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  1. Out searching for the gruffalo today in the arse end of nowhere.
  2. Keep fit keep clean and keep away from folk.
  3. That's what I came across in google but never actually seem that before. Could be that
  4. Never seen anything like that before
  5. Joe exotic got some explaining to do
  6. I'm total opposite only really come in here and check a few gym Instagram pages. No need for a tablet or ipad but handy to just have phone. Of my network switches to 5g I'll be the first to have my brain melted I suppose
  7. I like a good phone with big screen as I dont have a computer or laptop. Wee boy and mrs both have an iPad but i dont use them. Prefer a decent phone for browsing internet etc
  8. Agree he has been taking advice from all sorts of people who know more than us and has based his decisions on that.
  9. Boris has done a good job a real leader and winner hell pull through and be fine
  10. Good. Idiotic behaviour
  11. I'm.the exact same mate. Mrs is working from home she gets up and starts at 7 in the spare room. Wee boy comes through from his room to our bed and watched YouTube until about 9. Get up make everybody toast bacon and eggs. Mrs goes a run on her lunch break me and wee boy spend most of the day in the garden. When the mrs finishes work I get a circuit in then make is a good dinner. Wee boy goes to bed we watch a film. Any spare time I'm doing a online leadership and management course Long may it continue
  12. I'm gutted mate. Never drop my phone. Had a dream i smashed my phone last night. Dropped it 4 times today. Fine. Took bin out tonight dropped it again smashed to bits. Was rationing my cans but just stuck another few I'm the fridge and ate 2 boosts
  13. Just dropped ma phone and smashed the screen. Gutted sir
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