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  1. Plenty foxes about Maximus but plenty of lads making them wide to the lamp
  2. I don't know the guy but he is very opinionated on working dogs, yet he doesn't work dogs...
  3. Great to be back at it. Hopefully the cattle in now this weekend. I will be out all day with my own dogs saturday and with hounds Sunday
  4. Those fences mean green fields though! Ill be down that way later
  5. Those airport hares are very tempting
  6. I find adding OCEANFEED GREYHOUND+ to a diet for a certain amount of time is great to stimulate appetite for when you want to add weight to a dog. Off topic but I learnt a great tip from DC on here about adding raw garlic every now and then to keep fleas and ticks away. All the best with getting the dog into top shape.
  7. All the dogs I have bought have been shite, all the dogs I have been gifted turned out to be good workers
  8. Good stuff. I've a bitch bred similar just turning 17 months she will get a look start of Sept.
  9. Lovely pair. Is the bitch out of the dog? When will ya start her?
  10. It is whatever floats your boat - some men like them to sound when work, some like them mute. Personally, a terrier to sound and then go mute as your getting close is my ideal terrier. But again, everyone has their own preferences... the same as they do with lurchers.
  11. Moocher, what height is she? a proven game leggy terrier over a big running hound is something I am eager to do.
  12. Hi Sir, your inbox is full. 

  13. Well at least you have options now, and I would be thinking the best way forward is to put yourself in a position where you have options down the line. First thing I would do is get stalks off the dog. I would put the brother to the sister and if there is a proven bitch of a similar type that you have access to, I would put the brother over her. You have options then with father to daughter, son to aunty etc. Other way would be to get a proven dog of a similar type to put to the sister and breed the brother to the pups, but for me the first option is the better way if you can
  14. IMO adding terrier into the mix will only improve the DH side. A big quarter bred bitch, as DC said bull & or wheaton. Keep the biggest pups, if they prove themselves put them back to the same line of deerhound blood then after. Keep the height, good coat just adding terrier mind set. Sounds good on paper anyway.
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