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  1. Listen you stupid little shit I've been hanging on by my f***ing finger nails. The oil industry has been destroyed 60-70% of everyone I know is out of a f***ing job. I didn't even know if my business would ever come back and was trying to think of how I can explain to my wife and kids that we might lose everything. It is people like you that are to blame, I didn't want a global lockdown but I'm one of the people that's f***ing suffered. I bet you haven't suffered one bit. Now f**k off
  2. There was no heated debate on Covid. You will never change your mind and you will never look at anything I send to you so it's pointless. and I'm not upset, I find it funny. You might change your mind in time if you lose your job and you are faced with ruin because of the policies you have supported.
  3. I'm going in lad...hold me beer ?
  4. I would just prefer to have arguments or conversations where people will look at both sides otherwise it doesn't work. I do read the links you post to me, and yes I am and all of us are biased, but as a scientist and engineer I feel it's my duty to always do that. I have a code which I apply in everything including my job and that is to look at the data and try and be objective as possible.
  5. When did I call you a conspiracy theorist?
  6. When did I call you a conspiracy theorist?
  7. If you don't want to look at evidence that has been presented then you really shouldn't comment. And calling people conspiracy theorists is rude and condescending and isn't a good look. There is a link to all of the so called evidence, anyone is free to look at it. There are very educated statisticians who have gone on record and signed affidavits...those people are more intelligent that anyone on this forum by a mile.
  8. https://hereistheevidence.com/
  9. You refuse to look at the evidence Chris!!
  10. Nik_B


    Look at the US stock markets, they've blown up because of money printing and most of that money went into the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) stocks and also Tesla etc. It defies reality because no company bar maybe Amazon has really increased it's revenue to justify this. There will probably be an almighty crash next year
  11. Bloody hell...after last nights marathon 30 hours without sleep due to work I'm on a roll again...apologies in advance ? Nice to have some work after 9 months of thinking my job was finished forever Sorry for any rambling, barely slept or eaten for the last week ?
  12. My Dad used to work for the Labour party in the 60s/70s and he always said that. Dead people voting isn't a new meme...it's been going on for decades. Personally I think there was a large number of postal/duplicate votes for remain, probably a few hundred thousand. Technology is so advance today that you can safely access your bank from a mobile phone but apparently we have to live with some antiquated backwards and easily manipulated system in 2020.
  13. After 4 years of Russia hacked the election....really? You cannot believe that
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