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  1. Mister Gain

    View From Your Swim

    I recognise that swim A part of the Thames I haven't fished. Also flew round and round above that bridge after a 13 hour flight from Singapore Changi.
  2. Mister Gain


    Thoroughly enjoyed watching it Doug, good catch and retrieve by the pup, thanks for posting it.
  3. Mister Gain

    Bizarre foods ,travel channel 181

    What you can't see in the photo of the peas pudding is the flavour. I cook it in chicken stock with a couple of chopped up onions, bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns, couple of chopped carrots. When it has softened enough and absorbed all the stock I remove all the bits and pieces and adjust the flavour with salt and then stir in butter to give the glossy appearance. If I have it with boiled bacon I use that stock instead of chicken stock. It firms up as it cools and you can actually slice it the next day. The only bland bit on the plate is the dayglo mushy peas out of a tin.
  4. Mister Gain

    Bizarre foods ,travel channel 181

    Offal pies, and homemade faggots with onion gravy and homemade peas pudding with mushy peas.
  5. Mister Gain

    Bizarre foods ,travel channel 181

    I've always thought I'd like to have a go at the fermented fish I don't mind having a go at most foods but I couldn't bring myself to try fetal duck eggs (Balut)
  6. Mister Gain

    Bizarre foods ,travel channel 181

    Used to use Dunnes River jerk paste with the addition of dehydrated apple pieces to make 10 inch long sausages, they sold well at a quid each. Also used to hot smoke the marinated chicken thighs, gave it another dimension and retained the flavour and heat of the jerk, even had it on mackerel although it quickly overpowers the fish, what with it being thin fillets.
  7. Mister Gain

    Bizarre foods ,travel channel 181

    If you like ordinary home cooked Jamaican food 'Cook Like A Jamaican' has a youtube channel, although it doesn't get updated very often nowadays. https://www.youtube.com/user/CookLikeAJamaican/videos Personally I'm quite happy just using Walkers Wood or Dunnes River jerk paste.
  8. Mister Gain

    Bizarre foods ,travel channel 181

    He has a Youtube channel with all his shows on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrYQ8oPbYmi5UymxQUReVAQ/videos
  9. Mister Gain

    New Low.

    Wife brought me home a piece of Greggs bread pudding last year, absolute shite, had poor flavour and the texture of dried breadcrumbs. We have Quorn 'mince' occasionally and I wouldn't even attempt to make sausage rolls with it, it is a good carrier of flavour for 'saucy' meals like spaggy bol and chilli's. I prefer not to use commercially produced mince as I don't enjoy biting into tiny pieces of bone and cartilage, although my first choice would be buying the meat and trimming and mincing it myself.
  10. Mister Gain

    Looking for purse nets

    Hi matey, it might pay you to contact Doug Craig (username sirblessed) on here, he'll have loads of good advice for you. He used to live Werribee area but moved last year. Don't know if he's still in the state of Victoria or just outside. Have a scroll through this section, he's put quite a few youtube videos up of his ferreting, here's a link to his page https://www.youtube.com/user/Sirblessed/videos
  11. Mister Gain

    Life of brine

    I use the organic dry cure from sausagemaking.org, it uses some demerara sugar and sea salt and low in nitrates. It was the first one I ever used years ago and never felt the need to change. Don't do much in the way of charcuterie nowadays.
  12. Mister Gain

    Life of brine

    Looks excellent GL, have you tried dry curing pig cheeks using a bacon cure and hot smoking them on the BBQ? They are well worth a go.
  13. Mister Gain

    A few on my own

    Got a bit busy there at times, very enjoyable.
  14. Mister Gain

    Craig's Creek

    Nice office you've got there, another enjoyable sortie