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  1. Hannahbear the above post is the answer to all your problems.
  2. Nice fox that well done. i think British record is about 37pound you might not be to far behind that
  3. Ive hunted with greyhounds but been very unsuccessful, found them way to injury prone from broken toes to broken necks, they definitely dont lack in heart or drive if anything they have to much. Choose your ground to hunt very wisely, or get a lurcher
  4. I used to have a greyhound that dry coughed after a hard race. If my memory serves me right im sure the vet diagnosed bronchitis constriction
  5. I like the black n white ones, well done lads
  6. If dogs fit and healthy there's probably a little to much going in the food pan.
  7. Should of been muzzled! Vets should learn that at university, common sense aint that common
  8. Well done, young dog looks in fine fettle
  9. https://youtu.be/5OejmNMDCRk for the irish lads
  10. Great day out at great altcar Lancashire. a shame for some of the younger coursing enthusiasts who will never see such a spectacle in our country. Funny how Master McGrath always springs to mind when the waterloo cup is mentioned.
  11. Nice pic looks like a well conditioned greyhound, i wonder if it could of been a racer off one of the many old great tracks of london
  12. Muzzle the dog have a freind hold and steady him. Check and clean the injury. no food needed.
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