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  1. I struggle to see what a kerry blue or irish terrier could bring that a bull or Wheaton wouldn't do better
  2. are you saying a Glenn would make a good lurcher x?
  3. Quite obviously the dog catching 50 is the better animal
  4. that go back to your old wheaton grey bull grey bitch mate
  5. i put moss killer on mine last year, moss went black and was raked up - i seeded those patches but the moss is back this year sadly
  6. brought instead of bought
  7. i give him Tug and he sold to a family member for £500 ffs
  8. How come you got discount then?
  9. anyone tried crossing them with a spaniel?
  10. Because you want a Wheaton x lurcher to catch stuff and kill single handed, regardless if it's getting stick The best ones i have seen were full on, when the red mist comes down - that's what you expect in a Wheaton x lurcher. I'd want a busher to be steady and thorough, not missing bits of cover because it's like a bull at a gate. Nose, feet, coat & ability you can get from a number of other breeds more suitable temperament wise.
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