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  1. Long shooty was good. Usually kerb to kerb was the goals and youd space out down the road taking shots at each other.
  2. Ignore that cawk he'll end up wasting a half decent thread.
  3. Cuppy. One person in goal then teams of two. Your team goes through when you score and last team to score goes out every round.
  4. The folk I know got results within 24 hours. What's it got to do with this thread anyway
  5. Trying to get him into everything just now at this age. Not really expecting him to be totally focused etc more really so he can play with other kids as hes an only child. But any night the weather's good hes wanting to go into the garden to play football so reckon he enjoys this.
  6. My boys just started football training last few weeks. Seems to be liking it. Hes only 3 tho so they dont play matches lots of dribbling, passing, 1 v 1 stuff then they get a wee mini game at the end against each other however last few weeks it's only been my boy and 1 other at the end as all the others lose concentration or start crying etc and the parents just take them home.
  7. First picture like something out a van damme movie and twice the size of the other kids lol did you think under 15 was the weight limit?
  8. I wouldn't worry mate. I doubt people on here think your capable of bullying anybody.
  9. I was saying on the big cat thread I seen a black leopard in Mexico as well in a nature park/zoo type thing called xcaret. That was decent. You start the first wee bit swimming/snorkeling through underground caves then into the nature park. Where did you stay mate. Me and the mrs got married in grand sirens hotel.
  10. I was thinking it was a small bull shark when I looked into it. Not the best picture and it was all swollen with the sun and it being dead. We had been doing a bit snorkeling in the area it washed up the days previous and the amount of fish swimming about in big shoals was certainly plenty feeding for them.
  11. No mate . It looks like that at the front because it was all bloated out from sitting in the sun. I'm not 100% on what it was to be honest maybe somebody on here could identify. It was on the Caribbean coast side of mexico at Riviera maya.
  12. When we were in mexico on holiday this washed up on the beach. Just stuck to the pool never went back in the sea the last few days. Was only about 3ft long but I'm sure what ever gave birth to it was out there and much bigger. When it washed up they shut the beach area in the resort of and were out in boats checking the water for sharks that was enough for me lol
  13. For me I dont believe they are out there bar the odd escapee. I find the blurry photos and some of the podcasts where one person has had multiple chance sightings in different areas hard to believe But it gets greyman out and about and is a decent hobby and I think it would be pretty cool if he managed to capture decent image of one on a trail cam even if it is an escapee. Theres always a bit of doubt in my mind as well that there maybe just maybe could be breeding lynx out there
  14. Was there not a story a few years back about a guy who saved somebody in Australia by wrestling a shark and it was all over the news papers. Then it turned out he was on the sick from work at the time and got the sack
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