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  1. Hi all dose anyone know of someone who would bring a lurcher pup from Northern Ireland to Scotland the further north east the better thanks.
  2. ?I think il keep them meaby bump into you out and about ??? used to have hounds myself but work and family ment they had to go.
  3. Cheers lad there seems to be plenty about just be abit different to what I'm used to.
  4. Cheers mate thought as much I knew it wouldn't be like Ireland were spoilt over here and I know it even know we complain ? was going to move over 10 years ago but the dogs and hunting were the only reason to say here here. Last spaniel died last year.
  5. Yea cheers mate been up there many a time people are great was just wondering what the hunting would be like. Suppose just like everywhere else just ask for permission or chance it Sometimes when your 4 foot down and a mountain of soil on the bank people aren't so friendly ? atlest with a lurcher you can slip away. Just was looking to know really to know it permission was hard got or were the landowners keepers easy going.
  6. Cheers mate will pm you soon have alot off experience in the shooting industry as I was a beet keeper for 2 years and a part time keeper for 3 was brought up around game shooting and was beating and picking up on shoots since I was 5 just got more into the hunting as i got older. That's what the purpose of the post was all about I thought it would be a well keeperd area and would be hard enough to hunt in and get away than home Will pm you later mate thanks for your comment ?
  7. Never really post on here but needs must .looking some advice I'm moving to Scotland Aberdeenshire in July from Northern Ireland. hunting is very easy going in Ireland never get any bother of any farmers or anyone most of the time and hardly ever ask permission we just hunt away and nobody even notices we are there there is lots of game and we have plenty to go at we lamp the whole island of Ireland for foxes and very rarely we get bother what's it like in Scotland? I think it wont be as easy going meaby I'm wrong. I can only take a few dogs over with me and I thought I would never get
  8. Done last week. All started with that stupid bitch who took that video of the stag hounds at loughbrickland and put it on Facebook now there looking a ban. But what's sad is you still have all the so called hunters still putting up pictures and videos all over Facebook of busted dogs and dead foxes you would think they would realise whats going on and stop stroking there own egos for a second cause there no call for it anyone who hunts knows what goes on in the feild and dont need all the glory hunters to show the world and f**k it up for the genuine hunters who are out for a bit of sport and
  9. Its a pain in the ass iv a lurcher here 4 year old started doing it this year. Brought the dog up to work with terriers could hardly catch a fox in 40 acre feild but great round a hole. He did it first at start of the season didn't get him out for 15 hours was stuck with the game dead in front of him and dug the terrier at the other side of the borrow at an other fox. Did it again there on sunday fox went to bolt and the dog went down the hole like a rocket dug him and the terrier out in the feild fox dead again. It's a pain in the ass the dog could get stuck or could do serious damage to a te
  10. Was talking to him lad only has first season dog starting to hunt. need something hunting to bring on me pups a old hound slowing down something like that would be great. Ruined my season losing them hounds would even take on something letting out on the odd rabbit im that desperate fs. Thanks anyhow ??
  11. Looking 1 or 2 working hounds lost my 3 this year and have nothing only 2 pups if anyone has any or knows of any it would be great I'm in Ireland would really appreciate it thanks Quote Edit
  12. Looking 1 or 2 working hounds lost my 3 this year and have nothing only 2 pups if anyone has any or knows of any it would be great I'm in Ireland would really appreciate it thanks
  13. Me and a few lads would like to go down I someone could pm me the dates and with are the best days to go would be much appreciated thanks
  14. Started 2 Saturday's ago local run one to ground first week dug with my second season dog handy dig young lad got one out of cover with his lurcher ran two to ground last Saturday dug one with a wee bitch I have and the other with a mates dog both only 3 foot breaking us in easy lol bit early for us to start but everyone seems to be shooting the blazes out of them round me for sum reason seen 2 differt groups of lads lamping on my road alone last week and a squad of lads beat two bogs on my road last week shooting the foxes out of them I hate nothing more than shooting them out of cover no spo
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