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  1. Here’s the banner lads ????KEV can you pm me your address I’ll get it posted thanks going on holiday do will miss it again
  2. It will be pal been a while
  3. I’ll make more of an effort this year pal ?
  4. Hopefully Jodie and I will make it this year ?hope everybody is well
  5. Go to ‘HD Photographic - Newborns by Nicola’ on Facebook. Go down to the pet competition and scroll down the photos till you find Pickle. Like her photo and comment. 1 LIKE = 1 vote 1 COMMENT=1 vote , thanks lovely people )
  6. Has any one got a link for getting trail cameras fixed thanks
  7. Least he would get it done ?
  8. Lol is that it f***ing take a Lang time then ??
  9. Lol is that it f***ing take a Lang time then ??
  10. Hi there folks does anybody no of any one who is or knows a Facebook moderator thanks ?
  11. haymin

    Slow berrys

    That is magic kev tell them I love them lol thanks mate mind and put your address on it thanks pal
  12. haymin

    Slow berrys

    There early this year seaminhly up here any way my spot has been cleaned out
  13. haymin

    Slow berrys

    Still get me some greymin don't be disheartened I'll pay you no bother the more I have the better ?? thanks kev I'll get them a xmas present ??
  14. haymin

    Slow berrys

    As much as you can 3/4 kilo ? I'll pay going rate ?
  15. Hi looking to buy sloe berrys of someone mines have been cleared by some one so is your wanting a bit money get aff yir ass and go pick some for me ? Money waiting thanks
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