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Any pics .....Small lurchers past and present

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1 hour ago, OldPhil said:

Hi David,.. I have favoured the Herding composites for several years, and we have owned and bred a fair few litters,...some have been the regular Black and white or Red and white, Border collie marked types, but as is so often the case with pastoral hybrids, the Merle colour frequently creeps in...

Personally, I find this unique hue to be amazingly interesting,.. and I enjoy working with them.?



The blue is stunning Phil 

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Shes old and not long left now, but had some good times.. 

Rosie....... springer x lurcher....about 21 inch.....she knew her craft well and was a pleasure to watch...many lovely memories.

Taz,first X Kelpie X greyhound.....all I can say is 10 years of unbelievable fun    

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1 hour ago, white van man said:

Had some great days and nights out with her mate. Didn’t realise she had made it to the big time of EDRD front page though ?

??... yeah shes a super star!! Lol

Been vets a few times last week mate, she's not got loads of time left but is eating well and running around like a pup still, so we'll keep her going for a little while yet...

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7 minutes ago, OldPhil said:

Cracking, evocative, well captured image....I love  those action pictures where the dog is all over its quarry...?

My mate Sean C off here, its his job so he should be half decent! Lol

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