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  1. There is a chap near me with the same cross, his looks like a lab, but with cocker sized legs. She is a nice dog, caught a muntjac single handed (he didn't want her to a genuine accident in a small park near a railway line) Should make a good rough hunting dog if anything like the one I know, good luck finding her a home
  2. I am in the process of moving and will be starting all over again. I have had one or two like you describe, I always leave them a letter with my name, address and phone numbers. I also point out if they want eyes and ears about when they aren't I could do that, I have always challenged and chased poachers off my permissions and called the landowners too...... Its extra security as well as pest control
  3. i like different colours and shades for identifying them at a rush. just got a silver hob kit from a mate up north to go with my geriatric polecat hob
  4. My whippet has pennymeadow lines in her too........ Good luck with him........
  5. As a new whippet owner myself...... They do seem to grow quickly, some lines of whippet achieve near adult height by 6 months old. Good luck with him. Is he ped or non ped? Do you know any of the lines he is from?
  6. Whippets could be argued to have always existed and were just the smaller "greyhounds" as deerhounds were also once just greyhounds with rough coats..... I know that the type has existed a while and its just a relatively new breed for kc purposes..... But pre kc recognition other breeds could be bred in for speed, coat and to reduce size as such racey terriers and small greyhounds aren't that far away in the history of any whippet, and I stand by that when we breed to type we will get some throw backs to the greyhound ancestors that are obviously not that far away in our little running dogs.
  7. Thing is dogs don't know the good guys from the bad guys they just go for whoever is in front of them when told to........ I really don't know how it got in her kitchen after she was spoken to and gave permission to search the garden......... Its an almighty f**k up for sure and I feel for the ladies family........
  8. Good luck to all going, I haven't hunted pigs, I know some of you have. I know your not using any guns, but wouldn't at least one shotgun be useful if god forbid you need to put a badly injured dog down? I am looking forward to your posts and pics post hunt...... My car sick whippet puppy wouldn't be much use......
  9. I have heard some good things about some bone men and such injuries are their bread and butter and they will compliment a good vet
  10. Hunter1372 I understand the wait and see principle, sounds like he did an exam narrowed it down to a bump, and I am sure the injection may have been an anti-inflammatory/pain killer and not sure what the tablets are but most muscle/tendon/minor bumps and knocks, can be cured with ibuprofen type meds and rest, I was a competitive runner and a rugby player and that's from personal experience....... If it doesn't resolve with this minor treatment then it may need a reevaluation for any underlying issues or worsening of the situation........ Rest is the biggest healer in nearly all injuries
  11. Sorry posted at same time. Glad she is on the mend, is there any good dog osteopaths (greyhound bone men) near you? May be worth a visit
  12. What's happening? Whas the vet said? I had thought dehydration as a possibility, had a dog run a hare (pre ban when I was a teenager) for a long long run during the summer (I lived on a farm, it was harvest time hares moving from the combine I didn't mean to let her run it was exercising her and she bumped into it) and her symptoms were a bit like this dog, diarrhoea, swaying, visible muscle pain, awkward movements, she recovered in a few days with lots of water and a liquid based diet for a few days, also so electroylte solution..... That was like a ten minute run in extreme heat, an
  13. Her bloodlines as far as I can tell are mostly hunting and racing and a little bit show dog. Pennymeadow lines which are dual purpose hunt/racing lines In her distant history a lot of sooty sam (he and his son lord of the knight are about half a dozen times in different lines) Greatcoates is in there too which I believe is a working line And if I read her pedigree right about a quater of her breeding is from a show kennel....... The working and race lines out weigh that thankfully
  14. I only asked as you couldn't see their tails in the pictures.
  15. Most evenings I now take her down a local park that has rabbits living on ajoining land and she has a few little course after them
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