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forest of dean redneck

Dorset poacher caught hefty sentence

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11 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

Or lots of previous 🤔

He’s been being watched for a long time by the sounds of it plenty of media data evidence ,marked vehicle 

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5 minutes ago, Gaz_Lurcherlad said:

If it was just rabbits surely he can’t get done for that ? 

Rabbits the same as fox deer an hare if you not on permission pal 👍

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Watched a documentary mini series recently which was about my local police (Northumbria), they had a cop assigned to rural crime,  namely poaching.  They caught a couple of guys poaching at night with air rifles,  which by the letter of the law is armed trespass. They had all the local farmers, volunteers etc staking out the area which is how they caught them out lamping. At the end of the show they gave out an update as they do on these shows on the outcome,  I used to do a bit of the 'armed trespass' back in the day so sat glued waiting on the sentence. 

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Well looks like i risk a sentence every day i go out, always have my catty, my dog, and my refusal to bow down to the snowflakes that deem any form of hunting as criminal . I could respect their view if they knew the first thing about hunting but nearly all know sweet FA ABOUT IT. One thing i am glad about now that i am an old fart is the knowledge that i have seen the best years of this game and only hope it gets better in the future, but it wont.

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