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  1. Had no issues with the original 42’s but would recommend no bulk purchase of the new style stuff until you try a box.
  2. Had some boxes of the 42 grain “USA” production subbies and took then back. Issues with them not all being subsonic and hence not grouping - no real surprise there. A shame as I’ve been more than happy with both the 40’s & 42’s for many a year which from memory were produced in Australia? The US stuff was in different packaging, loose in a smaller box sort of top n tailed as opposed to all sitting in a little tray.
  3. The little boxes with loose rounds in & I do not get on………….if anyone does like em drop me a PM - 1/2 price 22 Winchester Subs are available to purchase
  4. I’m well pleased badgers have moved into cities, hope they breed like rats………………townie wokey tree huggers may then start to appreciate the damage they do in the countryside and start to understand the need for controlling numbers.
  5. ZacB

    Fuel prices

    Thought about the no more red scenario only yesterday. All those affected are really seeing a difference. 12 months ago red at 50p/Ltr now using white at nigh on £2/Ltr. Those prices will no doubt be passed on or at least some of it for all sectors affected, rising inflation hasn’t stopped yet with things like that still to work through the system.
  6. Pigs are soooooo much easier than sheep for a small holder / hobbyist - that said sheep are very rewarding and tasty. There is a fair amount of work involved with sheep & as already said the grass will no doubt run out and then you’ve got to move or feed. A good way to start/try is to find someone who’s got a few and offer your land for grazing then watch & see how things go.
  7. That went well…………… better luck today
  8. Great air rifle, have one in 177 used for rats in the main. Very quiet, hope you enjoy
  9. He was voted in, he got Brexit done, he steered through the latest shite fest as well if not better than anyone else could of. Yes the olde boy did do wrong but as usual trial by media is in full swing while I’m gonna say the mass majority are keeping stum & the loud minority are shouting from the roof tops. You know things must be amiss when that conniving tw*t Cummings is being sort after for quotes - that said he was on BJ’s Brexit team Just god forbid should ‘I could do better’ Sir Keir come our way - now there is a chocolate teapot
  10. A suggestion, others may correct but how about a rabbit trap in cases of despair. If laid up and past bedtime leave a trap out with a rabbit carcass in and return the following day?
  11. Go to the BBKA website swarm collection page, punch in your postcode and contact a local beekeeper to collect - hopefully the link will work. Swarm removal | British Beekeepers Association WWW.BBKA.ORG.UK Beekeepers are often approached about winged, flying creatures, especially in the spring and summer period, when they are their most active simply working and are... It may bugger off or not. If not they’ll get pissed & be a pain in the arse (quite possibly literally depending on what you get up to in the garden), or bugger off som
  12. Good size swarm that one, on a wall as well, nice & easy...................why are mine always in brambles or hawthorn
  13. Excellent write up & love the pic’s - esp the last one. Glad the work crew had some fun
  14. That may be do but I think he’s handled Brexit & the Covid shitestorm pretty well. Certainly better than “I could do better than that” slimey Starmer &.............well who else is there? Don’t even know who heads the Lib Dem’s these days and as for the Greens Always a case of who's the best of a bad lot.............definitely don’t like Mrs Boris though
  15. Ha ha.........well what can I say other than well done Rachael
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