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  1. Mister Gain

    Looking for purse nets

    Hi matey, it might pay you to contact Doug Craig (username sirblessed) on here, he'll have loads of good advice for you. He used to live Werribee area but moved last year. Don't know if he's still in the state of Victoria or just outside. Have a scroll through this section, he's put quite a few youtube videos up of his ferreting, here's a link to his page https://www.youtube.com/user/Sirblessed/videos
  2. Mister Gain

    Life of brine

    I use the organic dry cure from sausagemaking.org, it uses some demerara sugar and sea salt and low in nitrates. It was the first one I ever used years ago and never felt the need to change. Don't do much in the way of charcuterie nowadays.
  3. Mister Gain

    Life of brine

    Looks excellent GL, have you tried dry curing pig cheeks using a bacon cure and hot smoking them on the BBQ? They are well worth a go.
  4. Mister Gain

    A few on my own

    Got a bit busy there at times, very enjoyable.
  5. Mister Gain

    Craig's Creek

    Nice office you've got there, another enjoyable sortie
  6. Mister Gain

    Big Kev & Young Fleet

    Enjoyed that mate. It's been good watching Fleet evolving.
  7. Mister Gain

    Passing it on

    A big thumbs up to you mate for taking the time and trouble to show the lad how it's done.
  8. Mister Gain

    Cod in Thames etc!?

    I seem to recall, think it was back in the 80's, there was a Thames Lighter moored somewhere near Greenhithe and a local tackle dealer would let people hire it for the night to fish from and they caught cod and whiting. I myself have caught small dabs and flounder, as well as eels, from Erith on freshwater gear and worms.
  9. Mister Gain

    Shock, beep and spray collars to be banned!

    Next it'll be the ball gag, then the hand cuffs and ankle cuffs, then the under bed restraining fetish kit, and then my sex life will be fcuked
  10. Mister Gain

    Folkeast v sailing regatta

    Nice bit of grub there. Had to make do with left over paella for my lunch. Made it yesterday, 43 years anniversary, had to make the effort. She don't like mussels in the shell but if I take them out and mix them in she don't mind them... lazy fcuker I call it.
  11. I was an altar boy for about a year when I was 10, and the priest didn't try it on at all. I can only conclude that I must have been a very ugly child...
  12. Mister Gain

    What would you do

    Same as me, have nothing to do with my family, and only got a couple of mates. Only one problem, I don't do the lottery.
  13. Mister Gain

    To me, to you

    Sinéad O'Connor has offered to sing the Prince classic at Barry Chuckle's funeral. Nothing Compares 2 me 2 you.
  14. Mister Gain

    Fred,Andrew,Bill,and Kim's propertys

    Thanks for posting Doug, the pup's coming on well
  15. Mister Gain

    Funny Joke Thread

    When I moved into my country cottage, I was told that the deeds entitled me to graze animals. So I've been dragging pigs behind my motorbike.