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  1. Maybe the excitement of purchasing a second wife gone to his head
  2. Nice dog that mate one in the video looks like ours. Hes a shitebag aswell lol chased a cat into a garden once when putting him into the car and it stopped and put it's back up and he came flying back out the garden lol must be to do with the marking that makes them soft lol
  3. Smoking and drinking beside a fire even a soft lad like me wouldnt take a tablet camping lol
  4. Your mixed up same as McGregor was in the rematch. It was a fight not a foot race.
  5. The guy who convinced his wifes twin sister to be a back up wife or the guy with the columbian mail order wife both them are at it
  6. This is bonkers honestly so much stupidity I cant even write it.
  7. f**k me anybody seen this doomsday peppers thing on netflix totally insane
  8. Training started today lol. Only a few hundred meters but had the my boy whose 2 with me. He managed to top and down again by himself didn't have to carry him so hell sleep tonight.
  9. Got some picture of this in my head...Group of like minded guys trekking up a hill one of then (me) an absolute huge ripped bodybuilder.
  10. Well done connor but it was an easy comeback with a hand picked opponent. Cowboy is liked as he always wants to fight. But he has never beaten s big opponent and was coming off a 2 fight loss streak
  11. Went to see the new bad boys film. Absolute class. Good action film and quite funny. Proper throw back to 80s action film. Defo worth going to see. Any other food films coming out at the cinema?
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