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  1. Rusty_terrier

    strange sightings when out and about

    Really seen it. Being in open fields and a clear sky my logic makes me think circumstances probably messed with perspective. Although it looked right above us might have been a lantern or flare/firework in the distance. Still ill never know.
  2. Rusty_terrier

    strange sightings when out and about

    Few years ago lamping with my old man. Middle of nowhere seen what was like a flare/forework trail. Was like a red slow moving light dancing about . Made no sound. Wasnt fire coloured more flare red. Nobkdy around for miles amd was directly above us.
  3. Rusty_terrier


    Well after my beers a pizza and 2 games of poker im a tenner up. Everybody had a laugh and 10 quid was the most any body lost
  4. Rusty_terrier


    10 quid buy in lol good laugh
  5. Rusty_terrier

    My house caught fire🔥

    Could have been worse. Could have been my house
  6. Rusty_terrier

    My house caught fire🔥

    Some hassle but good nobidy got hurt.
  7. Rusty_terrier

    thats the fekin job

    Should have told them hed shoot a cow if he didnt leave
  8. Rusty_terrier

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Tv licence tommy
  9. Rusty_terrier

    Fridays fry up day

    Heading for a nandos on ma lunch break.
  10. Rusty_terrier

    isis bint

    People like that should be forced to pay tv licences for us hard working folk.
  11. Rusty_terrier

    isis bint

    I doubt anybody be willing to shag her. f**k that.
  12. Rusty_terrier

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Hes a social media star. No different to kids who make a living playing computer games or "instagram models" . All he doesis sell his brand and his followers keep him living sweet. When he first came about i thought he was legit then you see it for what it is.
  13. Rusty_terrier

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Lives and fights out of glasgow amd does a good job of it . Good enough for me. Thats why i like boxing stuff like this isnt an issue. Like folk consider lennox lewis british yet he was allowed to represent canada
  14. Rusty_terrier


    When he approaches the drug deal Who are you? Your last customer. Then empties a clip into him rapid is funny. Decemt film