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  1. @bird can't speak from experience but a few people I know reckoned a wheaton grey/collie grey was one of the best fox dogs they'd seen. Up Liverpool way, smooth black dog. A lad on here bred a litter too, he was a north east fella - said the mating worked well Just got to hope the desired attributes fall the right way in the offspring
  2. think griffons seem to have plenty of go and a good voice too. i knew a fella who had some and said they would hunt r/h/f/d, whereas his big hounds were easier to get hunting true to one quarry. think they can be quite ignorant once on but if you have the land and the time then crack on.
  3. lovely type, hope it goes well for you
  4. I wasn't referring to Brian in my comment BTW
  5. A few lines of terriers owe their existence to that dodgy deal
  6. think i've seen an old pic of MD with a pure wheaton on a treadmill
  7. i was told some very good bull crosses in the 80s came out of mayfield dogs from Plymouth
  8. No wonder his knees have gone carrying that thing about
  9. those videos on youtube look ancient, there's lines going across the screen - bloke must be pushing 70
  10. i remember the pics of butch and bruno they looked like proper digging types
  11. i saw one this way bred years ago (2007) out of a pure GWP bitch to a fast bull x type lurcher. dog was a lump, rough coated choc his party trick was retrieving dead foxes hunt for fun, lacked a gear nasty temperament arount terriers unfortunately i looked at the littermates - one looked like a bull x lab, one a traditional rough lurcher, the other like a visla colour with big houndy ears. No consistency
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