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  1. Tombraider?!!! Blimey saw one at Billing years ago. V8 and looking mustard! Bet that'll cost afew quid. Rgds Swampy Wanting a lara croft Ning
  2. Swampy

    England Rugby At It's Finest

    I can't say I disagree with all of this. I think you'll find that Australia and England both attended a post match review. All International matches have them. Any citings or observations are made then. Which is why some citings come out quite some time after the game. Any suggestion of foul play would have been discussed by all at that review. I am surprised that the spitting incident hasn't been raised but I suspect that behind the scenes it has certainly discussed and will certainly not have gone unnoticed. The RFU do have a lot to answer with the way the game is managed. Will Carlings comments re 57 old farts springs to mind. Rgds Swampy Still on the fence ning
  3. Swampy

    (Gareth Thomas) Queer !!

    This is all bollox! He's isn't gay! The bloke he was shagging was though!
  4. Swampy

    England Rugby At It's Finest

    To say I'm whinging is a bit un just. As for Brian Moore.......I find it incredible that he whines about the scrum but he sat on the board when the rules re scrummaging were changed! I have never said that england were robbed by the ref......The ref is after all part of the game. I have never said that Wales didn't deserve their win.......On the contrary! All I asked was for folk to take the press article for what it is.............A medium for promoteing argument. The same as this place! I Still stand by my comments about Steve Walsh though!!!!!!!!!!!! Rgds Swampy The only English poster on this thread ning! PS. Yes I expect a right kicking for all this
  5. Land Rover every time. The others can't hack it. The reason they're expensive 2nd hand is because they're worth it. The last one I got rid of (330TDi defender 90) had 330k on and a garage bill of just under £1500 which I reckon is pretty damn good. The one I have now is well on course to do the same. I even have a 2 1/4 petrol SIII and my lad could fix it with his meccano set! Its bullet proof. I' have used a L200 and Pajero at work and whilst far more comfier than the LR they're expensive for parts and you need a lot of them! Ford Mav' pick up is showing promise as a worker tho' and I beleieve that it is basically a Mazda Rgds Swampy 4X4 ning
  6. Swampy

    England Rugby At It's Finest

    Now Malt. I expect better of you. This is not sour grapes though it is expected that some will interpret it as such. Having watched the recorded game......I switched off the live game at 12-3..........It was quite apparrent that Wales were in the ascendency and England were going to struggle. However the coaching staff are paid to do a job and I really believe they have a case. Even the Welsh were struggling to understand some of the decisions. The scrum has turned into a lottery and when Steve Walsh is officiating it is well documented that his dislike of England materialises in some of his decisions. England have never taken the credit of winning the match away from Wales and I think you'll find that most England rugby fans wouldn't either. But for things to improve especially in regard to the scrum which is a dark art to say the least, the issues need to be raised with the correct authoroties so that they can be resolved to everyones beneifit. The scrum is an intrinsic part of the game so once you have the advantage of being awareded a scrum you should not have that advantagge removed by misinterpretations of the law and interpretations of who's fault it is. Unfortunately the press and some less gracious folk will see it as sour grapes but the issue should be taken in the context that England played S**T and Wales were up for it. Lessons nead to be learned by England and this issue is one of those lessons. The answer as to why Steve Walsh is such an ignorant, biggoted anti Englis, egotistical, biased, antipodeaan pig islander may not be so easily answered rgds Swampy A ning to Wales
  7. Swampy

    Driving Ban For Using A Motor For Poaching

    Not enough to be called a Lord! But enough for me and my family. Which is why I'm so protective of it. rgds Swampy Small holding ning Pick me up at Carlisle mate and we will go in your car haha well take my van more for him to smash up poacher minger No worries but can you pay for the fuel as well or am I starting to take the pish? lol how much land do you have swampy ?
  8. Swampy

    Driving Ban For Using A Motor For Poaching

    Joking aside. Your right Peak. What idiot parks his motor anywhere near where he is "operating". It shows a distinct lack of intelligence. Most poachers round here get dropped off by a mate and pick them up when "the job is done" and normally picks the fruits of his labour up from another spot. Some folk like to think they're good but reallly don't have the cells for it. rgds Swampy undercover ning
  9. Swampy

    Six Nations Championship 2013

    Not good! Should have been directed at his own team. They were that bad! rgds Swampy Keeping a low profile ning
  10. Swampy

    Driving Ban For Using A Motor For Poaching

    Carlisle?!!!! Now that is a fekin long walk home for you boys. Hardly think its worth it eh? Swampy nsensible ning
  11. Swampy

    Driving Ban For Using A Motor For Poaching

    Lordship?!!! Such flattery. And one day you'll find that your car wont be there or it may have had some "alterations". rgds Swampy protective ning
  12. Swampy


    A work colleague picked one up recently for £750. Certs jabs and everything. Good working line etc. But anything between £650 and £850 seems to be common. Cracking dogs and worth every penny rgds Swampy Skint ning
  13. Swampy


    Nice looking bitch. Mines the same until just befor the drive and then he switches back to "work" mode. rgds Swampy work ning
  14. Swampy

    Driving Ban For Using A Motor For Poaching

    You cannot be banned from driving for commiting an unrelated offense. I suspect that there was more to this than has been explained. Usually the case. For instance if the driver was over the alcohol limit it would be safe to say that he intended to drive the car and therefore a ban would be applicable. Even though he wasn't actually driving the vehicle. He may have had no insurance or no mot or bald tyres.....all could have added up to 12pts and a ban. His car however could be construed as parphenalia associated with an illegal activity and therefore would be subject to confiscation. Personally if you'd been caught poaching on my land, you wouldn't have had a car to come back to anyway. It would have been a long and dangerous walk home for those guys. rgds Swampy Legal ning
  15. Swampy


    I think once a family-couple earn more than 40k they shouldnt get Child Benefit. It should only be for those that need it. Also Pensioners with yearly Pensions of More than 30k if single or 40k per Couple shouldnt get a Winter Fuel allowance or a Free Bus Pass. Again Only those that need this help on the lowest Thresh Hold of pensions. So just because you earn 40k + You get all your benefits cut? Why? To earn that you'd have had to havepaid for it. everyone gets hit by recession whether your on 20k or 40k. Everyone slags the rich off but it always seems to be the rich who pay for the poor. I've read some right bollox on this thread. Blair/Brown were never Labour. They were a bunch of university educated social engineers. Only out to better themselves with a clever and effective plan to decieve the public. "Labour" hasn't been labour since clause 4 was abolished. Anyone who voted for them were conned! commie ning 2