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  1. Mister Gain

    What would you do

    Same as me, have nothing to do with my family, and only got a couple of mates. Only one problem, I don't do the lottery.
  2. Mister Gain

    To me, to you

    Sinéad O'Connor has offered to sing the Prince classic at Barry Chuckle's funeral. Nothing Compares 2 me 2 you.
  3. Mister Gain

    Fred,Andrew,Bill,and Kim's propertys

    Thanks for posting Doug, the pup's coming on well
  4. Mister Gain

    Funny Joke Thread

    When I moved into my country cottage, I was told that the deeds entitled me to graze animals. So I've been dragging pigs behind my motorbike.
  5. Mister Gain

    Plymouth ho's

    Where I used to live there was a local wet fish shop, and I would often buy conger cutlets and get him to throw in a bunch of parsley. Used to keep the skin on (nice and gelatinous once cooked) remove the bones just leave the main spine bone. Parsley sauce, buttery mashed potatoes, fresh peas and grilled tomatoes... food of the gods. Unfortunately there are no wet fish shops around here now.
  6. Mister Gain

    Ferreting Fred's

    Another enjoyable video mate, thanks for posting.
  7. Mister Gain

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    My bloke used to play with a poodle in the local park and they both got on really well, just shows all dogs are different.
  8. Mister Gain

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    ALL dogs have the potential to be aggressive towards other dogs and/or people, not just Staff's. I would say that if any dog shows any sign of aggression then it should be muzzled. I have encountered lots of dog aggressive dogs and NONE have been muzzled, some were off the lead, and only one of those was a Staff, and I launched that one with a boot to the ribs. My dog has been attacked more than a dozen times in his 3 years and 9 months, mostly from smaller terrier types who all get the order of the boot. Only once did my dog retaliate and that was a bulldog which tried to have his neck. My bloke just grabbed him by the snout, didn't try to rag it at all, and held him like that for the few seconds it took me to get both their collars. When I told him to leave it he let go as I drew them apart. Not a mark on either dog. I might add that my dog had already lowered his back and submitted to the bulldog prior. I see quite a few Staffs around here and there is only one which is dog aggressive, but the owner is responsible. The dog never used to be dog aggressive until it was attacked by 2 'off lead' German shepherds. There are some pretty poor dog owners out there and some downright irresponsible ones.
  9. Mister Gain

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    The harness does serve a very useful and practical purpose. Coupled with one of those seat belt clasps it is about the safest way to transport a dog, any dog, in a car. You don't really want a dog mooching about loose in the car for obvious reasons, and it is safer to clip to a harness than to a collar in the event of collision or sharp braking you could snap the dog's neck using a collar. I had mine hand made by aecollars, plain black thick hide with heavy gauge solid brass buckles and loops (think it was about £65), an excellent bit of kit. Had a plain black thick hide collar made at the same time. Would highly recommend them.
  10. Mister Gain

    Zesty Pan Fried Pigeon Ciabatta

    Just had a trawl through an old forum and the size bulb used was 40 watt, NOT 60 watt. HTH
  11. Mister Gain

    Zesty Pan Fried Pigeon Ciabatta

    To be honest I can't remember, probably a 60 watt, but remember it's there for heat and a lot of bulbs nowadays are not incandescent type so other bulbs might not be quite so warm. You need a bit of airflow whilst trying to keep the flies out, hence the green mesh and the holes.
  12. Mister Gain

    Zesty Pan Fried Pigeon Ciabatta

    Haha, with the heat from one light bulb. Mind you it doubled up well for curing chorizo and salami.
  13. Mister Gain

    Zesty Pan Fried Pigeon Ciabatta

    Made a rather elaborate biltong box some years back which worked well. Only ever made beef biltong though but can't see why woodies wouldn't work well. Would be interesting to see the results.
  14. Mister Gain

    Pickled Squid

    Almost 3 years ago when me and the wife were out in Aussie, my son treated us to a meal to celebrate our 40th anniversary, in Nikko's Taverna so... Greek. For a starter I tried the pickled octopus salad and it was superb. Thought I would have a go at replicating it, but due to a lack of octopus I tried it with squid tubes. It was almost there but not quite. I messaged my son a picture of it and he said he recalls the big lumps of garlic in it, and plenty of them. I amended the recipe with said garlic and am now just waiting for it to pickle. Photo is the one I sent him prior to amending... (lunch with a glass of cold flat cider, with sliced tomatoes and rock salt)
  15. Same as terryd says, stuffed. Last lot I made were actually cucumbers stuffed with sausage meat with some sage and onion stuffing added dry, to mop up the juice from the veg.