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  1. He has mate im looking forward to next season , to test him properly see if he’s got the minerals
  2. Cheers mate he’s cost me the balls of five grand now so hoping he’s going to be somet decent
  3. He’s doing good he’s had a major operation on both back legs but he’s came back with a bang , I take him on the beach with a home made lure and he’s like a rocket
  4. Hi all anybody got a theoben fenman for sale
  5. That one was straight off Dave platt there is more deerhound in her than Boris
  6. This is mams first cross deerhound greyhound , but more hair than mine definitely not as laid back as mine this one is a pure butter
  7. He’s around 28 to the shoulder mate he was the last one to go from the litter and the smallest , I’m quite pleased aswell now as he’s big enough to be fair , I’m looking forward to getting him out properly and seeing what he’s all about , Dave platt talks about these like they are the business but I will believe it when I see him in action for real , he’s as soft as shite with other dogs and kids etc , he’s doesn’t look like he’s got it in him to be honest but we will see
  8. No he’s a first cross , looking forward to getting out with him next back end , he’s had a few injuries but he’s back up to full speed now , he chases birds on the beach he would run all day , he’s got some engine on him like hopefully he’s got the minerals to
  9. My first cross deerhound greyhound , 14 months now doing okay caught a couple of rabbits but not been out a lot to be fair
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