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19 minutes ago, trenchfoot said:

Beddy x deer/grey to Whippet x deer/grey. Only young but showing great promise



This bitch was, Sire; 1st x Beddy/grey. Dam; deer/grey - whippet/grey.;


What I like to call an "honest" dog.



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Seven weeks old, first cross Deerhound / Greyhound; Cheers.  

Wheaton bull grey x deer grey, fast strong, can't fault her. 

Thought I'd jump back on this thread and chuck a couple pics up of tara 

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6 minutes ago, Black neck said:

Nice d

Cheers d👍🏽 She was that’s the one that got away she broke a grown mans heart🥲an gave me a hard heart in the process we’re dogs are concerned.....if they don’t make what I want there gone! If they die I’ll replace them at the first given opportunity the world stands still for no man 

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14 minutes ago, poxon said:

Had one similar bred to that chart but with a dash o collie in there but the big man up stairs took claim on her 

this bitch would be aunt to my current bitch


That the litter sister to your white and black bitch?

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3 minutes ago, shaaark said:

That the litter sister to your white and black bitch?

Sister to the white bitch I got rid of that didn’t make what I was needing the white bitch was from the second litter that was a repeat mating the bitch above was the first litter the black bitch I have now is from the first litter I bred sister mate 

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On 08/04/2021 at 22:50, South hams hunter said:

This dog was that cross - he was cracking on deer and hare. Being 27tts he made deer look easy but he was a coward where teeth came into it. 


Them piercing collie minshaw eyes south  😂 👍🏽 

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Just now, jackthelad said:

Bit bull in these deerhound crosses puts a bit of want back into them bitch on the left is a pleasure to have around great manners I think the bull mixes well temperam4D646B8A-279C-45A2-8B6F-097C334EB882.png.201d3b538048ffcf7a17e1e88d8b0b24.pngent  wise in this x 

ive heard a few people say that, lets be honest they're all laid back breeds so should blend well. the bull making up for what the others lack, lets be honest the reason we all use bull. crackers mate 👌

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On 16/03/2021 at 11:40, fortifer said:

This was my 3/4 deerhound 1/4 greyhound lost him at the weekend at 5 years old absolutely gutted.  Did everything I asked of him.


You don’t see to many bred that way,nice

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    • By Oshea
      Evening all,
      I'm lucky enough to have first pick from a friends litter. He’s crossed his Saluki dog with his Collie Bull GH bitch. I’ve only seen videos of the litter as he’s based in UK. Few different characters in the litter, some sit reluctant off in the back ground others play among themselves two are incredibly forward one more than the other. 
      What key things do you look for when picking a litter? I’ve mostly ran mine on rabbits, reds and some others.
      Go stead,
    • By Deerhound Lurchers Lady
      Just got this stunning little bitch, nearly 12 months old, Deerhound x Bedie grey.
      I used to go out with my dad's Lurchers when I was a kid but I'm a female in my 30's now and struggling to get back into the swing of things.
      I'd love to have this girl knocking down bunnies but I just don't know where to start, I've barely seen a rabbit or and other quarry since I moved here.
      Any of you experts in my area fancy giving me some advice/practical experience (hunting related only) 

    • By dytkos
      Some of you may remember back in March 21 I had my bitch spayed and a lump removed from her teats.
      Another lump has formed and after having a biopsy the result is that it's deffo cancer. 😢 
      Vet says we're looking at about a grand to treat/remove it with no guarantee of success.
      She will be 12 in about 6 weeks.
      I'm monitoring the size and if it's growing quickly it's gonna be a PTS scenario but I'm of the mind to see how she goes over the summer and let her get some sun on her back and then PTS, obviously if she's feeling it I'll do the deed sooner.
      f***ing dogs eh?
      Cheers, D.

    • By Big Pow
      What do folk use for keeping their dogs at the height of cleanliness? 
      Mostly talking about ears here, the amount of gunk that seems to build up resulting in all night head shaking is phenomenal. 
      How cropped are you keeping nails? Best tooth and gum care?
      Seems not to be a topic but I know everybody is keeping their dogs in top condition
    • By hbb
      I’m looking for some advice as we recently rescued a whippet lurcher mix. She’s extremely friendly and sociable with dogs and people but is constantly biting and grabbing our older dogs legs, ears and neck. He’s s cavachon and doesn’t really care for playing or interacting with other dogs so he rarely snaps or growls at her when she starts. He’ll just stand there looking at us or try to run away. She’s never been aggressive towards him and regularly try’s to protect him if other dogs get rough with him. However she’s constantly biting at him when he starts barking or when’s she too excited. We separate her and tell her no but so far it’s not working and he’s doing little to tell her to stop. My worry is he’s much smaller then her and that she might accidentally hurt him if we weren’t there to stop it. Is this common Lurcher behaviour and any suggestions? Thanks 

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