got the dog mate my friend is looking for a young greyhound
  6. thats a cracking looking dog mate atb
  7. a friend of mine is after a greyhound 4 or under was just wondering if any one wanted one rehomeing in the north west area thanks
  8. awrite mate do u still have the greyhounds i have a mate who is after a ex track dog an he only up the road in merseyside thanks
  9. cracking pup mate good luck with him
  10. thats a belter of a dog mate atb for next season
  11. well done fellas nice dogs
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