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Any pics .....Small lurchers past and present

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Shes old and not long left now, but had some good times.. 

Rosie....... springer x lurcher....about 21 inch.....she knew her craft well and was a pleasure to watch...many lovely memories.

Taz,first X Kelpie X greyhound.....all I can say is 10 years of unbelievable fun    

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1 hour ago, Shortstraw said:

Love small lurchers.........anyone got any pics of small whippet type  lurchers they’ve worked and details of breeding.


This is our Gypsy,...long gone now, but a fabulous wee mouching dog....

Greyhound/Whippet x Sheepdog....

I cried when I lost her,...but, her sad demise made me puts things into perspective,.....I've never cried over a lurcher since....?



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Bella, my Mrs's little dog, looking a bit bigger than her 22" in that picture. A 30 quid puppy purchase at the Chirk show...

She made a fantastic start and i had high hopes. Then a tree trunk covered by long grass, at the edge of a field, ended her career and her life.

Tough journey home that night...


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No Brother,...I purchased her locally....?


Facts are,...in reality,.. she was no great shakes, but as a marking dog and general roustabout rabbiting jukel,.. she was ideal for my needs at the time.?

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13 hours ago, fred90 said:

line bred beddywhippet from George Kelly in 91.great little ferreting dog. top marking dog, cover worker, even went to ground, I still miss her. 


aye, george kelly, another name from the past, always used to have litters of thiis type advertised in back pages of old shooting news,lived round brown hills staffordshire way, used to have a bitch called mo, heard lots of tales about him and the dogs, lots of blokes used to reckon he would buy similiar, bred pups in, and sell trhem as his own, but at the end of the day, another  likeable rogue, just like ginger french, lurcher world  these days, sadly missing characters like them.

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Skye. Early 90s. Sire: 3/4 border collie 1/4 bearded collie, dam: 3/4 whippet 1/4 greyhound. I think she was about 19" and weighed about 28lbs. Easily the most obedient dog I've ever owned but also the most nervous.


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53 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

I was expecting proper little ones tbh haha iv saw some at 16/17/18 inch, fast wee things around a hedge but the smaller of them could struggle pinning a big winter rabbit till you got there ? saw a good few about s decade ago an now don’t see them as much 

true that is katchum, used to get whippet x fox terrier and whippet x Staffordshire years ago. does anyone still keep the old type of Staffordshire these days? 

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Pair of 16/17inchers to the shoulder straight whippet an a beddy whippet f1 we used to have a right old mix of whippets an beddy whippets of various % an line bred beddy whippets we used to use as bushers an ferreting dogs the land round my old ends these sort of dogs didn’t do to well as lamping dogs as the land was to fast they’d soon show there not cut out as lampers after a few hard runs they burn our we kept bigger types for lamping. We had to great times with the little dogs an great memories made but sadly the days of keeping small ferreting dogs is done for me same as keeping any number of dog for jobs is done it’s one medium size dog for everything now days a one size fits all a 23/24incher with drive an bags of bottle does it for me now days 



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Old Kizzy lovely thing. I used to lamp with a couple lads from the valleys who would come down west for a night out. I was like the local guide back then and new all the spots lol. She used to hold her own against there muscle bound jobs no problems and did her thing up against the hedges or just plucked them out at the last moment. She really cleaned up in the heather on the old range :)  Even in the big fields just use a bit of cunning and slip when the rabbit came flying for home and was only few yards out instead of wasting all that effort on long slips 


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