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  1. spindolero

    Pelenna Valley Show 2019

    Hard workers by Daniele piciatini Terrier book
  2. spindolero

    Pelenna Valley Show 2019

    was a great show, good weather, people and dogs - and spoiled only by the lowlife that pinched one of the items we were due to auction. But apart from that a succesful day - thanks all
  3. spindolero

    Pelenna Valley Show 2019

    well the forecast looks good, so it' should be a great show - hope to see as many as possible there.
  4. spindolero

    Pelenna Valley Show 2019

    Always a good show just ask anyone that's been Now in its 31st year Hope to see you there
  5. spindolero

    RIP Tigger

    Feel old i remember you talking about him as a pup Sounds like you gave him a good life
  6. spindolero

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    You still got her mate
  7. struggling to find stuff like Darcy and Country Mischief any recommendations?
  8. thought Razzamataz is dead?
  9. spindolero

    Foxhound x greyhound

    Know a few boys keep hound x for daytime hill work A few of them open up when they're coursing one Doesn't bother the owners
  10. spindolero

    Bull whippet (Powell's pocket rocket)

    think i heard about this bitch - used to be almost bald at the end of season due to pushing through the trash? the pack was beagles at the time? used to do some of the same places we did
  11. spindolero

    First cross wheaten greyhound

    Lack the gears I'd guess
  12. spindolero

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Glad she ended up with good lads mate
  13. spindolero

    Bull x called Shane

    Wasn't there a Shane dog in stoke area
  14. spindolero

    Lets see some wheaton xs

    i've bred him twice to my old bitch with half decent results. I wanted a litter to a different bitch so i could have some half bro sis out there - sadly the dog has got no lead left in his pencil - i have tried him twice with two different bitches - one of whom was here for 3 days. old age doesn't come alone