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  1. Was it any good and did anything come off it?
  2. Am I right in saying this dog was from the same litter as Buddy and does anyone have a photo of this dog?
  3. Any one know of a supplier in the swindon area.? Thanks
  4. What’s people’s choice of kibble these days?
  5. There’s a Luke dog running on YouTube. Do you know if it is the same Luke dog?
  6. Mate I’m terrible with names as it is. And I keep getting the Luke dogs mixed up. Waiting on the lad who sold me the pup to send the breeding info over. What I know so far is Luke is the Dams grand sire. And the sire is pure saluki from khan lines
  7. Any info on Deacon & Rammy Rocket? thank you lads
  8. Is Just wondering if anyone still has anything out of Luke. Obviously not direct is doubt but a descendant perhaps. Recently bought a pup with him in his breeding. Just seeing what else is about. Also if anyone has any info on how he was bred that would be appreciated and a great help thanks lads
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