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  1. Great friend, taught me a lot sadly missed.


  2. R.I.P mate you will be sadly missed 💚

    1. peterhunter86


      Sorry  to hear that rip

    2. steve66


      That's sad , rip

    3. nothernlite


      Sorry to hear P.I.P.

  3. That's the plan JD, and hopefully not a lot of lugging involved as it's mainly hide work
  4. Awrite Bill looking for bit of advice, plan to buy 500 or 600mm nikon lens at end of month (older model not the newer ones) which do you recommend? Have you won the pools matie.. Ive used both, and common sense would suggest that getting the bigger lens for what we do would be the one to get, but, my preference would be the 500mm, and this is purely through having hands on experience using them both..not from reviews or what the big lads say.. Another cracking lens is the old 400mm f2.8....its heavy, 10,5 pounds in weight and has no VR, (the 500mm is 8.5 pounds and has VR) but its so sharp, snaps to focus ultra quick, the bokeh is amzaing and you can put you tc on and its still fast. Over the last 6 years Ive used the 500mm for ospreys for the last 3 years, the 400mm twice in that time, and the 600mm once. This year, well I havent decided yet, but its between the 500mm and the 400mm Bewteen the two lenses you mentioned, for me it would be the 500mm, but, Im sure others may have different views. Cheers Bill! I've been saving up my embassy coupons so thought I'd invest in longer lens for some projects I have planned for this year, heard a lot of good things about the 500mm & the 400mm, VR doesn't bother me as I seldom use it, I might hire and try before I buy, cheers for the advice.
  5. Awrite Bill looking for bit of advice, plan to buy 500 or 600mm nikon lens at end of month (older model not the newer ones) which do you recommend?
  6. Hi Bill I bought this lens on a whim and discovered I could get more of a reach with my 300m & 1.4TC be lucky if I've taken 200 shots with it, still in case. Lol
  7. Aye from me, I have a Nikon -400mm zoom lens and an 85mm macro lens, both practically new and hardly used for sale. £600 for zoom and £200 for macro
  8. No threat to their actions? take a good look at that picture, this is the price they pay, This is what happens when politicians play god. You want an end to the refugee/mass immigration then stop bombing the shit out of their country. Every man and their dog know that Isis was created and funded by the yanks and it serves their interest, now with the Turks pulling the Russians into conflict how long before we're at all out war.
  9. So if I think your a poof, your a poof
  10. Anyone with a bucket list better get it done soon
  11. Never happen here thank god, background checks didn't stop nutters like Hamilton in Dunblane. Here's an idea it's a bit radical I'll admit, but maybe if we just stopped selling arms to the Middle East it would be a lot harder for terrorists to get hold of weapons and use them against unarmed citizens
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