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  1. Second hand, but is as if it's never been fired, or at least very little. Yes, 24" barrel, which I'm told is the most accurate? Its use will be, % Bisley @ 200, 600, and 1000 yards 20% Deer stalking, which will be off stickers/bipod. From what i've read it favours 168g but will shoot 150/185g. http://www.snipercentral.com/howa-supreme-varminter/
  2. I disagree, if I pay £12.95 for a box of ammo April this year, which by October is £17.00 from the same supplier, surely in April it was `cheap` and in October wasn't!
  3. I went to my Shooting club and asked if anyone had a scope for my new rifle up for sale, one guy had 10 for sale, all S&B Must have had about £15000 worth! All right for some!
  4. Schmidt and Bender Classic Fixed Power 8x56 30mm Rifle Scope
  5. Well she's a cool looking rifle Booked in at Bisley on the 100 yard range for 12th November. Can't wait group some.308.
  6. Blimey, what a negative outlook and this is a site promoting the hunting way of life Go for the .22lr, as for `jumping through hoops` I found gaining an open ticket for .22lr, .17 HMR and .223 plus a section 1 shotgun not as difficult as gaining my car/motorcycle licence or completing my degree etc.. depends on how much you want the .22lr as to how hard it seams.
  7. The problem is most .17HMR owners can't stock up due to small allowances on their FAC. I consider myself lucky in having a 1000 rounds held condition on my FAC. I have just under 300 rounds. What are other THL members held amounts and what do you have left in you favourite round? (Mine are Hornady V-Max)
  8. Agreed, just using the FMJ as an example of how a larger .223 centerfire rounds cost compares with the ever increasing cost of .17HMR rimfire.
  9. I see one supplier has new stock of .17HMR at £17 per box! I can get .223 FMG for £41 per 100 (41p per round) If .17 HMR is now 34p per round and sees a further increase it will kill of the .17 HMR round for small game!
  10. A Hawke Panorama 3-9x40 IR AO mil, I`ve the funds for the Howa, a decent scope will have to wait. :-(
  11. Finally got the funds for a new toy ;-) A Howa 1500 .308 cal. Fitted with a Laminated Thumbhole Stock in Black Pepper. 24" Stainless Varmint Barrel. Timney Trigger and 20MOA Rail. ;-)
  12. I've used many Hawke Panorama scope on .17 HMR, .22lr and my HW100. All great scopes, recently i put a £20 SMK 3-9x40 on the HW100 and it is fine. Clear as I need and keep its zero.
  13. Do what I did, spend 15 years in a timber mill through the cold winters of the 80's and 90's. I've a Astro telescope and have spent many hours at the eyepiece in January/February 10pm till the wee hours, not a thermal in sight! ;-)
  14. good boots and a warm hat, cold comes in through your feet and heat leaves through your head, my sons been up near Telford fishing since Wednesday I will travel up to meet him in the night and we will sleep outside under a bivvie, until Sunday night, there is know such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothesThe head thing is an old wives tail.
  15. Still in shorts this end. The long trousers don't come out until there's at least a frost!
  16. Browning T-Bolt Varmint .17 HMR Rifle c/w 270 rounds of Hornady V Max and SAK Moderator: Only fired 300 rounds: c/w Browning Double Helix Magazine, Browning weaver Mounts, Browning Owners Manual, 270 rounds of Hornady V-Max Ammunition and SAK moderator. Sold in as new condition, just slight marks from the sling being used: The total cost would set you back £600. Sold at the barging price of £499.00 including the moderator and ammunition. Can be sent RDF to RDF once money has cleared, buyer pays all costs.
  17. We are advised not even to use our FAC or SGC as identification so as not to give the knowledge to others of our gun ownership, enough said.
  18. If you're after a cheep, reliable 3500 towing vehicle you can't beat a 4lt straight 6 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Mine is a 1998 and will pull 3500 no problem. I can't remember a time when I needed 'low' to pull away, even on a steep incline. Picked mine up 3 years ago for £800 now about £400/600. If your looking for new I think all the Jeep Cherokee range will tow 3500?
  19. Having read the may review I will say the 5-30x50 as this at 20x mag is designed for the TMX retical.
  20. Hi all, I`m looking at the Hawke Frontier TMX etched glass reticle scopes. I've had a look and they seem well made at a good price. The scope will be fitted to my .308 Howa 1500 Custom. My question is what size objective and magnification would cove the following: Range shooting: 200, 600, 800 and 1000 yards: Deer shooting at normal Deer ranges?
  21. I seem to be getting the feeling that you are a rather keen shooter and your main concern here is those pesky peasants have been at your birds again with there catty,s, I recon the original post would still be up if you had,nt came along to question the legality of it all, there are enough gamekeepers and busy body's trying to film everything and ruin things for us without doing it to each other, he shot one poxy pigeon the most prolific bird in the uk responsible for thousands of £ in damages,it's a brilliant achievement with a fork stick bit of elastic and and a tongue from a boot, YOU DO N
  22. It did the rounds in north Kent last year. Out of every 10 shot I found 6/7 had mixy. I guess some of the others were infected, but showed no symptoms. This year numbers were low untill June/ July. Now numbers are up, with no sign of mixy this year.
  23. What happened to the original post? There was a link to the guys video of a pigeon being shot out of a tree at night. It seams to have been removed rather hastily!
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