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  1. Sure I have a litter sister to this pup!! good luck with her bullyson!!
  2. brother to fawn bitch by Stan out of my old brindle bitch
  3. This is a bitch by Stan out of my old brindle bitch!
  4. I bred him with a 1st cross Bitch, there's a pic of her on my profile, and there some pics of the pups on a thread I wrote on a wile back if you look at my content
  5. I had two out of Stan to my bitch, the dog but was a picture but had to go at about 22months and the birch is still doing ok
  6. stan was a big brindle dog, lovely dog in fairness, hes is not still alive, I have some pics of him somewhere but im not putting them up sorry, not my dog, unless someone wants to pay me 1000 pound a pic, I bred bred him with my bitch 2 years ago, :D
  7. Does anyone want to buy it??? Open to sensible offer near a grand, its in the freezer tim
  8. The botton on the red box can be a pain but if you pore some boiled water over the bottom area it sorts it,
  9. One dog has only got one ballock and the other has the scar from the op, a farmer up the road saw a dark colour Astra pull up outside the house, by the time he got there in the tractor, one person got back in and they drove off, two young lads early twenty he reckons, it's a small world it will come out in the wash!!!
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