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Whats The Best Boot

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I'm happy with my 30 quid haix army issue boots off eBay sod spending 300 on a pair of boots I've got kids to feed.

It depends on the person wearing them,there is hacking and there is hacking. Some lads wouldn't wear out a pair of slippers on a building site and others would want to kick a brick up the road in fron

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Meinld, Dovre, Glockner, Taiga all get my vote. Havent had others other than Lundhag Professionals which i dont wear a great deal.


Havent tried the HanWag, Lowa etc but my Mrs had the Altberg and seems to like them well enough. Not as comfy as the meindl but half the money on ebay!

When buying a bed, or footwear, always buy the best you can afford, it's what you spend most of your life in.

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Had meindl dovre extreme a month and kicked the sole off them digging. Had Andrews shoes (bartoro mid welt) they've just lasted me a month. The hardest wearing boot that the sole never gone on me is the haix Tibet forest, both above boots are far more comfy and alot lightweight though. Vibram soles don't seem to be able to take the abuse.

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I have been using Danner for a high boot few years and find them good although a bit heavy, for an every day boot I use meindl vakuum gtx both are great boots when broken in although don't think either would stand up to heavy abuse from digging.

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None of them last and the lads that claim to have them 15 year probably only wore them twice a year. Bring them to work or hunting everyday and you would be lucky to get 6 months out of them, any cheap work boot will last just as long. Leather is leather no matter what price you pay they all came off a cows arse. I got one year out of harkilla pro hunters. Wearing them twice a week for 6 months and they were in the press for the other 6 months. It would be better value buying those exarmy boots second hand for 50 quid as at least when they let in water you weren't rode for 300.

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I have a pair of Meindl Dovre Extreme GTX Boots which I wear all the time, they are very stiff which support my ankle which I injured some years ago and is still fooked, they are a bit clumpy for day to day stuff but I'd rather put them on than anything else even for a simple dog walk or gardening. They aren't cheap though but I've had them 3 years at least and wore them loads...I also tend to wear shoe soles on the sides very fast ( they call it over pronation) and these have not worn down much even though I've walked miles in them. I would trash anything poorly made in a year or two at most.

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