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  1. Only ever had to deal with resin pockets in softwood bought from Wickes, but white spirit always cleaned it away from both wood and hands.
  2. Thing is that they pick and choose what to be offended by. Years ago if you had a black cat or dog there was a good chance it would be called Nigger, Sooty, Sambo, Blackie etc. I take it they are offended by the term/name Sambo, I wonder what they are going to do with the inscription on 'Sambo's Grave', at Sunderland Point near Morecambe... I know the answer... Nothing, because it was the name of a black cabin boy who was buried there, and they would no doubt play the 'slavery' card for good measure. We should not be re-writing our history to appease them.
  3. It's still pretty big in Aussie. I went out to visit my son back in 2015, but a few weeks before we went is wife's step father passed away from cancer, so we attended the service in Lilydale Memorial Park (burials and cremations) Victoria. On arrival there were literally 'hundreds' of bikes parked up with hundreds of bikers congregated around the chapel grounds, nowhere near enough room to accommodate them all. What I did notice was that there were very few under about 40 years of age, conversely there were many 60+. When their service ended they all started their bikes and revved them for what seemed like ages, probably only a couple of minutes though, it was deafening and I swear the ground was vibrating (either that or my legs). As they left they were dipping the clutch and still revving, they didn't tear off, just left slowly. Fantastic tribute indeed.
  4. It's normally beef. I use trimmed chuck steak and mince it myself and add chopped onion. Also add a little bit of scotch pie seasoning. Served with the liquor and a smooth buttery creamy mash My son is over from Aussie so I made a rib sticking Kate & Sidney pudding'
  5. Don't know about other pie and mash shops, but I know a guy used to work in the local one in Passey Place, Eltham, and was surprised to learn that the liquor was just 3 ingredients... water, flour and chopped fresh parsley. No seasonings. It's plain water, not even the water from the stewed eels like it used to be. I made some, very disappointing, so make my own using a fish stock cube, water and corn flour. The parsley retains the flavour but loses it's colour but a lot tastier than the one from the shop.
  6. Yes, definitely old school. I recall him mentioning in one of the videos that it was how he learnt from and old fellow as a young lad, and if you consider that the old guy probably learnt the method from a predecessor then it would be donkey's years old. No doubt there are more user friendly methods available today, back in the old days they wouldn't have had the luxury of buying pre-formed body moulds off the shelf, and the array of eyes available now is massive. I only bought the borax powder to try out on the next fish to die in my pond, which happened to be a grey and white fully scaled ghost koi about 12 lbs in weight, anyway I managed to bollox it up hence the unopened borax. Hope you have more success than I did.
  7. If you decide to have a go, as per his method, let me know as I have a couple of small unopened packs of Borax I can send you.
  8. Gnasher, there is an interesting bloke on youtube called Peter Wood. He's a holy Joe but as well as being an accomplished artist he has loads of other hobbies he turns his hand to, including very basic taxidermy, and he explains it well. Watched him do fish, birds and small mammals. Might be worth a quick look, here's a link to one of his video's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbAl4vhjpnA
  9. Mister Gain

    Bob Ross

    Used to like watching Bob Ross painting his landscapes, and when I retired I bought a set of his paints and brushes and had a go, it's a relatively easy technique for anyone wishing to give oil painting a go. People refer to it as the 'Bob Ross' technique, but it's actually based on an artist he learned from called Bill Alexander. Don't be fooled by his soft spoken demeanour, he did 20 years in the US military mostly based in Alaska and attained the rank of Master Sergeant, the guy who bawled and screamed at everyone, and he decided that when he retired he would no longer bawl and scream at anyone. He died in his early 50's from lymphoma. I wonder how many thousands of people he inspired to pick up the brushes.
  10. Nice video Doug. Like how you explained the humanity side of ferreting the rabbits as opposed to the alternatives. Used to help control the rabbits on an orchard in Kent where if left they would ring bark the established fruit trees, thus killing the trees, and also undermining the trees by digging out warrens in and around the root system, again killing the trees. Same with all kinds of crops. Trouble is there are a lot of people who have 'fluffy bunny syndrome' and don't actually give any thought to the consequences of NOT controlling them. It's a similar attitude with urban foxes where I live, and you get people stating shit like "foxes won't take a cat or small dog". 4 nice meals you got there.
  11. This Sunderland supporter assumed the Trafalgar Sq fountain was deeper than 18".
  12. I just knew he wasn't an animal, not once did I see him dragging his arse across the carpet.
  13. I recognise that swim A part of the Thames I haven't fished. Also flew round and round above that bridge after a 13 hour flight from Singapore Changi.
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