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  1. Strangely enough ordered kerosene yesterday, paid 31p/Ltr, did say delivery’s could be anything up to 4 weeks due to current situation
  2. Any ewes that are good enough we’ll keep - in the past all boys have gone however this year may be keeping anyone who’s good enough also. Some good lambs but have yet to commit to a decision, the clock is ticking though!
  3. Only a few ewes lambed so not on a commercial scale however pleased with what we gave on the whole. Being Hampshire’s we lambed in Dec so most just about ready to go.
  4. Hopefully not established here - just a few immigrants that have been seen, located & destroyed! Any reports at present are dealt with by the ‘non native species secretariat’ but the feeling is there will come a time when the containment period is no more - then it will be Everyman to himself! Attended an event recently about the Asian Hornet, yes to the nests in trees..........but also found in the ground..........they’ll go anywhere! link for a few more details https://www.vespavelutina.co.uk/asianhornet.html
  5. ZacB

    Rewilding farms

    Let’s re-wild everything, turn vegan & import avo’s! Oh & outlaw shooting corvids, give the same protection to foxes as that has been given to badgers plus throw in a few lynx & bears for good measure. Highly likely the same knobs who thought recycling meant flogging off our unwanted plastic packaging to other countries to deal with! F’ing cloud cuckoo land Rant over
  6. Yes to the Hamp tup as its a pedigree flock. Started on the 5th Dec, last one dropped on the 29th. Weighing on a weekly basis, largest lambs now hitting 17kgs! Always amazing how fast they get up & grow! Hope your lambing goes smoothly
  7. Missed this thread previously........Hope all goes well. Not at your scale but all done & dusted here. 9 ram/7 ewe lambs from 9 Hampshire ewes.
  8. HMR will do the job but centre fire has to be the better option. When lamping they don’t usually hang around so I’d say the shot is made pretty quickly usually - instinct more so than choice. Night vision is definitely a game changer allowing shots to be placed and a HMR will certainly allow you to stick it where you feel most comfortable, all situations are different so just keep an open mind.
  9. Na just the lid. Contact them at info@ferretfinder.co.uk with a photo and ask for a repair price. Replied to me within a couple of hours, as already said a real pleasure to deal with which makes a change from most companies these days.
  10. I could quite easily complain about the price of ferret collars/finders but I do use & consider them an essential piece of kit. Don't know how but I recently lost the battery connector in one of the lids, contacted Deben to enquire about repair and they kindly sent out a replacement lid FOC. Well done Deben
  11. Credit where credit due, having just taken delivery of a Pard have to say a pleasure to deal with. Good communication, prompt delivery & a competitive price
  12. That does sound like an evening of fun. interesting choice of socks by the way..........are they thermal?
  13. Got some bad news for you Stavross, you’re missing another 4 looking at your photo, keep a tight hold on those before any more go! Glad you had an enjoyable night albeit a bit of a wet un
  14. Although not bino’s the Pard 008LRF would be worth looking at using as a monocular - good bit of kit
  15. Have never decoyed like that before, quick question - artificial magpie decoy or dead’n that you had? Good result anyhow, far too many of the buggers about
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