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  1. Rusty_terrier


  2. Rusty_terrier

    xmas you looking forward to it

    Exactly pml gets better. The dinner was at grangenouth. Im getting old prefer sitting in with a few cans
  3. Rusty_terrier

    xmas you looking forward to it

    I live in an ex mining village in the west of scotland haha wild place. night out was in falkirk total pish
  4. Rusty_terrier

    xmas you looking forward to it

    Been out since 11.30am lol not a single hand dryer punched or sink ripped off the wall. Disappointing.
  5. Rusty_terrier

    xmas you looking forward to it

    Xmas night out tonight. Total shite too tame. Nobody looking to start an xmas fight or trash the bogs etc
  6. Rusty_terrier

    Fury v wilder

    f**k off!!!
  7. Rusty_terrier

    Fury v wilder

    Its just got provisional acceptance for the olympics mate so hopefully be there soon. Guy from our gym that me and lukey went to watch fight in sweden is fighting for a European title in april in london on a big card so another road trip. Think its at the o2 arena so should be a big event Older foghters like Lerdsila is a class thai fighter to watch and john wayne parr. The yokkao shows with the newer guys are great.
  8. Rusty_terrier

    Fury v wilder

    Back to fury. He probably did beat wilder but not by a country mile as he was down twice and wilder picked up the odd round. But it was ruled a draw so his only option imo opinion is a rematch before he can move forward. END THREAD
  9. Rusty_terrier

    Fury v wilder

    Boxing is my favourite sport hands down even with the politics involved . Mma is starting to turn into a cash cow as well. Most organisations are fine but the bigger ones like ufc and bellator are only interested im these superfights. thai boxing is great better than mma. Im glad its not as main stream as it stops it being milked for cash. You have some of the bigger shows like yokkao etc but even the smaller uk shows are great. Loads of wolrd class uk based thai boxers that nobody has ever heard of amd that only do it as a side hobby as no cash to be made.
  10. Rusty_terrier

    Keep them wagons rolling

    Careful yiull have somebodys eye out with that thing
  11. Rusty_terrier

    Meteor shower

    I remember as a kid seeing a red/orange star looking thing but it was bigger and closer looking than a star and had a trail behind it and was moving much slower than a shootong star and went a bit longer. Maybe a meteor that was quite close ?
  12. Rusty_terrier

    Meteor shower

    Seem two within a few minutes. As walshie go really fast and quite feint. Maybe thats my eyesight lol smart tho.
  13. Rusty_terrier

    xmas you looking forward to it

    Blurred his face as not to reveal the real santas identity. Ready for an xmas film.
  14. Rusty_terrier

    Meteor shower

    Seen that on the news. Going to go out for 10 minites later. Bit of cloud here nit too bad
  15. Rusty_terrier

    E cigs

    Douche flutes.