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  1. offtheradar

    Mushrooms and fungi things

    Anyone know what this is. I was strimming a grass verge, September time. Never seen one before or since
  2. offtheradar


    First cross gwp/greyhound. Or were you talking about the Bitch holding the lead? She was just cross
  3. offtheradar


    3/4 grey 1/4 border
  4. offtheradar

    Crufts 2016

    Sounds like your typical headcase shepherd still easier to live with than a Mal though I've known quite a few Eastern European shepherds that were seriously dog aggressive, wouldn't say you've failed her just the way she's wired. Atb with her pal So I'm not the only one then haha, that's nice to know. Just out of interest, do you think the e-collar is the way to go or any other suggestions, cheers
  5. offtheradar

    Crufts 2016

    Nowadays their mainly schutzhund and IPO sport dogs but that depends on which bloodlines you go for. If you Google 'pohranicni stratze' or Czech border patrol then loads of information comes up some of which is romantic bollocks but there's other interesting stuff especially on Alpinek9 forum and DDR Legends
  6. offtheradar

    Crufts 2016

    Thank you, I have to admit to preferring black and tans or the reverse mask dogs to even the dark sables but I like the dogs in my bitches lines so was happy when I was given the opportunity to take one from her litter. Temperament wise she is quite prey driven as expected from a 5th bloodline dog but she settles well in the house around my kids (aged 5 and 7) and there friends. She is naturally protective of us and our property. I haven't done man work with her but her search work for an article or person is relentless. Downsides to her is that she is very dog aggressive to the point that I'm looking for a e-collar, something I never thought I'd consider using and feel like I've failed her, and she eats dog sh17 if given the chance but all in all very happy
  7. offtheradar

    Crufts 2016

    Just a couple of pics for comparison. This is my working line GSD from the Czech republic. she's another 23tts and 33kgs in weight and will be 2 at the end of april
  8. offtheradar

    Any Other Caucasian Ovcharka Owners On Here?

    Sweet Jesus, they say dogs look like there owners ... N that's one ugly dog lolJust kidding mate, he's not THAT ugly I'm lucky it isn't my dog thenWhat breed is it mate ? It's a fair old lump, I just dunno what a dog like that would be for. If for protection id rather a nice fit type shepherd dog personally , altho I've never seen what one like that can do! is that a boerbol x ken ?Nope it's a pug but socks makes it look big
  9. offtheradar

    Couple For The Pot...

    Not much more to add to what the lads have said above, other than a big thank you to socks and for the opportunity to join in on this job and for meeting a few cracking lads off this forum. It's been a steep learning curve for me, and I hope I haven't held up proceedings too much.
  10. offtheradar

    Back In The Game.......... Nearly

    You'll be the first to know Flynndog, but I've got a feeling that this one is a keeper, still undecided about the rat gun though
  11. Please don't bull me up Plucky. At best I could be described as an amateur at this game, with dogs that most wouldn't give kennel space to although I'm not a bad shot with an air rifle. I can't be lumped in with the likes of socks who make a living from this sort of thing
  12. offtheradar

    Back In The Game.......... Nearly

    Everyone knows it's .303 but only at sub 12ft/lb
  13. offtheradar

    Back In The Game.......... Nearly

    Thanks again for your positive comments Random and Rez. I'll order some H+N and JSBs, none of the local shops I've found stock .20s and I'll post the results when I get the rapid back
  14. offtheradar

    Back In The Game.......... Nearly

    Thanks Rez, never had a .20 so I think that will need a bit of practice and I'll have a look at the rapid forum as recommended. The rifle has gone back to the dealer to be sorted so hopefully I'll have it back by next weekend. Can you recommend a brand of pellet to try, I normally use AA Diablo but I dont think they do them in this flavour. Just need to decide wether to keep the rat gun now
  15. Well after nearly two years without an air rifle I finally took the plunge and found a mk1 rapid in .20. Never had a rapid before but always thought I would one day. Anyway with the help of Treehands, got the 1st magazine loaded and a couple of minutes later it was empty again and I had a big smile on my face. Unfortunately there is a leak somewhere so all the air escaped over night so it's gone back from whence it came to be sorted so I'll have to wait a bit longer to have a proper play but I'm sure it will live up to expectations.