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  1. riohog


    one black boat will do the job they just send a firework onto korum shah oil terminus job done
  2. riohog

    2 new knives .....

    found the bog oak tends to be very dry ken i finish it with walnut oil or linseed
  3. riohog

    2 new knives .....

    getting better then
  4. riohog

    Some were to shoot

    try praying it may help
  5. riohog

    2 new knives .....

    any injuries ? still have all your fingers socks
  6. riohog


    my mother worked for auster in the 60,s untill they went skint ,they had a place in shoreham aswell she used to get flown down every month in one of there later twin engined planes ,
  7. riohog


    looks very much like a plane made by the old auster aurcraft company in reasby leicestershire
  8. riohog

    Redirect blocked

    a good antivirus stops all that crap ,,,,
  9. riohog

    Which Camera

    daft as it may sound , but the cameras on these up to date mobile phones take some beating for quality pictures , maybe not so good for landscape stuff though ,,
  10. riohog

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    might just be abit of deerhound in the mix ,,
  11. riohog


    i recon that bill is a right hard fkr ,,
  12. riohog

    Start as you mean to go on

    bless her you have to give it to the old bird , she told em
  13. riohog

    Hong Kong - British Colonialism

    well i dont ever remember h/k being that dodgy ,apart from the triad area ,in kowloon thats long gone ,
  14. riohog

    Doesn't get much worse than this

    bad do that!!,, sad to say i dont get shocked these days ,its almost an everyday accurance .
  15. riohog

    Tree felling

    think you need to wind your neck in ,and have a lie down