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  1. Both out of Fuji's dogs, hairy one is his Boots x Fenn ( Saluki cross x all round lurcher type ) Big Lad is Boots x Roxy ( Saluki cross x 5/8 3/8 Bull. )
  2. These two for this season, need some refreshing on the lamp but fingers crossed they get plenty of opportunity
  3. been a great read this, persistence pays off
  4. thats a beautiful knife , lovely grind lines.
  5. Nothing to add but I ran a Pure Grey many years ago that was as good as anything I've had since except stamina wise, did get a few injuries due to pace but it killed everything from small rabbit to deer and had a hatred of teeth. I still reckon it was down to the fact I got him in my early teens and did everything with him. Never owned a lead with that dog after the first two weeks with him and used to sleep with my cat. Cracking thread this, thanks for everyone's input.
  6. very jealous, I need one of those after trying to forge a hardy bick from inch and a quarter tool steel
  7. is that a little power hammer in the corner there too? Nice set up
  8. Mine is an old bbq, coke fuelled and a bouncy castle blower to add the air, melts steel in seconds if I am not watching...
  9. that's really nice , your fit and finish has come on a long way. Quality damascus too
  10. with a 36 grit belt it ground the basic bevels on a 4mm 1095 blade in 15 minutes! I was impressed.
  11. I've just picked one up from an engineer in cheshire, variable speed, 3hp motor, solid built, £600
  12. that is a beautiful blade, top craftsmanship
  13. Very classy, your attention to detail is superb
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