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  1. Rusty_terrier

    Life without gadgets

    Kerny to answer your question i would choose both. Pornhub does virtual reality now. Or so ive heard havent been on the site for oh 5 or 6 minutes now.
  2. Rusty_terrier

    Virgin vs Sky?

    Talk talk look decent
  3. Rusty_terrier

    Virgin vs Sky?

    Seen the package im after for 60 a month with sky whats the chances of i phone and say bt are offeringthe same for 50 odd are they able to match it or are prices non negotiable
  4. Rusty_terrier

    Virgin vs Sky?

    Has anybody got a uk call centre bumber for b.t I'm goin to phone and cancel. Their tv package is crap basicall pay for nothing . Dont think virgin cabling is in my area however if i get sky will the internet speed just be the same ?
  5. Rusty_terrier

    suggestions for a private license plate

    Perfect one for you bud 1M G4Y.
  6. Rusty_terrier

    Mk ultra

    Not a single sighting of him and search for a body turned up zero. If he was full of drugs surely he would have shown up or a body found.
  7. Rusty_terrier

    Mk ultra

    Lars mittank disappearance is pretty interesting. Was held back on a return flight when holidaying with friends was seen acting and sending eratic messages to his family. Last spotted walking into airport to catch his flight and looking behind him as if he was being followed then is seen bolting from the airport without his stuff never seen again.
  8. Rusty_terrier

    Mk ultra

    Stone masons ?
  9. Rusty_terrier

    Mk ultra

    We should get a good conspiracy thread on the go
  10. Rusty_terrier

    What would you do

    Talk abiut waving money around in folks faces eh.
  11. Rusty_terrier

    What would you do

    Been racking my brain all day and honestly cant think of anything i desperately want and need except not having to work.
  12. Rusty_terrier

    What would you do

    Should start a new thread. What would you do if you got a job as a labourer. Mercedes. Foreign holidays once a month. Gold teeth. Private jet.
  13. Rusty_terrier

    mobile contract help

    Toss the phone into a river. Job done
  14. Rusty_terrier

    Eagle owl found

    Not bad if you keep it . Found a budgie once and the mrs made me hand it in.
  15. Rusty_terrier

    What would you do

    Talking from experience ?.. lucky b*****d