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  1. Cracking news, always great getting the first one under the belt.
  2. Shame that, had some good sport there in the past.
  3. Cheers Fella, I really would love a pup off the pair of them but the Mrs would kill me at the minute. I spend quite a bit of time working away ( 8 trips to the USA this year ) and she has said she wouldn't look after a pup for me but we shall see. I'll drop you a message with my number, be good to have a catch up
  4. A place I used to run near leyland up in Lancs had rabbits so fast they often straight lined the dogs, only thing that caught regular in those small fields was a mates whippet greyhound. I have a fast bitch here and she was straight lined four times in a row last time I was up there, fields like bowling greens and 1—2 acres . Took a good dog to catch em
  5. Good to see you back on here stranger! Good to see Boots still going strong and the kids grafting away. My two have had their best year since I recently moved south but by Christ Loki has put some bloody scares into me including a head wound that took 4 weeks of antibiotics to start to heal. One thing I will say mate is that you breed some dogs with drive and game as ! Like I said good to see you back and hope you are well
  6. Must catch up again soon mate, my boy has moved to Sunderland so will be up in the north east every so often
  7. Lovely looking pup, years of fun ahead with him
  8. Yea mate I am. The one of the big dog got me 3rd in pet photographer of the year
  9. These two still do me right, though big lad has a smashed up toe at the minute
  10. She is looking great Davie, have you still got big Bruce ?
  11. My lad is possibly the most well mannered dog I’ve ever had. He will walk away from another dog big or small but a different mood when working. My bitch with Irish terriers in her is a nightmare though. Only once had trouble with the big dog when a rottie tried to mount him and feck me he is quick when he needs to be. Wouldn’t have him if he wasn’t as a 41kg dog that’s sharp with others would be a nightmare
  12. Has anyone used one of the above? my lighforce 170 dimmer I’m finding is lacking a bit at the minute and the price of the 240 dimmer if you can find one is harsh. Also like the light weight of this but before I drop the coin was wondering if others had used? cheers
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