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  1. Love that ol tri colour one
  2. best of luck with that mate, think i'll get one myself. had a nice couple of days hunting up there couple years back
  3. i couldn't tell you mate, was asked to put the pics up by a friend that used to keep this line of terriers
  4. friend of mine had them in s wales in 80s
  5. i heard there was some decent stuff once out of east london
  6. ye would like something like that myself one day, purely looking for something to hit stuff up for the lurchers
  7. what sort of dogs suit you now? you're hants now yeah?
  8. v disappointed tbh. i got on Kindle, so not seen those pics. That aside the content is laughable. So one terrier had such a good nose on top you could loose it in a 1000 acre (yes one thousand) forestry & it would find the fox, not only that, it would only be 50 yards behind the fox when he broke cover & was shot?? Secondly a dog on a dig managed not only to bottle up a dozen animals, but because they'd broke through behind the dog he proceeded to pull all of the twelve one by one. that aside it's the usual fell terrier ramblings about entering dogs into "bad spots" and they either kill the fox within a minute or get rescued after a few days. Do the these men have x ray vision to see whats happening through solid rock - and do they bring a stopwatch to time the dog killing?? I've only heard good things about JP the man, so I assume he was having a joke at Frains expense. save your money p.s i didn't notice anything about the Wheeler outcrosses either
  9. seen hounds go to ground, some drive on these types
  10. boys i know that do it basically use first season as way of ensuring they are 100% with sheep, putting them in situations where they could go wrong and watch how they react. if they're 2 miles from you and go wrong it's too late
  11. whats the rough coated one in pics mate?
  12. Why even let the man come out with hounds if he's rifling too ?
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