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    Target / Bisley (out to 600 yards so far).
    Shooting holidays.
    Vermin control on my permissions (400 aces)
    Practical Shotgun.
    Clay Pigeon Shooting.
    Deer Stalking.
  1. Hi from the North Kent coast! ;-)
  2. I've a 20' x 6' full height chicken coop. When I started, which wasn't all that long ago I was paying £3.00 for a standard red point of lay, then the next batch were £5.00. The next were over £10.00 ? Now I've seen them for £15.00 ? I use to buy a dozen at a time, but at £180 (against the £36.00 I once paid) I buy 30 eggs ? for £3.00 at my local farm. No feed, no mite, no bother! Oh, and my rabbit ? loves her 'new' hutch!
  3. I had a mine added at the same time; Section 1 Shotgun; Shall be used for; 9. FOX, VERMIN & ANY OTHER LAWFUL QUARRY & FOR ZEROING: 12. SOLID SLUG AMMUNITION FOR PRACTICAL SHOTGUN 13. SHOOTING BIRDS
  4. Welcome from the North Kent Coast :-)
  5. Common sense and justice. You stumble across his Farm in the middle of the night (supposedly out lamping, err, without permission, as you obviously didn't know where you were so couldn't have permission!) and you get shot! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-39233017
  6. Brought HW100s, shot HW100kt, wished I gone with the kt, easier to handle!
  7. I have several full lengths of Soaker Hose (4 I think, maybe 3?) going FREE :-) Collection from ME8 area (Medway) ?
  8. I've 10. But to be fair 8 of those back onto my main 350 acre permission. So I can service 9 permissions together. I'd be reluctant to have permissions I couldn't visit at least monthly unless I had an agreement with the land owner due to distance etc.
  9. Ordered recently? Maybe shut over Xmas?
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