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  1. Private donations to the NWTF would be the sensible way for terrier men who value representation, rather than public meetings held locally, I would imagine then
  2. Nothing like a list of names and contact details, conveniently kept for the antis/uneducated to get hold of......
  3. As has been said already, being a fmwtc rep is a thankless task, and being a member brings very little benefit. who in their right mind would want to meet up in a public place that has been advertised to all and sundry, and talk about something that 99% of the general public don't understand, and like even less? just asking for trouble
  4. Evening, not sure this is the right section, but can anyone recommend a book about old Charlie, from a hunter naturalist point of view. someone who loves and respects the quarry, as opposed to a blinkered conservationists point of view. many thanks
  5. Did his grandson carry on with the terriers?
  6. Evening Gentlemen, could anyone recommend a decent person to do a little job? many thanks
  7. Ok, Thankyou. And in the protection of game birds?
  8. Just wondered how the law stood, with regard to hounds. Is it just a pair that are allowed, when it comes to foxes?
  9. I wouldn't worry too much. You won't even see it when all the hair grows back......
  10. why is your shirt on inside out?
  11. dont forget the decent bloke who let you use his dogs when you wanted, before you got your super pups
  12. Did they know what they were looking for?
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