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  1. Old pics - fawn bitch been gone a couple of years and the old dog is nearly 13
  2. Think the late RW had Wheaton in his digging stuff too
  3. have heard of a wheaton russell, forgot what sort of dog it was in the ground - i'll ask my mate
  4. spoke to some lads in Ireland that had done a bull/patt x wheaton patt mating. the whole litter was dead before 3 year old - big, and only one style of working stuff
  5. a fella who bred and worked some good bull x used to say what can a 3/4 bull do that a good half x can't
  6. I struggle to see what a kerry blue or irish terrier could bring that a bull or Wheaton wouldn't do better
  7. Quite obviously the dog catching 50 is the better animal
  8. that go back to your old wheaton grey bull grey bitch mate
  9. i put moss killer on mine last year, moss went black and was raked up - i seeded those patches but the moss is back this year sadly
  10. brought instead of bought
  11. i give him Tug and he sold to a family member for £500 ffs
  12. How come you got discount then?
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