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  1. Very sad indeed, absolutely gutted for you Doug.
  2. Managed to get a Record Holdfast clamp about 20 years ago, brand new, in exchange for a turned Iroko 10 inch fruit bowl, and matching goblet off a bloke at work. Fantastic piece of kit. Band clamps are handy for all sorts of stuff, you can even remove the jaws and clamp segments tightly if making segmented bowls for turning, although I have just bought a Draper Hose Clamp Set, you get 3 metres and 8 fittings and make up whatever length suits
  3. I wonder if they were oak apple galls?
  4. I use a Reber (Italian) but they are a bit more expensive than the usual, also the vacuum bags are more expensive because one side of the bag is embossed to allow for better expulsion of air whilst creating the vacuum. It's over 15 years old now and hasn't skipped a beat.
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thali-Outlet-Rectangular-Microwave-Containers/dp/B00J1KPEA6/ref=pd_lpo_201_img_1/257-2953221-9383326?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00J1KPEA6&pd_rd_r=6709a0c7-7e06-4cdf-8680-35fc863062e9&pd_rd_w=TAtui&pd_rd_wg=v2mG6&pf_rd_p=da0677f5-a47b-4543-8b54-10be576b8f26&pf_rd_r=CZSNXJ4PFB97S4HP5R6W&psc=1&refRID=CZSNXJ4PFB97S4HP5R6W My old woman buys them in packs of 6 (including lids) for £1 in the local pound shop. They get washed and reused a number of times and are microwaveable. Obviously they are rectangular and stack well in the freezer
  6. Went for the Covid-19 inoculation, she said "Can I help you?" I said "I've come for the jab." She punched me in the mouth.
  7. Yep, Banjolin. Just seen a Youtube clip of a bloke who borrowed one. He said it sounded a lot better when he removed 4 of the strings though.
  8. You can buy garlic grown in the UK on the Isle of Wight. https://www.thegarlicfarm.co.uk/
  9. One which I find very cringeworthy is when (mostly) women refer to their pet dog or cat as a "Fur Baby". Heard my wife talking to the dog the other evening and heard "mummy's little fur baby." I went straight into speak to her and asked if she is a fcuking retard or something. "Why are you being so nasty?" I replied "It's a six year old bull terrier weighing over 50 lbs, with defined musculature, a neck like Mike fcuking Tyson, with the ability to burst a football within 2 seconds... does that sound like it's a 'fur baby?" The last word "you're fcuking miserable"
  10. The Aussies use that one as well. First time I visited my son we went to get some fish and chips he used that to start to order. I said "What the fcuks that all about?" He said he hadn't realised he had picked it up. The shop we were in clearly stated on the front "Fish & Chips", but he ordered fries. I questioned him again and he told me chips out there are crisps despite it saying chips outside. You would think they would take on the traits of the old motherland, but I found it more Americanised.
  11. I have to add that these cuts were cured inside protein lined casings, which were removed prior to slicing and eating, the taste of the mould had already migrated into the meat. Was absolutely delicious.
  12. Some years back I was into charcuterie, and some moulds were deemed desirable on produce like salami, chorizo, bresaola etc. The favourable mould was white and resemble a coating of whitewash. The general rule of those experienced members of the forum was anything fuzzy could be washed off with a brine or vinegar solution and the product would be fine. Any signs of black mould was deemed very dangerous.
  13. This topic bought back a few memories from the 70's. I had a mate who lived in the terrace of railway cottages adjacent to Staplehurst station in Kent. He told me about 2 very small ponds nearby, one was about 200 yards from his cottage, and the other about 600 yards. Being close to the railway they were probably bomb craters from WW2, the closer one having abundant weed, and being in the middle of an open field, contained good sized tench to about 4lbs+ along with some smaller rudd. The further pond was mainly surrounded by trees and also contained tench and rudd but to a much smaller size, s
  14. I've been viewing some Youtube videos of an American woodcarver, Mike Stinnett, and his attention to detail is superb. Although his sticks do look heavy as they are mostly walking staff's. His channel is well worth a look. https://www.youtube.com/c/StinnettStickStudio/videos
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