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  1. Get her to fire one of each She didn't understand they shot at different distances!
  2. Just been on a shooting holiday, semi-auto shotgun, O/U shotgun, .22lr rifle, .17 HMR rifle, and various air rifles. My mates wife gust couldn't understand the difference between the mentioned rifles/shotguns!
  3. Anyone know of a stockist for browning t bolt .500" Intermediate height scope mounts? I've seen standard height on Ebay for £130 The sockets i've found selling intermediate height from the US don't ship to the UK http://www.browning.com/products/shooting-accessories/scope-rings-and-bases/tbolt-integrated-scope-mount-system.html
  4. Ive a FAC Webley Patriot springer in .25 cal putting out 31ft lbs. I`d like to see if there's any difference in the gas ram version?
  5. As mentioned by someone earlier, what have I missed, what has your probation period in a club got to do with a S1 shotgun and Open request? The section 1 for vermin was okay, but for practical they wonted membership of a club that shoots practical shotgun.
  6. So.....is the 10 year SGC & FAC back on the cards now Britx was victorious? Can we now purchase a BR99 without fear of an EU ban on military looking shotguns?
  7. Location, location, location! I received my first FAC (.22lr) 2nd May 2015. I sent in a variation to have my FAC open and .17hmr to be added December 2015. Received my FAC end of March this year, both .22lr and .17hmr were on an open ticket, after just 10 months, having had my first FAC for only 7 months!
  8. After 6 months as a probationary, I'm finally a full member of my local shooting club ;-) Now I can apply for a section 1 shotgun! Fully stocked up on ammo and a variation in (see you in 6 months! ). Applying for a section 1 12g shotgun, another .22lr, .223, .243 and .308 Asking for all on open ticket, hoping for the shotgun and .223 at least
  9. Yep, not sure which day yet! Probably the Saturday?
  10. I am a fully qualified Integrative Counsellor. My first taste of counselling was a bereavement one day workshop. This led onto a 12 week basic counselling course. This is when I began with the idea of counselling as a career move. Level 2 followed which was one academic year at night school (September to July) Then came Level 3 for the same, one full academic year. By this time I had put in over two years and didn't have enough qualification to work. I opted to complete my training at college, while there the course requirements were a for 40 hours (sessions) of personal therapy with a BACP q
  11. Why are you asking for partners? Don't get caught in the stereotypical idea it only women who counsell.
  12. 1. I use to road race about 5000 miles per year (not so much now, about 1000) 2. Geocache. 3. UK and France rock climbing. 4. Mountaineering. 5. Astronomy (I have a 250mm f6.3 scope) 6. Powerlifting (lucky to have a full gym at home with 300 kg of weights and machines) 7. Wild camping and walking. 8. 4x4 Green laning and offroading with my Jeep 4.0lt 9. Ham / CB radio (I have a 1700 channel AM / FM 25mhz to 28mhz transceiver) AND a 40` Antenna, much to the annoyance of my neighbours, especially when they realised I had planning permission!
  13. Like the title, beyond belief :-( http://dailym.ai/1YlGPiK
  14. Just looked at the vault and it says it has a 70mm disc lock. These locks are shite and can be raked in seconds. Watch this video You would be better off welding a clasp on the side of the bin and then use one of these lockshttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEAVY-DUTY-SHUTTER-LOCK-LOCKS-PADLOCK-PADLOCKS-50-MM-70-MM-90-MM-3-KEYS-NEW-/291372722751?var=&hash=item43d72aea3f:m:mfnwA although they are only cheap, you can't cut them off with bolt cutters and you can't pick them, unless you are skilled, as they don't use pins inside the lock, they use little discs. Agreed! I changed t
  15. What was the weather like! In extremes of pressure, either high or low, I tweak my zero.
  16. Speaks someone who knows a great deal about Vegans! http://www.greatveganathletes.com/bodybuilders How many vegans have won the Olympia or any top open show Albert Beckles (born July 14, 1930) is a former IFBB pro bodybuilder and a three-time New York City Night of Champions winner, and drug free. And...Err Ummm What was his name? A runner I think? Yes....I have it, Carl Lewis! What about In 2014, Barny du Plessis entered Mr Universe.
  17. Speaks someone who knows a great deal about Vegans! http://www.greatveganathletes.com/bodybuilders
  18. Stripped mine down, changed and upgraded the dodgey bits with stuff I had lying about the the workshop. Used weekly for 3 years within my maintenance company. The upgrades would add maybe £20 to the selling cost and provide a reliable, usable tool!
  19. http://livingheritagecountryshows.com/show-dates/kent-game-country-fair/
  20. I'll be there. Only 40 minutes away and just 15 minutes from my Dads!
  21. Actually got a call from an ad I placed 'shooting wanted' ages ago! Picked up a nice 10 acre wood / meadow / garden around a B&B. The owner said 'there must be at least 1/2 dozen rabbits about, but not today !' The owner was rather surprised at the 3 shot within 15 minutes of getting there! He wont's me back so that's my 10th permission in the bag! :-)
  22. Still using my FAC (31 ft lb) Webley Patriot with open sights out to 50 yards.
  23. Well, that's a lot less than most all the centrefires they use! And not much different to .22lr HV and WMR which are both popular in the US. Still, pretty loud for a small round. My point was, yes an unmoderated deer calibre center fire is loud, but generally a single shot?? Where as how do they (US) shoot multiple small vermin at say 50 to 100 yards with an unmoderated .17 HMR?? Doesn't the first shot send everything running for cover? Noise levels of firearms: .22 caliber rifle 130dB .223, 55g. Commercial load 18" barrel 155.5dB .243 in 22" barrel 155.9dB .30-30 in
  24. 40-60 rounds of .22lr @ 25 yards at the shooting club per week, 30-50 rounds of the same at my 35 yard range per week. After vermin shoot (15-20 rounds) I set my target at 100 yards for around 20-30 shots with the .17 HMR once, maybe twice per week. 100 clays once a month and practical shotgun shooting once a month.
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