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  1. Mmmm nice remark. As you very well know I don't do cross breeds. And I've not hunted for ages. But I'm not stupid and I have lots of friends that as.. I'm not for one minute pulling your dogs down or your line I just don't get in breeding. It only wipes out the best breeds that ever was. I e. Jack Russel. Bed. Patterdale. Greyhound. Lutcher. Ect ect ect.
  2. Dobbie on about dying her top notch bright pink or blue one day. Just for laugh.
  3. Bedinton. Like to keep top head. That's her making. Have to show it off. If I skinned her she look like a whippet... As for cut. Its not finished. She don't like being cut. Got to finish her chin and tidy up.. We do it in stages. Not all in one go.
  4. Hair cut on cnut. Me and dobbie did it. She a fully fledge groomer.
  5. Sandy ear is right. However is dogs are inbred to fuk. He needs a new line.. Stop what you doing. The ankles are skinny as fuk.. Bring in new breed .. I've never cared for long leg girrafs plainly they carry too much injury I would Rarther have a Bedlington. As they are all rounders. And tough as an old man's boots.
  6. T Try your hand at a brocock bantam mean machine.. they have the guts. But it's against the law to tweek em.. .
  7. Its good to cut back your small earth dogs just the same make em bleed while they young. Around 12 "month. Cut real short draw blood. But not the back ones because they the back end not the working end... Just keep a eye on them. See what.. Never ever cut straight down always sideways from underneath away from your paw.. Even cutting real short. And bleeding them. Don't worry. And don't ever. Ever do all in one go. Even trimming. Make it nice fir the dog or bitch.
  8. Again dogs nails... cut early bleed em... and round the quick off.... It won't ever follow the nail again.....
  9. If I cut gin I cut horizontal to keep a point.never flat.. And from underneath so it's a sharp point. Like natural growth.
  10. Should have bled him young.
  11. I bled gin once last Yr while she was a pup ish.. She will never bleed again. By doing that. Early the problems gone for me... Front claws are the worst for bedlingtons simply because there's no rd pressure on them as they scatty and drive from the back end...
  12. Keep cutting close if the dogs a puff every week till the quick falls back.
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