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  1. i remember the pics of butch and bruno they looked like proper digging types
  2. i saw one this way bred years ago (2007) out of a pure GWP bitch to a fast bull x type lurcher. dog was a lump, rough coated choc his party trick was retrieving dead foxes hunt for fun, lacked a gear nasty temperament arount terriers unfortunately i looked at the littermates - one looked like a bull x lab, one a traditional rough lurcher, the other like a visla colour with big houndy ears. No consistency
  3. used to be pics up of him most weeks but that was probably 15 yrs ago
  4. All sorted Turns out I don't need the adapter, can plug the usbs straight into normal UK usb plug
  5. can't fault it - tells you where they are direction wise and how far. nice little app on phone you can connect if you want to map a hunt. my spaniel x as yet hasn't opened up so its great as you know where she is at all times but having got used to it i'll feel naked going without it now lol
  6. Recently got a Dogtrace X30, happy with its performance in the field. But i plugged in to charge collar and box today and neither is charging. Because it's both I am guessing that it is probably the plug and/or adaptor. Anyone else experienced this? My other concern is that Dogtrace are online service only and have not responded to an email I sent over 2 days ago about an extra collar. So I am hoping they get back to me soon. I can do without waiting weeks to get sorted. Have considered nipping to electric shop and getting replacement but pretty clueless on it al
  7. in fairness he has always answered my emails they say he was a tidy huntsman too shoots on my cousins farm
  8. depends on the country you are hunting. if it's lots of thick cover and big forestry blocks, it will be tough for a handful of hounds to pressure the quarry enough to get up and go. but if it's open ground with little rush beds and small woods a small pack should do OK
  9. Old pics - fawn bitch been gone a couple of years and the old dog is nearly 13
  10. Think the late RW had Wheaton in his digging stuff too
  11. have heard of a wheaton russell, forgot what sort of dog it was in the ground - i'll ask my mate
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