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  1. Northern Rock

    Sorry but...

    Probably shot and written last year then mate
  2. Northern Rock

    Sorry but...

    A lot of these magazine articles will have been written and scheduled months in advance, probably before the change to the GL.
  3. Northern Rock

    Picked up my new pup

    Very tidy looking pup there , looks a belter
  4. Northern Rock

    RIP Tigger

    Shame to hear, handsome dog that was obviously well thought of r.i.p.
  5. Northern Rock

    Getting excited, litter on the way

    real bonny pair there, pups should be lovely, atb with the litter,
  6. Northern Rock

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    Mate has one , very handy dog
  7. Northern Rock

    best pic for charity

    Yes mate Boots x Fenn, she was 18 months there
  8. Northern Rock

    best pic for charity

    was just getting myself some images in my studio mate , fun to keep on the wall and that.
  9. Northern Rock

    Canon eos advice

    My old eos 5dmk2 did 530k of images on one shutter before I replaced with the mk4 . Just changed to Sony mirrorless and loving it.
  10. Northern Rock

    best pic for charity

    Thank you , luckily it's the day job for me
  11. Northern Rock

    best pic for charity

  12. Northern Rock

    Catch and Retrieve

    Cracking little vid
  13. Northern Rock

    Aperture HELP!

    Depth of field , or blurry bits is a combination of two things , aperture and distance to subject compared with background . Smaller f stop I.e .2.8 over say f8 will give a shallower depth of field . Add in being closer to subject that too shallows , so ideal world , wide ( low number ) aperture , subject close and background a way away .
  14. Northern Rock

    Stud dog saluki x grey

    Ah ok, Would have been good to see
  15. Northern Rock

    They don’t half change

    Dc she is one serious looking dog in that 8 months picture