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  1. Bitch is 24” ish I think, dog is 27” ish I think mate, Nice pair to have around!
  2. Sure I have a litter sister to this pup!! good luck with her bullyson!! ??
  3. brother to fawn bitch by Stan out of my old brindle bitch
  4. This is a bitch by Stan out of my old brindle bitch!
  5. I bred him with a 1st cross Bitch, there's a pic of her on my profile, and there some pics of the pups on a thread I wrote on a wile back if you look at my content
  6. I had two out of Stan to my bitch, the dog but was a picture but had to go at about 22months and the birch is still doing ok
  7. stan was a big brindle dog, lovely dog in fairness, hes is not still alive, I have some pics of him somewhere but im not putting them up sorry, not my dog, unless someone wants to pay me 1000 pound a pic, I bred bred him with my bitch 2 years ago, :D
  8. Does anyone want to buy it??? Open to sensible offer near a grand, ?? its in the freezer tim
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