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  1. Ya she is 28 1/2 tts now and has filled out a bit but a bit more growing in her and a lot more maturing. Looking forward to this time next year when I can start getting her out. Nice one!
  2. Was out for a walk the last night. Slipped her on two rabbits where I know there is no wire and always good for a course. No bother to her. Won't slip her on another rabbit till February.
  3. ijf

    Let this be a lesson

    Can't beat salt water and vinegar mix in warm water to wash it out. Bit of sudocream then to keep out the dirt. Repeat everyday for 4 or 5 days. Vinegar is a very underrated tool for the dogs. I use the same on my terriers. One 2ml of pen-strep shot the day it happens if it is a bad one. I might follow it up with another shot the day after depending how bad it. If you are out and about I find cleaning a cut straight away after it happens in a stream or trough and getting any dirt out really helps with quick healing.
  4. A couple lads on here have seen her. I will post a pic in Sept 2020 cause then Ill know if she will be staying as a working dog
  5. ijf

    My Lad Jim

    Might be a good one. Deerhounds take longer to mature so if he was failed at 13 months would make sense as he shouldn't have been hunting at that age. The 2 year break from hunting may be a blessing if you did want to work him. Good all rounder
  6. ijf

    My Lad Jim

    From what I have seen the Deerhound crosses tend to have slightly longer tails than your typical lurcher. From my own experience at least.
  7. ijf

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    Sounds like she could have deerhound in her going off that those personality traits.
  8. ijf

    Cordless lamps

    Got one of these 2 seasons ago. Will have to replace it this year but thought that are the job for the price.
  9. ijf

    My Lad Jim

    What is he to the shoulder?
  10. Yup - have a f1x pup at 10 months and the lads I hunt with have 1/2 or 3/4. All single handed doing everything.
  11. ijf

    Trail Running Pal

    Could not agree more with Katchum. I do not see the point in not rehoming a dog when you are not getting one for work. Unless your gifted a pup it is cheaper to take a dog from a dogs home. Anyone will tell you puppies are a lot of work - you can choose any age in a pound. Loads of well mannered dogs in homes who have just had the shit end of the stick. When taking a dog from a dogs home your helping more than just one dog. They take in millions of stray, abused and lost dogs, you’re making room for others. The homes try to match you with the best suited dog for your needs and they are all screened by a vet etc. Makes way more sense to get a rescue.
  12. ijf

    Pure Greyhounds

    Friend has one. Great to run when doubling up on a fox. Will always get the first turn in. Ran her on day time hares to get her clued in and put some manners on her turning
  13. ijf

    Deer/grey collie/grey

    What do you work the deerhound 1st cross on? Dog or bitch? Have a 16 week pup at home! looking forward to see what happens when she is 24 months
  14. Intensive farming practices has a lot to answer for IMO. Farmers need to take more responsibility for their actions but I guess they are only trying to make a living like us all. The government needs to take ownership and apply laws to protect nature. Clearing cover for more grazing/growing, clearing hedges, spraying slurry, spraying insecticides, planting non native grasses etc etc The smallest things are the first affected. 20 years ago while driving in August your windscreen would be black with insects. That doesn't happen any more. That has a knock on effect. I think it has had a massive effect on Salmon as well... the par and fry don't have much food if they don't have insects to eat... Less cover for insects would make them easier to find as well for the buzzards, foxes, badgers.. maybe a reason why those are thriving? I think it would certainly help if lads reintroduced rabbits to areas that have seen population decreases and didn't hammer places that have decent populations. Is Mixi still legal? Do farmers still spread it or is it just here to stay??
  15. ijf

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Nice looking dog. What do you mainly use her for? Never seen a lurcher with GSP in the breeding work before. Interested to hear about her. Thanks