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  1. Our team


    She's a small slim Jill. Even on loads of food with or without young ..
  2. Our team


    OK you win.
  3. Our team


    Well said I admire your wits and whys of texting. But not in fields.. Yet. To behold.. As I've said many times I started last Yr with a young team. And unproven this yr maybe different. Let's just settle down and wait see what happens perhaps.... If you rush the bull rush they will rush you..
  4. Our team


    I think that's a bloody good thing. Don't you..
  5. Our team


    I f I leave you'll always speek of me dirogstive or other wise ...
  6. Our team


    For one I'm not anti. I can kill. But only when I will I am a hunting man in the rightfull manner. This is brexit and its full of shit. That's my shit smell it. I smells yours.... I'm a hinting man always have been. As for politics it's made of shit so it deserves shit. Eat of your bread of life. Brexit bread shit bread... Made of shit and nothing else...
  7. Our team


    You've lost me...
  8. Our team


    Don't you mean aksum......
  9. Our team


  10. Our team


    I'm not sky cat either. Whoever he or she was..........
  11. Our team


    I'm not dog fox I'm me. Brand new. Promise.
  12. Our team


    Arry Arry. I never ask you for a olive branch.. I for a Prick I maybe... For a tosser. too for a man know nothing. Or less than you I'm still a man and I have rights. What are mine to yours and any others is the bigger question which none of us truly ask of our self's.. Regards ot
  13. Our team

    Wtf is this

    This man is truly wild. I bet my bottom dollar he lives alone I a simple meaning full life... Regards friend from over seas. Pleased to be a light in your darkness. Regards ot
  14. Our team


    I'm just me. That all you need to know right now. However I'm learning how to type and spell and also dpeek to you all..
  15. Our team


    If you plant a field of corn do you cut it before the corn is harvisted ...