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  1. I'm missing something? Where's the kick safety?
  2. FEO just rung (yes, at 21:00!) The land is already cleared for .222 so .223 isn't an issue, no visit necessary. ;-) Woo Hoo! Why would any land need checking if you are on an open cert? i don't get it. No, I wasn't on an open ticket. I am now as I've a new permission. It didn't need a visit as its already on the database as cleared.
  3. FEO just rung (yes, at 21:00!) The land is already cleared for .222 so .223 isn't an issue, no visit necessary. ;-) Woo Hoo!
  4. Well, great news! The farm back onto 5 of my permissions. Thus giving a total area of 260 acres! No worries regarding my .223!
  5. Rung FEO, the section 1 was an error and will be for vermin control as well as target. He agreed to .223 being on a open ticket as long as the land check is okay. I was thinking at 30 acres it might be a bit lean, so a quick call to the farmer who rents the land. Low and behold, he owns the adjacent farm (130 acres) and said I can shoot there. Meeting him today with FAC and insurance
  6. Also the change in temperature is worth considering. My loft is insulated, so freezing in winter and very hot in mid summer.
  7. Also depends on your safe size, mine is 15 gun. I'd never get it up stairs, let alone in the loft! lol!
  8. Some FEO frown on a 'safe in the loft' their thinking is 'I'll pop it away later' will occur!
  9. The section 1 shotgun and the .223 were also hopefully meant to be for vermin as well as target/deer, unsure about open until I`ve spoken to my FEO. Vermin was when I provided appropriate land, so not open at the moment (sig amended until sorted) My variation included land for this purpose (I've now got the adjacent land alongside the original permission) Looks like due to FEO holiday the permission form was overlooked and therefore conditioned for vermin was overlooked? Hopefully it will be sorted soon
  10. Variation back already! Cleared for paid Deer stalking for .223, .243 and .308 plus target. Section 1 shotgun cleared for target. The variation came back so quick I've not had my land checked for .223 vermin control yet!
  11. Overrun with Courgettes. Planted 10 plants and must have at least 10 courgettes per plant with more coming! Tons of Raspberries and just picked the first Runner Beans. Potatoes are doing well. Damson Plums, Apples and Pears coming along nicely. Pity all the Cherries have been eaten! ;-)
  12. Anshutz 1417 .22lr (keep for life) Any CZ .17hmr. Job done! :-)
  13. ??? 50 x .22lr = £5 and 50 x .17hmr = £13/15!!
  14. Another Permission.....just by chance! Out on my Pigeon shoot this afternoon and I was approached by a chap. I unloaded and met him halfway and was politely ask to stop shooting so he could put his dogs away. It turns out he owns the Dog Kennel that runs adjacent to this shoot. After a chat and how he's overrun with foxes, Ive baged 15 acres right next to my shoot ;-) Popped to my next shoot, a number of large adjacent gardens i noticed 34 rabbits in the land next door. Popped round and now that's another permission in the bag. It may only be a few acres but joins up the other gardens nicely m
  15. I've a FAC Webley Patriot in .25 cal. Currently runs at 31ft lbs, hits everything with a 'wack' :-)
  16. Every one misses 60yrd shots that's normal or we would all be marksmen!!Look at the 25/30 pellet testing " forget the high one I pulled it" You mentioned storage cost? I guess you're talking about a safe etc. A FAC is a FAC, no mater if is a 13ft lb air rifle or a .308. They will both need the same storage consideration once on a ticket.
  17. The whole debate only comes about due to this 'legal' word. Would you pick a sub 12ft lbs air rifle for hunting if the none license limit was say 20ft lbs? Or would you complain that an under powered air gun was being used on live quarry? It will be interesting to see what happens in Scotland to all the 12ft lbs air rifles. Why pay a hefty license fee when you can get a SGC and include a 100ft lbs FAC air rifle for the same amount of hassle?
  18. 'If you could choose 5 rifles which calibres do you think are the most versitile to cover the spectrum and would give you virtually a rifle for any occasion' The question was 'any occasion' you'll be squashed by a charging Elephant with out my .470 Nitro! lol! '
  19. .22lr .223 .308 .470 Nitro Express 12g shotgun (7.5, 6, BB, AA, and SLUG Should cover everything?
  20. Very powerful motors and excellent off road they just extra greedy tw@ts with fuel.With the cost of a good Defender being around £7000 to £12000 on eBay that's about 15000 to 30000 miles of fuel for the Jeep that has electric every thing! A 5.9 V8 Magnum has an amazing 0-60, tow anything you need and is super comfortable (and quiet) at 80mph!
  21. Price was the deciding factor on my 4x4. I went for a 1998 4.0 straight six Jeep Grand Cherokee. 150,000 miles on the clock and good for 400,000. Heated seats, air con, electro seats, 6 disk CD/radio/tape. Very comfortable on the motorway and loads of power. Just been on a shooting holiday, it was faultless driving the 500 mile rounds trip and the week off road driving around the farm. Often overlooked but I've had no problems in 3 years and I only paid £800 for a £25000 vehical!
  22. .25, what about .25? I need to know!
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