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  1. thanks all, any suggestions?
  2. Anyone tried? Looking for opinions on them. Need a used vehicle for dogs/fishing and bit of towing.
  3. How big a greyhound bitch was it's dam? Did the dog turn out ok ?
  4. i spoke to your old mate last nite he said he had some old pics and was gonna try and scan and upload them and send to me
  5. blast from the past there mate - proper dogs i was told - never got to see one go just heard about them. tried to get some but it's like chasing a ghost, I hear their are pockets of it around but the lads keep it tight amongst themselves
  6. A lot of Wheaton x don't need the excuse of being attacked to be c**nts with other dogs lol
  7. they'd be half brother sister wouldn't they?
  8. Hard workers by Daniele piciatini Terrier book
  9. was a great show, good weather, people and dogs - and spoiled only by the lowlife that pinched one of the items we were due to auction. But apart from that a succesful day - thanks all
  10. well the forecast looks good, so it' should be a great show - hope to see as many as possible there.
  11. Always a good show just ask anyone that's been Now in its 31st year Hope to see you there
  12. Feel old i remember you talking about him as a pup Sounds like you gave him a good life
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