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Found 17 results

  1. kanny

    Wee jimmy

    I see she's back wanting another referendum...I had to laugh at the government response saying that she should honor the result of the original referendum...you couldn't make it up https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-48026430
  2. stonewall

    gemma o doherty

    gemma o doherty is an irish investigative journalist doing her bit to expose corruption in ireland.her channel is worth subscribing too.
  3. ChrisJones

    Feel The Bern V2.0?

    It's official. American socialist icon Bernie Sanders has officially declared that he's running for commander in chief in 2020. He's raised around $5.9 million from more than 220,000 donors in the first 24 hours, which has trumped even the Donald at this point. Many of those donors are set up for recurring donations that are set to net $600,000 a month. Last time around there were allegations of hamstringing as despite Bernie's popularity with the American electorate as he conceded to Hillary Clinton despiting winning many of the primaries by a large margin. Looking at Hillary's disasterous performance in 2016 it'll be interesting to see whether Sanders remains an independent candidate or goes full Democrat as the group whittles itself down to a frontrunner.
  4. Wondered if id ever see the day. https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/11/cannabis-to-be-available-on-nhs-from-november-1-8028723/?ito=social
  5. downsview


    Another shambles can't accept the results of democratic referendums so disrupt and sulk very poor.
  6. Quite hard to watch I don’t think I could have sailed away or drove off after watching this without intervening in a lethal way
  7. marshman

    Lily Allen and the refugees

  8. Hope the whole Country watches this updated Hillsborough Documentary this Sunday 8th May at 9pm on BBC 2. Basically 27 years squeezed into a 2 hour Documentary. Few members on here was saying it was to much of a touchy subject to comment on as they didn't really know many of the facts, which was understandable.
  9. I have spent most of today contacting various partys and despite people before profit ticking all the right boxes they are vehemently anti hunting
  10. the shits hitting the fan.... and about time too http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3141855/RSPCA-faces-grilling-MPs-animal-rights-fanatics-compare-farming-holocaust-want-people-test-getting-pet-hijack-key-posts.html
  11. What f***ing chance do you have, laws obviously don't apply to those at the top f***ing disgraceful this is allowed to go on. Leon Britton, they knew about him years ago and did nothing. Now he's dead watch the hand wringing begin the same as they did with Saville. The government needs cleansing but as usual f**k all will happen.
  12. mud



    Thatcher.......even More Lies

    Even more lies uncovered about Maggie`s plans to close more pits and even to bring in the army against the striking miners.Did she deceive the country?
  14. COMPO

    Found This Website

    was reading on wikipedia the section on firearms licensing in the uk and this was a link on that page http://www.armbritain.com/
  15. Pedwar

    Britain-- an alien nation

  16. The smoking ban was intended to cut deaths and cancer rates by the cause of passive smoking. Reduce the temptation to smoke and even encourage people to quit. Was it a success? Please answer the poll and leave any comments you feel relevant. Rew
  17. Swampy

    Avoiding controversy

    Have just read a topic about travellers and their slaves. Now,personaqlly I think there is a bit more to this story that will come out later. It certainly has nothing to do with the government trying to curry favour with the public and the Dale Farm evictions. I ama surprisedd that this topic has not been addressed on here. Are folk afraid to express their views? Or are the mods trying to avoid conflict btwn members and are censoring comment. I guess I'll find out soon. My view on the Dale farm evictions. 1. How can they be traverllers when they've been sat there for 10 yrs? 2. Why have they built chalets to live in when they can't live in "bricks and mortar" ? 3. These are irish travellers. Why aren't they heading back to Eire? 4. What culture are they trying to protect? 5. Why are Basildon council being accused of Racism? My answwers or comments to the above are. They are not travellers and bring shame on the true gypsy/romany They are deliberately trying to build their own community away from society and avoiding any form of integration with mainstream communities. They want all of the benefits of our ways but none of the responsibilities. We harp on about Poles/slovaks/Croatians etc and yet we say nothing of the Irish immigrants that have been plying their trades on the mainland for centuries. However I do not believe that their "culture" and way of life they are trying to protect is something that we should be considering. What about the culture and way of life of the residents? Isn't this a case of the minority demanding concessions at the expense of the majority? This case has been going on for 10 yrs. Potentially through three council elections. No councillor would be putting his seat at risk by not addressing the concerns of his constituents. Therefore the council is doing what the electorate have asked them to do. This means that the majority of the inhabitants in the area want the site to be removed in line with the law of this land. This is not racism this it is about a basic principle of planning law in which most of us abide by. If you do not like our laws or do not abide by them when we allow you into our country then you should consider going somewhere where you can act in a way that suits you and be damned to others.................. I suspect that you wont find anywhere. Do not complain when you have flouted the laws and have incurred the anger of others by your actions,please do not insult my intelligence by suggesting that you are being racially victimised and please do not pretend to be Christian to invoke some sympathy in good law abiding citizens. Or is this all a subject that politcally correct Britain chooses to avoid in case they are branded as racist? Non abusive comments welcome. Abusive comments considered and rejected Caravanning ning Swampy a lost soul living in a fish bowl year after year