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  1. Only way it’ll be done, even with the hinds you hear stories of dogs yanking them off their feet but that’s all they are, fairytales.
  2. Never seen it in fields mate but up Scottish highlands it’s all done on open hill so plenty space for a pair of dogs to chip away at it if they’ve got enough heart & stamina to stay on.
  3. Both southern & highland can and have been done with 2 dogs. When it comes to highland stags as well bull greyhounds definitely aren’t the dogs for the job. I think if you had the right dog on the day, and the stag was far enough away from woodland it could be done on the hills single handed, but I’ve never known it to be done yet so can’t say it definitely can be.
  4. You mean a southern one or just any red stag?
  5. Pet/Park deer far more dangerous, after they lose their fear of humans. Although I have known someone to be charged by a wild sika stag.
  6. If you’ve got 1 good mate in this game to share driving & split fuel money that’s all you need. Any more and you’re just going to get problems I think everyone’s learned the hard way.
  7. Most lads too lazy to look for new spots they get taken to 1 good place then go back behind lads backs and hammer it till it’s f****d ?
  8. Whether it’s rabbits, hares, foxes or deer. People that try and hit big numbers every time out, using any method are bad news for future seasons.
  9. I like a bit of mountain hunting so dogs with bad feet just break
  10. Could well be that, got to say ones I’ve had that were tight bred weren’t small but the other stuff definitely, bad coat, injury prone etc. It’s not even always injuries like muscular etc but a lot have bad feet or thin skin. Bad feet is a major fault for me tbh if a dogs always got sore feet it shouldn’t be bred from really but plenty have so suppose damage is done by now.
  11. In my experience your first crosses are tough as old boots, but a lot of your line bred coursing stuff can be more fragile. I think reason for that is with the big name line bred stuff there’s been a lot of men bred off injury prone stuff to make a few quid rather than admit they’re no good. Whereas the home bred stuff you don’t get as much of that. That’s just my theory behind it could be way off.
  12. Saluki offers more than stamina and good feet. I’ve actually saw plenty saluki lurchers with bad feet. They give a lurcher a running brain that no other cross has, they can predict what something will do & force it to go where it doesn’t want to. The stamina/recovery they give is brilliant but the running brain is what they really add for me. I wouldn’t have a dog without saluki in, but I wouldn’t have one with too much either.
  13. Proper hunting trip nice to see people enjoying a bit of sport and a few days outdoors without the obsession over killing big numbers.
  14. Beautiful dogs, they’re not my usual thing but I reckon if a genuine 1st cross litter was on the ground I’d be very tempted
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