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  1. i put moss killer on mine last year, moss went black and was raked up - i seeded those patches but the moss is back this year sadly
  2. brought instead of bought
  3. i give him Tug and he sold to a family member for £500 ffs
  4. How come you got discount then?
  5. anyone tried crossing them with a spaniel?
  6. Because you want a Wheaton x lurcher to catch stuff and kill single handed, regardless if it's getting stick The best ones i have seen were full on, when the red mist comes down - that's what you expect in a Wheaton x lurcher. I'd want a busher to be steady and thorough, not missing bits of cover because it's like a bull at a gate. Nose, feet, coat & ability you can get from a number of other breeds more suitable temperament wise.
  7. I'm not sure, you want a bushing dog to do a few things, including work away from you, work with other dogs and work around stock. In my eyes you're putting a lot of trust in a half x Wheaton. I don't disagree that upbringing is important, but I personally feel that Wheaton's have a low temper threshold and that can sometimes override even the best training. Plus what can a pure Wheaton bring to a busher that a spaniel, a beagle or a terrier doesn't bring? The only thing i can think is aggression and that's not something I would want in a busher. I spoke to a lad that had a staf
  8. i actually knew a fella that broke them a few times, mainly on basis he was digging round Salisbury and the chalk and flint was hard going and he smashed the soles. in fairness they resoled them for next to nothing.
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