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The feeding of lurchers has become really complicated...🤔 I don't keep, performance dogs or racers and coursers,..just hedgerow mouchers.  So,..I've always subscribed to the notion, that a l

Autarky salmon and r.a.w. They scoff anything back anytime. They love tripe and sheep heads.

These topics remind me of veggies they rave on about not needing to eat meat then have to take supplements because they don't eat it 🤔

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1 minute ago, mushroom said:

I can say I'm partial to a bowl of Brekkies in rabbit flavour. Arkwrights gives me gas.

The mutts tend to fill the motor with a more fowl smelling gas when they have had just meat for their dinners but  they tend to get flatulence what ever their fed TBH 😂

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After feeding raw for last 35 yrs with the odd bit of kibble ti bulk out sometimes I'm now going over to feeding mainly kibble & after trying loads of different brands from very expensive down to greyhound types ive settled on Royal Canin. Its the first dry food all 3 of my dogs will eat on its own. Been introducing it for last couple of weeks & so far there all happy with it No sloppy shits good breath no farts etc. Im running big freezer down then theyll go on it full time with meat & bones once/twice a week. Makes life much easier when we go away etc. Its not the cheapest & £43 per 15kg but certainly not the most expensive. So if anyone after a big chest freezer foc in oxford area  pm me. Atb

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42 minutes ago, Aussie Whip said:

Any half decent kibble mixed with meat, eggs and some vegetables.I cant keep enough condition on them feeding just game.Always got a long healthy life out of them,just had one pts at 18.I believe it's important to feed some fresh feed with kibble.

Good post, prove is in the pudding.

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