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  1. Hi Sir, your inbox is full. 

  2. Well at least you have options now, and I would be thinking the best way forward is to put yourself in a position where you have options down the line. First thing I would do is get stalks off the dog. I would put the brother to the sister and if there is a proven bitch of a similar type that you have access to, I would put the brother over her. You have options then with father to daughter, son to aunty etc. Other way would be to get a proven dog of a similar type to put to the sister and breed the brother to the pups, but for me the first option is the better way if you can
  3. IMO adding terrier into the mix will only improve the DH side. A big quarter bred bitch, as DC said bull & or wheaton. Keep the biggest pups, if they prove themselves put them back to the same line of deerhound blood then after. Keep the height, good coat just adding terrier mind set. Sounds good on paper anyway.
  4. Camera phones be the end of it all
  5. I have 2 hand helds that stopped charging. Anyone ever try to fix this or should I just right them off?
  6. Bit more growing in him looking at his wrists!
  7. Urbstar, I know nothing about pig hunting so can't comment on that. From what I have read the stag hounds/coyote hounds have bull in the breeding. As Blackneck and Riley said I'd be looking at the staghounds. A greyhound bitch and if she works try to cross her with a proven stag hound. IMO for day hunting like that you need a dog with brains to cut off stuff rather than just running after it. Best dogs I'v seen for that have had collie or dh in them. I've spent time in MD and PA the only foxes I saw were the small grey ones. I never saw any red fox. Are they plentiful where you
  8. IMO you need at least a touch of bull to be tackling fox regularly. From chatting with my buddies in PA there are a lot of coyotes and what they call coydogs there now. I wouldn't go spending money on importing dogs. A full dh won't have the speed your after. I reckon one of those stag hounds over a full greyhound be your best option. And don't enter the dog doubled up. Be interested to see how you are set up n a couple years time
  9. They transport dogs in Eire and the UK and are currently operating so thought they might be of use
  10. Ap canine transportation based in Down
  11. Sea salt, vinegar and a warm water. If the dog will let u spray it with a syringe or sports bottle. If not get a sponge, soak in the mixture, place it in its mouth and hold for a while. That will clean it. If if it’s very bad repeat a few times over the next few days.
  12. Nearly 15 months now. 28tts, has serious gears and is strong out.
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