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  1. ijf

    Trail Running Pal

    Could not agree more with Katchum. I do not see the point in not rehoming a dog when you are not getting one for work. Unless your gifted a pup it is cheaper to take a dog from a dogs home. Anyone will tell you puppies are a lot of work - you can choose any age in a pound. Loads of well mannered dogs in homes who have just had the shit end of the stick. When taking a dog from a dogs home your helping more than just one dog. They take in millions of stray, abused and lost dogs, you’re making room for others. The homes try to match you with the best suited dog for your needs and they are all screened by a vet etc. Makes way more sense to get a rescue.
  2. ijf

    Pure Greyhounds

    Friend has one. Great to run when doubling up on a fox. Will always get the first turn in. Ran her on day time hares to get her clued in and put some manners on her turning
  3. ijf

    Deer/grey collie/grey

    What do you work the deerhound 1st cross on? Dog or bitch? Have a 16 week pup at home! looking forward to see what happens when she is 24 months
  4. Intensive farming practices has a lot to answer for IMO. Farmers need to take more responsibility for their actions but I guess they are only trying to make a living like us all. The government needs to take ownership and apply laws to protect nature. Clearing cover for more grazing/growing, clearing hedges, spraying slurry, spraying insecticides, planting non native grasses etc etc The smallest things are the first affected. 20 years ago while driving in August your windscreen would be black with insects. That doesn't happen any more. That has a knock on effect. I think it has had a massive effect on Salmon as well... the par and fry don't have much food if they don't have insects to eat... Less cover for insects would make them easier to find as well for the buzzards, foxes, badgers.. maybe a reason why those are thriving? I think it would certainly help if lads reintroduced rabbits to areas that have seen population decreases and didn't hammer places that have decent populations. Is Mixi still legal? Do farmers still spread it or is it just here to stay??
  5. ijf

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Nice looking dog. What do you mainly use her for? Never seen a lurcher with GSP in the breeding work before. Interested to hear about her. Thanks
  6. ijf

    Nu stock reaction

    Bio Oil lad! I use it on all my dogs and it works a treat. You wouldn't know the dogs were worked at all. When out road walking and fellas pull over and ask 'are they working 'I just play dumb and say they are rescues... other wise the C&nt$ be keeping an eye out as to where you live and where the dogs are kenneled.
  7. Where abouts in Cork Scarface? PM if you want.
  8. ijf

    Bad run of luck

    'into violent sports' ... At least you didn't threaten to shoot me Yes you pointed out that the lad messed up by not having the perfect space for pupping a bitch... repeatedly. Hindsight is great. I am sure he didn't make mistakes on purpose. I am sure he wishes he is as good a dog man as you. Since your so gifted with providing constructive criticism why don't you practice as you preach? We have all criticized you for being a c*nt and constructively told you to get lost... but yet you keep acting like the fool you are and you keep posting on this thread . Now that I know you are into violent sports and more than likely in better shape than me I am sorry for calling you out
  9. ijf

    Bad run of luck

    Nah lad that isn't me crying that is you getting burned with no other come back other than calling me a cry baby. I don't know if I am more disappointed in myself engaging with you or more annoyed at how much a clown you are. Fools like you give us all a bad name. And I would put money on it you wouldn't open your mouth if you were actually face to face with any of us cry babies
  10. ijf

    Bad run of luck

    Bad one shaneg. Your lucky the bitch is feeding the pups herself at least. I had to bring a bitch to the vet for a c-section and he gave me a syringe and a solution to feed the one pup when I was on the way out. He said there is a good chance I was in for a good few late nights feeding. Fortunately for me, she was a good mother and I had no problems. The bitch only had 2 pups. They both came out dead but the vet resuscitated one! If only I had access to Ace Boon C#$t as a pupping expert before I may have one more working terrier out the back!
  11. ijf

    First night lamping Rabbits

    Where in Ireland are ya Lakelandrussel?
  12. ijf

    Cod liver oil

  13. ijf

    Cod liver oil

    I don't think food in the belly equates to energy though. I always thought a dogs energy comes from fat/fat reserves. I preform well when I have been eating and training well but on an empty stomach. I wouldn't eat before a match/game. But in saying that a dog is made up completely different from us so I don't think it is a good comparison. I heard a someone say recently... would you rather be a fat fed lion or a hungry angry lion when heading out hunting... I know a few greyhound men who don't feed the day of a race and hounds men who wouldn't feed before hunting.
  14. ijf

    Cod liver oil

    Dan what is the benefit of a garlic tab? Also, when do you give them a small feed before running? I purposefully don't feed them the day I bring them out. I bring some milk and dioralite in the van when I am out in case it turns into a long night. I always have a big fatty feed waiting for them after but interested to hear your reason for feeding before... or the length of time you take before feeding them.
  15. ijf

    First cross

    The lads I know who work f1 dh/gh and 3/4 gh - 1/4 dh don't slip on a fox until they are 24 months. They take a lot longer to mature than your bull x and I think that is a big part of the decline of dh/gh ... lads aren't patient enough to hold off long enough. The dh/gh I have seen worked are owned by lads who know what they were doing. Serious animals to hunt day or night with a lot more brains than the majority (not all!) of bull x's I have seen working.