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What’s folks thought on this man.

I’ve been watching him a little lately and although some times I agree with much of what he says I think overall he’s a bit of a knober.

he has said this morning that he got a covid  test done which he’s entitled too has he’s a key worker. Am I missing something here since when has sitting behind a desk pulling holes in things been a key job.

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Total f***ing prick. The personification of modern journalism imo.

Piers Morgan was editor of a newspaper that printed fake photographs of British soldiers torturing Iraqi's. He is a scumbag!

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Met him on the packed train back into town after the Grand National about 12 years ago and he ended up in the Central pub with our lot and he was sound... Loved it!

Though i don't usually like his style of journalism. I'm watching GMTV more for him on it. Politicians do run scared of him because he's not afraid to hit back.

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If Bosun says he is sound then you can bet he probably is.

I have to say, I do like the way he has all these MPs and black lives matter types eyes out......it don’t happen often enough on telly 

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, but the novelty will wear off.  Why act the Prat just to make a show. He ain't exactly in the paxman or Robin Day mould where the politicians would fear to tread.  If you are clever enough like a barrister you don't have to act the Prat. You can be polite and smile when you slide the knife in and turn it.

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