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  1. Please note show is now on 30th June
  2. spindolero

    Hale vetenary Group

    no its totally unreasonable
  3. spindolero

    Hale vetenary Group

    in my experience the vets that do the farms are more in tune with us than the ones that specialise in cats/guinea pigs etc
  4. spindolero

    Hale vetenary Group

    a good vets is worth their weight in gold, and id advise anyone to ask around and do their homework to find a vet that's reasonable and also understanding of a working dog.
  5. spindolero

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    shame they get old - did you get anything out of him
  6. spindolero

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    AT you still got that patt x lab up there?
  7. spindolero

    Stud available

    Can only be proven sire if it's produced workers which is impossible if the dog isn't 2 yet
  8. spindolero

    No vote on Hunting Ban repeal says PM

    no point voting if it was going to lose, i agree with trenchfoot.
  9. spindolero

    AKU boots, anyone tried?

    what pair did you have?
  10. spindolero

    AKU boots, anyone tried?

    following hounds on foot and out with lurcher but its wet country with me so waterproof a priority
  11. need new boots and wondering if anyone had tried?
  12. spindolero

    Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    Hes genuine 3/8 5/8 out of father daughter mating some lads in Yorkshire did
  13. spindolero

    Wheaton x greyhound, on foxes pre ban

    I got an old dog here 3/8 5/8 nice sort could pass for a deerhound beddy grey .
  14. spindolero


    this day and age its not an ideal dog to keep - i know a few lads who had pures and they were hard work to kennel and needed a lot of work. but if you not got the good pures, where do the good first x's come from - so i hope some continue to be kept - just by someone else, not me :-)
  15. spindolero

    How does the law stand

    no thats only terriers i think - you can flush on top for any reason