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  1. ijf

    Cod liver oil

    I don't think food in the belly equates to energy though. I always thought a dogs energy comes from fat/fat reserves. I preform well when I have been eating and training well but on an empty stomach. I wouldn't eat before a match/game. But in saying that a dog is made up completely different from us so I don't think it is a good comparison. I heard a someone say recently... would you rather be a fat fed lion or a hungry angry lion when heading out hunting... I know a few greyhound men who don't feed the day of a race and hounds men who wouldn't feed before hunting.
  2. ijf

    Cod liver oil

    Dan what is the benefit of a garlic tab? Also, when do you give them a small feed before running? I purposefully don't feed them the day I bring them out. I bring some milk and dioralite in the van when I am out in case it turns into a long night. I always have a big fatty feed waiting for them after but interested to hear your reason for feeding before... or the length of time you take before feeding them.
  3. ijf

    First cross

    The lads I know who work f1 dh/gh and 3/4 gh - 1/4 dh don't slip on a fox until they are 24 months. They take a lot longer to mature than your bull x and I think that is a big part of the decline of dh/gh ... lads aren't patient enough to hold off long enough. The dh/gh I have seen worked are owned by lads who know what they were doing. Serious animals to hunt day or night with a lot more brains than the majority (not all!) of bull x's I have seen working.
  4. ijf

    My 3

    I would like to see him dig to his terrier
  5. ijf

    My 3

    If someone needs a lurcher to handle game when digging I wouldn't call them a terrierman
  6. ijf

    Bull hound

    Bull hound View Advert The dog is gone now cheers Advertiser ijf Date 23/04/18 Price £123.00 Category Working Lurchers  
  7. ijf

    Bull hound

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    The dog is gone now cheers


  8. ijf

    Best all rounder

    I have a 3/8 bull/1/8 saluki/ 1/2 hound bitch pup coming my way. Parents are top dogs and hoping the pup is as well. Will be pushing covers and out on the lamp once or twice a week in the season. Will let ye know how things are in 2 years time!
  9. ijf

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    What is the breeding ? Nice looking animal
  10. ijf

    Doubling up?

    Depends on the breeding of the dog as to when you should run it - typically Wheaton/Bull crosses can be run a bit younger than a collie cross (dh pups takes a lot longer to mature). The longer you give a pup to mature the better IMO. I would double up for the first few runs as the young dog can learn a lot from running with an experienced dog (hitting the ditch after the quarry). I would bring a pup out a good number of times lamping before ever slipping them.
  11. ijf

    Wheaten Greyhounds

    Your keeping wheatons 70 years as in several decades?If there has been pitbull or english added there not wheatons, there wheaton xs. @stop.end .... 'several' doesn't mean 7
  12. ijf

    Springer X Foxhound First Cross

    @shaneg We hunt foot beagles to push covers and to hunt - 15/20 for hunting and 2/3 when pushing covers. They work a treat for both....maybe worth considering!
  13. ijf

    A C Bred Terrier

    When you charge 500 for a pup and three times that for a working adult you can make some coin alright.
  14. ijf


    You obviously haven't seen a 'class of pack' if they can't put foxes to ground.