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  1. Northern Rock

    Razor Pics ?

    Only a phone shot
  2. Northern Rock

    Stick Hutchinson

    Always sad when the game loses a true gentleman or lady, RIP
  3. Northern Rock

    Razor Pics ?

    Yes mate, my day job, the rough-haired bitch is 2 and a half, the pup is 11 months.
  4. Northern Rock

    Razor Pics ?

    These two have Razor as Grand Sire via Fuji's Boots.
  5. Northern Rock


    You go no further South Micky, those few rabbits south of there are mine to scare.
  6. Northern Rock

    Bloody horses

    Used to be a gypsy cob where I used to live, the quiet old thing just used to trot around its field minding its own business. My bitch as a pup was solid with every other piece of stock but that one horse, she used to tease the fook out of it in its field. Ended up having to use a collar on her, just once and never went near it again.
  7. Northern Rock

    Lamping Set Up

    Did you shift this Cragman ?
  8. Northern Rock

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    I reckon there is 800 years of pure Burrell in her... only joking, lovely looking type and I bet when she switches on she will be a flyer.
  9. Northern Rock

    Bull xs for this season?

    She is off Fuji's Boots ( Saluki Grey ) to his Fenn ( lurcher / irish terrier x lurcher)
  10. Northern Rock

    Bull xs for this season?

    yes mate, he is a big lump but a pleasure to be around.
  11. Northern Rock

    Bull xs for this season?

    My pup , not sure he will be ready until after Christmas, still a daft pup , almost ten months
  12. Northern Rock

    Doesn't get much worse than this

    Not being funny , but we have nothing here to say it's got anything to do with a 3rd world country , It is probably a partner as 85% of these killings are
  13. Northern Rock

    Sorry but...

    Probably shot and written last year then mate
  14. Northern Rock

    Sorry but...

    A lot of these magazine articles will have been written and scheduled months in advance, probably before the change to the GL.
  15. Northern Rock

    Picked up my new pup

    Very tidy looking pup there , looks a belter