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  1. How you reckon he's bred- Wheaton x Bull ?
  2. A non Lurcher owning friend sent me this just now spotted out at Colden Common. SO50 7GH. Looks like he's either been out a bit or been dumped maybe. A couple hundred miles away from me. Anyone out that way maybe would like to try and capture? cheers
  3. @Black neckNo, he just starts being destructive. Chewing furniture, shoes, and stuff like that. Gets really restless pacing about crying and howling. I've not been in this property too long and don't have much of a garden to let him out on here like i had in my last place. I wasn't planning on getting another dog after my old girl died in May aged 13 and the small garden was fine for her at the time- but i ended up with this fella out the blue so it was one of those things, so i'm looking to move again now... but in the mean time i'm taking him out for three one hour walks a day.
  4. @Black neck In a previous time i'd have been a lot more concerned about it than i am now i'm a bit older in years. I guess some dogs just don't have it in their make-up to be killing machines? I just wondered if anybody else had come across this behaviour with their dogs out of interest. The other few dogs i've owned have been the opposite and especially the whippetts who never needed to be encouraged to chase after owt whether it was stood still or not. It was just Bam! After advice earlier in the thread i've got access to borrow a couple of ferrets just to bolt rabbits to. I'm still loo
  5. @OldPhil I love that pic Very similar looking dogs and yours is just how i expect my lad to look when he's older - mines only 15/16months. @chartpolski Also a top pic that, and a nice to see a name i remember from when I was here a few years ago. Good to see you again.
  6. A photo i took the other day of my Deerhound x Greyhound atb
  7. Thanks @birdI've stopped the playfighting as it gives him the excuse to start being too rough with biting and then he maybe thinks he's dominating/getting one over on me. I just wanted to get a bond going with him with being strngers and him being 8 months instead of 3. We've got that now and he has a good fuss now and then and that'll do. I'm out with him a lot and have just started taking him out with the lamp. A couple of things ive noticed with this dog that i've not seen before that you might have an idea about? 1. If the dog sees a stationary rabbit he stands and waits for it t
  8. I've had a couple of people ask me if he's Dave Platts bred but no he's from Mid Wales - Nr Lampeter. He's good.. much better than when i got him.. but yeah he's a bit stubborn sometimes. Dead good mostly but bloody hell he kicks off in the morning to go out.. but then i know what its like when im busting for the toilet too. My cousins just messaged me back as i type this..She's got 9 pet ferrets and said i can choose which one i want... got no nets but its just to bolt for the dog and save my legs a bit
  9. No, he's a straight cross.
  10. Here's a couple of pics i took in in the September when he was 1 year old. He's put an inch on since then now stands at 29tts. He's had a couple of goes at the racing for a bit of fun and did alright. On his own on a timed dash over 100 yds he clocked 7.04 on his first ever go. Anyways ive taken my own thread off topic now haven't i. Hope its ok? Cheers
  11. That's a brilliant idea. I used to keep ferrets as young man. I also did a bit with a lad i met from off here up nr Hull around 2010 (where i used to live) who i ended up getting the black whippet off. Ive got a cousin who's got a few that she keeps as pets. I'll go and see her and see if she'll let me borrow one. How did i not think of this? Thanks Daniel PS just back from the place i thought looked alright i mentioned before. Was only out 50 mins but there was nothing about at all. Love to have a bit of excitement and still waiting for Bunny number 1 but i'm just as into trying to
  12. Forums eh? Im just here to read about dogs and pick up a bit of knowledge. I'm out 3 hours a day (3 x 1 hr walks) . This young dog (and ive only ever had bitches) just has so much energy and was really destructive when i got him - him destroying the young couples £1500 sofa was the last straw and how i ended up with him. I found that he just needed knackering out and he calmed down a lot. I got him in May but in October had a bit of a health issue.. i got a problem with my leg- turns out i have PAD (peripheral artery disease) which is a blocked artery that makes walking bloody murde
  13. No worries. As i say i used to post on here years ago - not much tho. I guessed they got rid of a load of inactive accounts at some point as my old login wouldn't work... unless ive got the password wrong. I tried a few different ones but in the end just made up a new account. Who was Greb and what did he do? Im intrigued now lol
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