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  1. Rusty_terrier

    Change of career

    I was an apprentice industrial boiler engineer and pipe fitter. Always 12 hour shifts overtime working all over the uk. Plenty cash to be made. Then i realised i wasnt a grafter so now i work in an office. The works terrible but id hate any job tbh but pays well and weekends off work no later than 5 so i just listen to podcasts most of the day to expand my supreme knowledge and now i have weekends to lay the pipe if you catch my drift
  2. Rusty_terrier

    Black cat

    Well spotted haha
  3. Rusty_terrier

    Black cat

    Thats a cardboard cut out haha
  4. Rusty_terrier


    I fired it in my mouth to see what flavour it was. Considering its a potential thief ive built a profile and i reckon it was also stolen chewimg gum. I planned on finding the flavour and checking with local shops to see if they had any stolen then checking their cctv. Unfortunately the flavour had gone which leads me to believe they had been chewing it a while whilst scoping out potential targets. Im no closer to catching the culprit and have ruined the only DNA evidence. Realistically the keybox is removed. Back gate got a lock on it and put up a light with a sensor. Dont think theres much else for doing.
  5. Rusty_terrier


    I swear it crossed my mind. Setting booby traps. Set the c**ts up like the stinky bandit from home alone. Electrocuted when they touch the door handle then a brick on a rope swings from the hallway if they get in.
  6. Rusty_terrier


    I was quite paranoid lol why would somebody walk up a driveway uo to the front door and mess with one of them boxes and not touch anytging else. Anyway got away early from work and had a productive afternoon. Managed to get the key box off the wall. Only had the old front key in it and ive got a new front lock anyway. Got a new latch and a padlock for the back gate. Swaped the old outdoor light we had which was just just a switch you turned on when you went out the back to a security light with a sensor. So hopefully thats me sorted
  7. Rusty_terrier


    Aye a took the gum off it this morning but been paranoid ever since . Going to get that off the wall and a decent padlock on the back gate. Then look into putting gates on the driveway as well we had to tske them off cos the mrs kept hitting them with the cars haha
  8. Rusty_terrier


    Its not got a lock as such. Its like a combination box that was previously put on for home helps to keep keys in as it was an old guy in it before we bought it. The chewing gum was in the flap you pull down to enter the code. I thought the same as you somebody seeing if the chewimg gum is removed to see wether its used. They would have to came along a driveway alomg a path and then up the front steps. Seems like alot of hassle for kids to goto and not break anything or chap the door etc and it defo wasnt like that last night at about 9pm
  9. Rusty_terrier


    When we moved into our house 6 years ago there was a key safe like this next to the front door. I dont know if its got keys in it but a dont know the code to get in. Lastnight i was out for a meal came home late and then my mum was down at the house seeing my wee boy . i was talking to her on the front step and all was ok. When i woke up this morning first thing i noticed was the box had been tampered with and a bit of chewing gum had been stuck on the side you can see from the street as well. To get to it you need to come up my driveway along a path and up a few steps to the front door. My immediate thought is that maybe somebody was scoping the house out to burgal etc ? Anybody know how easy these are to get into as i dont have the code and would i be able to get it off woth an angle grinder? What other preventative measures can i take is there any point fitting security lights etc ?
  10. Rusty_terrier

    Anyone know what this creature is ?

    Brown bear cub.
  11. Rusty_terrier


    Tried to PM you how to do it but it says your inbox is full .
  12. Rusty_terrier

    Which one

    Is that a Freudian slip thats the kinda things u think about?
  13. Rusty_terrier

    Which one

    Least your catching something as the money your wasting on trail cams and more importantly the time youve put in has come up fruitless catching a big cat
  14. Rusty_terrier

    Which one

    I hate the c**ts on here that bash folk for having and wanting nice things.