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4 minutes ago, TOMO said:

this is maybe a question for greyman...

was watching hugh furnlys new program the other day.....and they were monitering deer in woodland with a thermal drone and doing counts....forestry cominision or one of these organisations ....

wonder if any of these big cat groups have used such equiptment

Ricks son is taking the tests or whatever it is to be able to fly them we have had a few goes, thermal is definitely opening up a whole new world p,s should have said that’s a badger in the picture 😂


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I will donate this camera to your cat hunting if you would like it  lumix fz72 60x zoom 

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On 28/06/2022 at 17:25, Greyman said:

Often the case in gateways etc it’s not often you get a good string but they do happen occasionally if your lucky to find them before it rains or they get raked over etc  😉



Telescopic rod 

not even a thought 

it’s all way to simple 

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Thermal takes a bit of getting used to to identify stuff at range especially with the budget stuff but once mastered it’s unmistakeable .Movement is the key .

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Nothing more than a little thread bump really. Greyman and a few others will know about the Edale station sighting covered on the poddy a year or so back. I was up there today. Pic overlooking Edale vally early this morning. I parked in the station carpark.. it's mid pic behind trees. A beautiful area if nothing else. 

I found some sheep bit's up there with my sister.. high up on Kinder Scout a few months before that sighting. Got a pic on a storage device somewhere.. 

Like i say.. it's a grand spot if nothing else...👍


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