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  1. Wet & Windy

    good day you had there then mate and looks like it was worth all the effort in the end.. a mate and I managed to get 11 hard earnt rabbits the other day from some permission that we've left alone now for a good few years, be out again tommorow can't wait.. atb
  2. Sundays Trip Out.

    fantastic day you had there! I reckon about 84.. if I win do I get to tag along with your next visit there please☺️
  3. English Tippler Pigeons

    I have about 5 spare young birds if anyone would like them, they are lovely little birds and are nicely marked, no big names but do fly well and would grace any body's garden..free and I am happy to meet m4 or m5 southwest..please pm me..
  4. Thank you all for the interesting input.. Neal there's no putting you off kelpies 😁hope you enjoy your new pup when the the time comes.. Phil and Ray when you kept kelpie lurchers do you remember what height the dogs and bitches made? was there much difference in the height than collie xs
  5. interesting black dog..would seem that going by your quarter bred that the kelpie gene can be carried and quite dominant in crosses,would you agree with those that say the kelpie can be more free thinking and will challenge commands if it thinks it knows best..
  6. Rawhide Chews For Dogs👎

    I do now what you mean about some of these Americans and agendas lol but it seems there's a good few others making the same claim.. Alot of these chews and dog toys do come from China and don't think they have the same regard for companion animals as we do so I wouldn't be surprised if some of it is accurate buy British I say
  7. found these comparison training blogs quite interesting, anyone else here worked these different breeds to cattle or sheep, would be interesting to hear your experience of them. https://www.workingsheepdog.co.uk/working-kelpie-vs-border-collie-sheepdog-training/
  8. Rawhide Chews For Dogs👎

    think I've heard of them but didn't know that's what they were😁
  9. Rawhide Chews For Dogs👎

    Yeah I did mate and could buy a big pack cheap at Wilkinsons, now giving raw chicken wings
  10. Rawhide Chews For Dogs👎

    Found them good for keeping their teeth clean, I would give them one small stick a day.. Shocking what goes in them
  11. Rawhide Chews For Dogs👎

    was guilty of feeding these at one time but will never again.. http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/rawhide-dangerous-for-dogs/
  12. Start Of The Season

    nice dogs and it's good to see they all get plenty of work mate.. How is your fawn lurcher bred.. atb
  13. Good offer that mate, they should make someone happy, how much bull in the sire
  14. Working Greyhounds

    nice dogs.. did conditioning them them ready for their working season (field not track) differ at all from what you now do with your lurchers.
  15. Took Some Snaps.

    nice little bitch how tall is she