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  1. And yes he was starting to look the part and he was chasing anything that moves he was jumping fences and starting to look good , I’m gutted for him mate , the vet I took him to said that they could do the operation but that they would be more comfortable taking him to a specialist at Kendal so that is what we did and now we are into the thousands , the vet said that he’s expecting a full recovery so I hope so
  2. It was another Lurcher mate it was biting his back end , I can’t really get a straight answer off my mrs as she can’t remember she is traumatised off it , the lad who’s dog it was was at the other end of the field and he couldn’t see anything either , when I rang him up he put his hands up and said it was his fault and that he would help out with paying so I can’t really complain I was ready for killing him , he offered to get his dog put down but we said no to that , I just told him that if I see him with that dog off the lead I will batter the pair of them
  3. He’s around 28 mate he’s got another inch to go I’d say and he’s 9month
  4. I’m hoping so mate , the vet says that they normally make full recovery so fingers crossed , it’s just one of those things
  5. No insurance mate , he’s insured now though the owner of the other dog is paying towards it though
  6. Tidy dog that mate , did you get rid of her or somet , I’m going to be getting another one gonna get a bitch this time they are lovely dogs
  7. Hardest thing is now is trying to stop him from jumping about what a carry on this has been
  8. Mrs had the dog out last week and another dog took off from it’s owner and it came flying over and smashed into the back of my dog and it’s done both it’s growth plates in the back legs what an absolute nightmare got operated on last week cost 4.5k already I’m hoping he will make a full recovery or that will be the end of the dog for it’s running career
  9. Alright mate I got my pup off a farmer near Leicester and he was trying to sell me the mother she was a deerhound greyhound I could ask for you if you like
  10. f***ing hell mate that looks rank I’m sure he would love it though thanks the the advice guys gonna try him on just dry stuff with a little bit of raw mince cheers
  11. And also what is all this 12 generation and 13 generation stuff , if my dog is 12 generation and the sire is finegan how is somebody else’s a 13 generation and the sire is also finegan I’m not sure how that works
  12. Anybody on here give me advice on what is best to feed him , I’ve been feeding him beta junior with half a tin of tinned stuff and it’s giving him the shits most of time , any advice on something I could give him as it’s a pain in the arse picking up shit that’s came out through the eye of a needle
  13. He caught a rabbit the other day and since then he’s wanting to chase everything , I’m not saying he’s going to be a world beater or anything like that but he is definitely keen on anything that moves
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