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  1. Nik_B

    Victorian Kitchen Garden.

    Chatsworth House? Pretty sure it's all been restored now https://www.chatsworth.org/garden/history-of-the-garden/modern-garden/kitchen-garden/
  2. Nik_B

    First Fish

    and what a feeling it is for a young lad, most of us will remember it well. I took my daughter at 5/6 flyfishing and a year later she shamed the lot of us and caught a double figure rainbow, I need to find the picture it tells such a story with my old man helping her bring it in and our friends looking on to see what it was
  3. Nik_B

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    She is growing, for such a small dog I am surprised that she weighs 10 Kg already. She can now swim as well
  4. Nik_B

    Two New Birds For Me

    Wow that Bittern is amazing, that's another one for the list
  5. toms sound like leaf curl they get it when stressed. This is the first year I have not had it as I put stuff in the buckets to keep moisture like moss and old bits of wood and try keep regular watering Thanks Terry! It is very sandy soil so sounds like she should be watering more often then
  6. Nik_B

    Charlie Gard

    So they have the money for treatment but the judge is stopping him going? That is pretty messed up Spot on Nik. From what I understand, the family have raised more than enough money to take the little lad overseas for treatment but, because some old c**t has said 'No', they can't get there. Fair enough, the therapy may not save little Charlie but, the tests and results could help save other little 'uns. All the time they're f***ing about, the clock is ticking for this poor kid That's what I was thinking, even if it doesn't work out they've done the best they can and the results may one day save someone elses child with the same disease. It looks like that America doctor is flying to the Uk to give evidence about the treatment he proposes
  7. Nik_B

    Mysteries Of Life......

    I would like to know where all my cash goes no matter how much I work the balance never seems to go up Also why did I start digging out this holy tree stump...the never ending job
  8. Nik_B

    Charlie Gard

    It just seems strange that they can stop someone trying every last avenue of hope, it's not like the NHS has to pay for it if they've raised all that money.
  9. Nik_B

    Charlie Gard

    I knew I shouldn't have read this sodding article, those photos of the parents in tears has just ruined my day. I really hope they get what they want, at least they will feel like they have tried everything
  10. Nik_B

    Camera Trap Photos

    I'd love to get one of these, we have red squirrels in the valley behind the house but I haven't seen one yet, most likely because I am always with the dog. I've also seen kingfishers so if we could find our where they are it would be pretty cool to get some footage of one of those. Another expensive item to add to the wishlist
  11. Nik_B

    Charlie Gard

    So they have the money for treatment but the judge is stopping him going? That is pretty messed up
  12. Nik_B

    Charlie Gard

    I haven't followed this story because I hate thinking about kids suffering, even seeing a child fall over makes me cringe so avoid these stories like the plague. I can't imagine what the parents must be going through. I just looked at the article on the telegraph and there is a doctor who is supposed to be a leading authority who said there is some kind of treatment
  13. Nik_B

    Charlie Gard

    There is a leading doctor in America who can provide some kind of treatment which might work Why are they still stopping him from going, surely any chance is better than no chance?
  14. Nik_B

    Weed ;)

    Whether you partake or not they do produce beautiful looking flowers don't they